How To Have Amazing Sex (For Women)

By Leo Gura - March 23, 2015 | 42 Comments

How to own your man’s heart & balls

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Hey, this is Leo for, and in this video I am really excited to be talking about how to have amazing sex as a woman. Obviously, this version here is for the ladies.

Alright, ladies! From the guy’s perspective, in this video you are going to find out what it is like to have amazing sex. What this is going to do for you in your relationship is that it will basically allow you to own your man’s heart.

If you want a really strong relationship, one of the best ways to get into a man’s heart is through his pants because we are extremely dirty and sexual men. We want a girl who understands this. The mindsets, principles and practical techniques you are going to learn in this video are going to put you in the top 1%, if not higher, of all women on Earth who know how to have sex.

You are going to be the best of the best if you practice what I tell you here. This kind of stuff, I see very few girls know how to do. This is going to put you in a whole new a category, a whole new class. When a man meets you, he is going to want to keep you.

Are you having trouble having sex with a man and then he doesn’t call you back? Well, one of the reasons is because you don’t give him amazing sex and amazing sex is a rare commodity these days. So, why don’t we get you up to speed?

As a caveat, of course these are my own perspectives and opinions. People might have different opinions. Some men might not like everything that I am telling you in this video. You are going to have to go through with it and practice, play around with it, experiment and see what works.

Use the stuff that works. If it doesn’t work, don’t use it. But, what I am telling you is that I am willing to bet that 80% of men or maybe even 90% of men that you use this on will absolutely fall in love with you. Those other 10%, they want something else and you will have to figure that out.

Your Job In The Bedroom

What is your job in the bedroom? I have a video that is actually similar to this one, but it’s for men. It tells men how to have amazing sex and there, I say that it is actually mostly the man’s responsibility to produce amazing sex in the bedroom because he is the one who is leading and he is the one who is dominating.

Therefore, it’s his job to lead and dominate. Therefore, he is responsible for like 90% of what goes on in the bedroom. Nevertheless, there is that 10% or 20% that you, the women, are responsible for. What exactly is this?

To me, it’s being feminine, being girly, being dirty and surrendering in the bedroom. This is what your domain is in the bedroom. By the way, if you haven’t guessed this already, we are kind of talking about this as a dynamic where he is the masculine one and you are the feminine one.

Some women are more masculine than some men. Like I said, there are outliers here. But, we are generally assuming that you are the feminine one in the relationship and he is the masculine one. If that is the case, this is going to all work really nicely. That is the assumption.

Your job is that. Also, your job is to play up his masculinity. Amazing sex comes from this polarization that happens. He’s acting very masculine, you’re acting very feminine and there is like this charge and this energy in the air that happens. It’s this excitement.

This is what makes the most amazing type of sex and the most passionate kind of sex. That is generally what you are going to be doing. If you just use those principles right there, you can already start coming up with little techniques and tricks in your own mind on how to play up your femininity and his masculinity.

That already is basically going to be the source from which all of the little techniques that I give you going forward here are going to come from. Before we get into those techniques, let’s just start with a basic foundation. The basic foundation begins even outside of the bedroom.

Good Nutrition, Exercise, Style and Hygiene

Really, as the woman, for you, it begins with good nutrition and exercise in the gym. This point right here is perhaps the most important point of the whole video. If you only do one thing from this video that will please your man the most, it’s this right here. It’s good nutrition and exercise.

Especially these days, this is so rare in a girl. I would say over 50% of girls these days are overweight. They eat horrible food. They have no respect for their body and they have no sense of proper nutrition.

They don’t go and they don’t exercise. Basically, they just coast on their good looks or on their youth. Basically, if this is the case, as the man, if you have a quality man, he is looking out after his body too. If we’re looking out for our bodies, we want you to be looking out for your bodies.

A quality man is going to want this because if you’re coasting on your good looks right now, that is not going to last forever. As men, we are sensitive to this kind of stuff. For example, if men are leaving you, if men are having sex with you, but aren’t staying in a relationship with you, it is because they can see that you are not taking care of yourself or you are not meeting some other long term objective that they have.

Men are just totally focused on sex. We also care about the long term potential of the relationship. Because we do care about sex so much, we want that quality sex to last for decades. If you just do one thing, take care of your nutrition and go to the gym, that right there will turn your man on the most.

If you don’t even do anything else but that and you just keep your body in good shape, it already will endear you to your man’s heart. A lot of women have difficulties with this and they think – “Well, I shouldn’t be a certain way to please the man.” Don’t think of it that way.

