Expose Yourself To More Experience

By Leo Gura - June 9, 2021 | 6 Comments

The role of experience, trial & error, experimentation, and failure in success

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Elli says:

I am 59 and have had many jobs, a lot of experiences. The thing I mastered was my ability to organize anything. My current job is boring, mind numbing. Got 2.5 years before I can draw a pension. During the pandemic lockdown, I got my first taste of independence. Was so hard to come back to the in office setting. I feel like I’m dying inside. When I finally get out of here, I’m going to immerse myself in something that makes me feel alive…working out to music.

Josh ruloff says:

Good god

Max Gron says:

I’m 38, almost 39 years old and I found out Leo’s of the orange, yellow, and green value systems, and the beige value system. I settled that almost 1 1/2 years ago. I’m probably 90% blue, a little orange, and a very small amount of beige. My experiences lead to my skillset in writing and music, there’s not much I can do, I would probably have to be a singer and a musician to make a living. There’s only a few avenues to this and what I need is the passion. I may as well be the first to be good at anything. Music isn’t that serious to know what you’re doing, it’s just a bunch of weird sounds and it’s easy to make up a weird song and be an artist of pop music, you know that? It’s not as serious a skill as people would have it seem. Weird things in the world should be easy.

Max Gron says:

I’ve witnessed self-sacrifice explicitly in a cartoon, it’s very evil and very brutal and it’s gory, Leo doesn’t know what self-sacrifice does, it’s probably a message on YouTube how evil it is. Do you think I want to kill myself? Selflessness is pure evil and you never showed explicit scenes of selflessness, is avoiding selfishness or self-centredness good? Do you think it’s God? You’re an altruist, wow, I don’t blame you but people are selfish for a reason. Do you think I don’t have selfish intentions? I do have selfish intentions! I’m self-centred and decided to follow this moral rule of society, that’s me talking to you Leo. People think I’m evil, they don’t know evil, I’ve seen evil and it’s not in my mind, evil is a real thing, it’s sick, this was a self-sacrificing Danger Mouse, do you think I want to perform this disgusting behaviour?

Max Gron says:

I’m not a holist, I don’t overgeneralise about the whole thing of anything, I’m a specialist, that is I specialise in philosophy/religion, specifically the cynical one, and ideologies in relation to those religions. I’m rational but should I trust my reason? Deep down there is no reason, there’s only a reason to derive the answers for myself (no impersonation of Leo intended), I should make lasting truth if anything, most people are afraid to lose themselves, that is, losing their selves, that self of theirs. I’m a Puritan, regalist, Kierkegaardian, industrialist, anti-Australian, pragmatist, and Christologist, it’s all related to my religion, I’m very sure that maybe something will change, of course it might, since I’m consistently following through on Leo’s teachings, perhaps the Puritanism won’t be so strict, or so dogmatic. Is it the liberty of my beliefs I want or is it that I want a boss? To be sure my liberty depends on pessimism of Blaise Pascal, a moderate Puritanism, and the dropping of regalism, anti-Australianism, and industrialism. That’s what it means to have liberty for myself, that’s the risk that perhaps I’m willing to take, most pessimism is a command on how to live your life, but there’s pessimism without a boss. Do I want to enjoy the liberty or the slavery? That’s the question. To have liberty you can’t have the same beliefs that tell you how to live your life, and to be a slave you bet that you should follow the same beliefs that control you, instead of believing what you want. I can’t believe what I want, I can’t believe in things I’ll never get away with, and I can’t be altruistic in the hope of giving up life, that’s actually a bad thing. I don’t feel safe with other people’s control of me, as almost all cults are controlling mechanisms to do what you’re told, you don’t have a cult other than manipulation. Cults are therefore religions entitled to obedience and worship, I don’t know what religion to trust. I think maybe I should stomp my feet more and follow strict rules, and maybe I shouldn’t. I don’t see it as control outside of myself, I see it as my will to control my cravings, to be a principled and scrupulous man. If every adult has the right to do anything they want does that make it a human good? It’s not liberty I hate, fear or don’t love the most, what I fear is the will for following other people’s rules. It’s a complete mess, to untangle this, the cure, would probably be to sacrifice my will to let beliefs control me, or to just be obedient to any rules I want and not the rules society wants. In this world there are wankers in the secular world whose rules aren’t religion, do I care? No, I don’t give a shit about this, yet at the same time I can get cynical of the very act. I thought in a future like this I morally evolved, I think outside of external rule morality is simple, that is being radically about us, and that’s it, instead of being selfish, it took a lot to sacrifice my selfishness, to be on this hero’s journey, yet I don’t do the foolish thing of getting hurt for what I do, also what’s unpopular is that I’m human, that means I do things for you, I care, of course I care, but nobody gives a shit, we’re all in this together. If pouring on a plate scrambled eggs is what’s good and decent then that’s the very act of consideration in everything that I’m giving.

Max Gron says:

It’s easier to experience and have experience of anything in life if you believe taking it all on faith without resorting to needing any proof, just with necessarily holding the activities on strong conviction. Almost everything I wrote on this organisation is the untruth, but having my eleven beliefs of what took me the painstaking effort to Leo-wise from his video and with the right equipment/beliefs find out what’s true is what I found out and even though it’s now much easier, the feeling of its preceding difficulty is still imbued in me knowing and relaxing that it’s all true, it took me a lot of work, even with pragmatism as that’s also in my way my finding out what’s true, so that’s the experiences all through my life, 39 years of not having a clue. I’m doing these things, exercising them, and from the ideas of many things including these things it’s all true, also from puritanically acknowledging a God that allows my freedom and making up from my egoistic denial of social conventions and dogma, it’s all true. I’m not using any dogma, but it’s precisely like what the ideology’s all about and depicting. My experiences thusly are such a complicated mixture of all these difficult and sometimes effortless or almost effortless things, but that isn’t itself proof, experience isn’t proof per se, proof of all of this is precisely what’s written in this comment, not only proof, but evidence of what I know that I’m talking about, also I let go of things as it has been done already and relaxedly. People need to also and not just me untangle themselves the mess that led them to untruth, or in anyone’s case, inexperience.

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