Think of it as you improving your own health and your own nutrition. Then, it is spilling over and you are also satisfying the man. We have to be real here. Men are extremely visual creatures. We just are.

This is how we are wired. We can’t help it. When we see a fit, beautiful and hot woman, we want her. There is not even a question in our mind. It is instant and we just want her.

Make sure that it’s you, and not somebody else. Also, make sure that you are dressing sexy. As a woman, this is one of the advantages that you have. You can take a lot of time to dress nice and men appreciate a well-dressed woman. I am not going to go into the details of this because I am no expert on dressing.

You will figure that out, but the key fundamental points are these. Make sure you are dressing in nice and stylish clothing. This means new stuff and not stuff back from college days or high school, with holes and tatters in it. Also, make sure that you develop some sort of sense for style.

What is your style? Whatever it is for you, something that matches your body type and that matches your personality. Just get those two things down. The last point of this basic foundation is hygiene.

Make sure you are clean, everywhere. Make sure your body smells nice. Make sure you shave and make sure you wax well. There is nothing worse than an otherwise beautiful girl who doesn’t care about her body. It’s like a waste.

Make sure that you take care of everything downstairs, so that you smell nice downstairs and so that you are shaven, waxed or have a landing strip. Make sure that it is nice and pruned, so that you don’t have some giant bush down there or a weird fishy smell. Nothing turns off a man more than that.

That should be pretty easy to take care of. That is the foundation. One other point that I want to make is kind of about the foundation. That was about the external foundation. Here is a point about the internal foundation, your psychology.

The psychology for good sex is that you can’t be neurotic and anxious. If you’re having neurosis and anxiety, you are not going to be having really good sex. There are three things that you really need to fix in your psychology. These are kind of like big obstacles to having great sex.

The Three Big Obstacles To Having Great Sex

One is prudishness. Two is the inability to let go in the bedroom. Three is the inability to be present and to be in the moment. Let’s briefly talk about each one of these.

Prudishness means that you have hang ups about sex. You are afraid to be dirty. You are afraid to look at yourself in the mirror or you don’t want to look at him. You have some sort of a religious background or your parents were very conservative.

They taught you that if you’re going to have sex, you’re a slut. Sex is evil and all this kind of stuff. I am not going to go into too much detail about that here, but you basically need to cut out all of this prudishness.

Cut it out. We don’t need to pretend here. We’re adults and it’s okay. Sex is one of the most amazing aspects of life and there is nothing dirty about it. There is nothing evil or sinful about it if you do sex responsibly.

The prudishness is not necessary. In fact, it is holding you back from some of the greatest experiences in life. It is holding you back from that really intimate connection that you want with your man. The more dirty things you share with him, the deeper the connection goes.

Honestly, who else are you going to share this dirty stuff with? It’s only with your intimate partner, nobody else. This is like the unique bond that you develop between your man and you. The next point is the inability to let go.

You need to be able to surrender in the bedroom. This is the woman’s role in the bedroom, to surrender. This means you need to be able to get outside of your head, forget about your fears and stresses from everyday life, forget about the kids, forget about the problems at work and be able to let go and surrender to the man so that he can dominate you.

This is the dynamic in the bedroom. Anything that is preventing you from doing this, make sure you get that out of the way. Also, this is the next point, but it is very similar and very closely related. It is the inability to be present and in the moment.

Great sex comes from being in the flow, totally present, not inside your head and not distracted by other things. If you’re not able to be present, you might have difficulty even orgasming, which some girls have difficulty with. Make sure you fix this basic stuff. I am not going to even touch on that here. Maybe I will have some other videos that will help you with diagnosing and solving each one of these problems, but this is really outside of the scope of this video.

The Key Points And Techniques

What I want to do next is that I want to get you some of these techniques, the hot and sexy stuff. The first point is study how to give amazing blowjobs. This is also kind of outside the scope of this video. I am not going to tell you how to give an amazing blowjob.

I think you can figure that out. Go and watch a tutorial video, go read up on it, buy a book at a bookstore or talk to your girlfriends about it. Buy an information product. I don’t care how you do it, but figure out how to give amazing blowjobs.

Most women do not know how to give an amazing blowjob. In fact, they give painful blowjobs. Don’t let that be you. The way how you learn to give an amazing blowjob is basically through experience and iteration. One thing you can do is to give a blowjob, then ask the man what he liked about it or did not like about it.

Have him be specific, so that he is not just giving you sweet little words of affirmation, but actually this. You ask him – “Baby, did you like that or do you like this?” Be specific and actually get the technique down. Get the technique down because this is one of the gifts that you can give as a woman, to the man.

It’s giving him an amazing blowjob. I find that few women know how to do this well, so when we, as men, find a woman who knows how to give an amazing blowjob, it’s like she is definitely a keeper. She is a rare woman. You want that to be you.

The next point is being slutty. I want you to be sluttier in the bedroom and even outside of the bedroom. One of the problems that men face with women is that women like to play coy all of the time. We men, we are very sexual and we are usually pretty open about our sexuality.

But women, it’s like they pretend they are not sexual a lot of times. Also, just from the man’s perspective, we go through life chasing women, initiating the conversations, trying to hit on women and all of this kind of stuff. We get rejected a lot.

Women play coy a lot. This is very frustrating for a man because, sometimes, our whole story in life is just this. I want sex, I go look for sex and I can’t get it because I am denied. These women are such hypocrites because we know that behind the scenes, these women are having tons of sex, but they are pretending like they are not.

This whole coy façade, break that down for your man. I am not telling you to literally be a slut and sleep around with everybody. What I am saying is, with your man, be extra slutty. That means want it all. Want his dick.

Want his cum, want to be tied up, want to have spanking, want anal, want to have sex outdoors, want to do a threesome and want to watch porn with your man. Want to play with toys. There is so much room to explore in human sexuality. There is so much stuff you can try and do.

Some of it is very tame. Some of it is really far out there. Everyone has their own comfort zone. I am not going to tell you where your comfort zone lies, but you should be basically pushing your sexual comfort zone. Be open to new things.

Show this to your man. Show that you are open with sex and that you are kind of a dirty girl, but for him. We don’t want you sleeping around behind our backs, but for us. We want you to be extra dirty, so don’t play coy with your man.

Sometimes, a very simple way that this can happen is, let’s say, you’re just driving in the car. This is an example that I can remember really turned me on. A girl I was with, during the day, we were driving to Ikea or some place. It was in the middle of daylight, in the afternoon. I am driving and she just kind of playfully takes her fingers, puts them on my knee and kind of walks them up my knee towards my crotch.

She has this little cheeky smile on her face. She was kind of insinuating that she was going to unzip my pants, but she didn’t really. That, right there, that was enough. That was a rare thing that most girls won’t do, because she was actually putting herself out there.

She was acting a little bit slutty, but it was awesome. This is exactly what we want, as men. We want a girl to be this way. The next point that I am going to make is going to be a really big point.

Be More Feisty And More Active

This is kind of a whole theme, so you can remember this whole theme. It is the theme of being feisty and active. In general, women are too passive in the bedroom. We want you to be more active and feistier. I have already started talking about this.

I am going to give you a whole list here. If you want, you can write them down and come up with your own ways to be more active and feisty. Number one is initiate sex more. Initiate sex on the man. This is hot.

We like this. Like I said, most women play coy and a lot of women just won’t initiate sex. It’s like if the man doesn’t go, grab you and undress you, you won’t even want sex. We do not like that. We like you to come up and rub yourself on us, to grab our crotch, squeeze our butt and put your hands on us.

It’s that kind of stuff. Make sure you are doing that. Some women are just way too passive. This is kind of natural because in the bedroom, you are surrendering and playing that more passive role. The man is dominating you, but don’t let it get out of hand.

We don’t want you to be so passive that you are like a limp fish, just lying there and taking it in the bedroom. We want you to be active. Surrender in an active way if that makes any sense. Use your hands.

I think your hands can be used very effectively, especially because this can be done very femininely. Gently caress your man, his face, his arms, his chest, his legs and his thighs. Squeeze him and be active in that way. That is like a subtle way that you can be active.

Use your hands in interesting ways. Like I said, with that girl, she had this clever approach of just kind of walking her fingers along my thigh. That was really cool. Make sure you are coming up with little techniques like that.

The next way that you can be really feisty and active is with the vocals. Vocals can turn a man on, huge! If I just record a woman moaning from sex on a tape recorder and then I play it just for a guy who is sitting there and working, he is totally in a logical headspace, he is probably going to get hard and he is probably going to start dripping from his dick.

This tells you that this turns us on a lot. Play it up, too. Make sure you are purring. Make sure you are purring even when we are outside the bedroom, like when we kiss you or when we touch you. Kind of purr and moan, get those girly noises that you make.

Those are hot. Of course, when he is actually having sex with you and it is getting really hardcore, then make sure you are screaming out his name. You are screaming out what you want him to do and all of this kind of stuff. This is amazing. We want this.

As men, we have also got a lot of ego tied in with the way that we have sex. It is almost like this. If we bring a girl home and we bang the shit out of her all night, she’s yelling and screaming our name, it’s like our neighbors are wondering what happened at our place the next day. That dude is the man, like he is the man. He’s got his shit together.

He’s awesome. We have a bit of ego tied in with sex, so give that to your man. Scream your lungs out. Make the neighbors jealous. The next point is learning to grind your hips.

Strippers and pornstars are really good at this. Go to a strip club and look at how the stripper uses her hips in this sensual and belly dancing way. You can also watch good porn to see how this is done, but don’t just lie there in bed.

If you’re in doggy style, don’t just stick your ass up in the air and do nothing. That is lame sex. What I mean by being feisty is move your body along with the guy, as he is having sex with you. Learn to grind your hips back and forth, side to side, in circles and in both directions. That is super-hot.

I can’t tell you how hot that is. That right there can take sex that is a five, on a scale of one to ten, and put it to a ten. You can double the quality of sex just by grinding your hips in a really sensual way. The next point is dirty talk and intimate talk.

I find that women can be way too passive and shy about talking dirty in the bedroom. Dirty talk is huge. Dirty talk can take your sex into a whole new level. Dirty talk plus intimate talk connected together can double, triple or quadruple the quality and intensity of sex.

This is kind of beyond the scope of this video. I have another video that talks about how to do more proper dirty talk, but just a couple of quick examples. Here is an example of intimate talk. Intimate talk is talk that builds a little bond connection between you two, intimacy.

In sexual context, what that might mean is something like you going up to your man and saying – “Hey baby, I really love you. Come and make love to me.” It’s something like that. It’s that kind of sweetly and innocently talking and it’s building that bond connection.

For women, this is naturally easier than dirty talk, I think. Dirty talk is a little bit harder, but you should learn how to do dirty talk too. So, what is dirty talk? Here is an example. “Hey baby, I’m wet, come and bang my brains out.”

“Hey baby, I’m wet. Come and bang my brains out.” It’s something like that and it’s more hardcore. Think of it as something softcore and hardcore. What you want to do is mix those two together so you’ve got that intimacy and you’ve got that dirty animalistic sex combined together.

Make sure you are saying these things to him outside of the bedroom, during foreplay and then right when he is having sex with you in the bedroom. Also, when he is having sex with you, you should be telling him where you are in your orgasm. If you’re cumming, tell him that you are cumming.

If you’re about to cum, tell him you’re about to cum. If he really turns you on, tell him – “Hey baby, you really turn me on or I really like how you do this.” Make sure there is a dialogue. Don’t have silent and empty sex.

Silent and blank kind of sex, where it is just dead silence, you two are having sex and both of you are in your minds and thinking stuff, that is not sex. That is like a travesty of sex. A lot of women screw this point up. They do not tell us that they are cumming.

This is a huge mistake that a lot of women make. You need to tell the man that you are cumming and you need to have a whole thing. You need to turn it into a huge deal because as men, we take our pride into being able to make you cum, at least if we’re experienced in the bedroom.

If we’re sexually knowledgeable and we want to have great sex, we want this. So, you’re having sex and you’re getting close to cumming. You should start telling your man – “Hey, I’m starting to cum.” When you actually start cumming, you tell him – “Oh, I’m cumming.”

Keep saying it in whatever sexy way you want to say it so that we know what is going on. First of all, this helps us to lead the situation. It helps us to know what to be doing at what time because we need to be leading. Really, it turns us on.

When you don’t tell a man that you came, you are denying him a huge and important chunk of this whole sexual experience. In our minds, if you don’t tell us, we’re like – “Did you cum? Did she cum? Was that not good enough?”

We start questioning ourselves. Do not do that to your man. The next point is losing control of yourself in the bedroom. You can telegraph this to your man in exaggerated ways. Lose control of all of the different parts of your body.

Lose control of your hips. Start to move and kind of flail them around. Lose control of your butt. Lose control of your legs and get week in the knees. Throw your head back as though you’re having this orgasmic moment.

I remember that same girl that I was talking about, the one that was in the car. Another cool thing she did was when I was kissing her neck, she got so turned on by it that she played it up and kind of exaggerated it. When I started kissing her neck, she started moaning and throwing her head back.

You could tell she was getting turned on. She is going into heat and that is the hottest thing for a guy, when we see a girl going into heat. This is one of the best metaphors, right here. Think of yourself as a cat, a cat in heat that needs to rub her wet dripping pussy on her man.

That should be you in the bedroom and everything that comes along with that kind of metaphor. It’s losing control of yourself. You are surrendering and that makes the man want to dominate. That is so hot. Some pornstars are really good at this, so you might want to check out some porn and find a couple of pornstars that are really good at playing up this “cat in heat” metaphor.

The next thing you should be doing is asking and begging for your man’s cum. The cumshot is like the most important part of the sex, for the man, blowing our load. You should be asking for it. If you’re my girl, I want to hear you saying that you want my cum inside you, on your face, on your chest, on your mouth or in your mouth.

Everywhere and anywhere! We want to make you dirty, so get comfortable with being dirty and want the man’s cum. This is so sexy. There is a really big difference between a girl who is kind of like – “Uh, do you have to cum on my face? Why don’t you just cum over there, somewhere?”

There is that kind of girl, or the kind of girl that just doesn’t even talk. She just kind of ignores it. Wherever the man does it, she’s like – “Oh, okay! Whatever!” Then, there is the kind of girl who is like a cum fiend. It’s like she lives on cum.

You need to think of cum as though it’s your lifeline. If you don’t get the cum, you’re going to die. That is how I want you to behave in the bedroom. Make sure you are enthusiastic and excited about me cumming, your man cumming. That is so important.

I think this should go without saying, but I think it needs to be said because I have seen some girls botch this part. Your man needs to cum when he is having sex with you. I hope you understand this, but if you two are having sex, your man does not blow his load and you did not see him blow his load, that means he did not blow his load.

It is pretty obvious with men. We cannot hide it as well as you can. If this is not happening, make no mistake. Your man is extremely frustrated. Some women can have sex, not orgasm and still be satisfied. That is not the case with men.

Our biology is different. If we’re having sex and we don’t cum, we cannot cum for all sorts of reasons. For example, the reason is condoms. Sometimes, it can be really hard to cum with a condom. It can be hard to cum because if we are with a hot girl and we have anxiety about our size, our getting hard, about performing well or impressing you, we can have difficulty cumming.

Sometimes, we try to make you cum so much that we hold back our own orgasm and that makes it difficult for us to finally blow our load. There are all these different aspects to why a man might not be blowing his load. You need to be aware of this and you need to monitor this so that if he is having sex with you and he’s giving you all the pleasure, but then having difficulty cumming, you need to be patient with him and get him to cum by the end of the night.

Maybe you tell him – “Hey baby, let’s take a couple of minutes of a break and then get back into it.” Then, actually do get back into it. Maybe, he’s having difficulty getting hard or maybe the condom is the problem. Condoms are a problem for me sometimes.

Then, what you do is you say – “Hey baby, let me just give you a blowjob.” You give him a blowjob. Take off the condom, give him a blowjob and make sure he cums. Give him a handjob. Actually, it’s kind of easy with men.

If, for some reason, he is having difficulty cumming while having sex with you, just give him a blowjob or handjob and make sure it happens. This is so important, because if it doesn’t happen, he is going to get blue balls. He is going to be very frustrated.

He is not going to have that release. The man needs that release. It is so important. All of these things that I just said, this whole list of stuff; this is all under the umbrella category of being more feisty and active. Can you see how this works?

I want you to take this principle and I want you to brainstorm other ways that you can be more feisty and active and that we haven’t talked about here. You’re the woman, so you will know this stuff when you get in there and start trying it out and experimenting. All of the above – go ahead and try it out.

I am most confident that 95% of guys will love that stuff. They will just absolutely love it because it is pretty rare to find a girl who can do all of that. It is pretty rare. There are a couple of last points I want to make.

Point number one is be ready for multiple orgasms. If you’re having sex with a quality man who really knows what he is doing in the bedroom, he is going to want to give you multiple orgasms. Sometimes, what I see with some girls is they just get kind of get tired or whatever.

They feel – “I already got one orgasm and I’m good.” No, you can cum a dozen times in the bedroom. When I am lying with a girl, I expect her to want me to make her cum a dozen times. Be ready for multiple orgasms.

The second point is want to squirt. Squirting is super-hot. If you’re with a quality man, he is going to want to make you squirt. Some women are a little shy about it and a little insecure about it. I actually have a whole video How To Make A Girl Squirt, which talks about that. I won’t go into detail here.

That teaches a man how to make a girl squirt. If you have some sort of prudishness issues about squirting, you haven’t done it before or you have not even studied what squirting is, go ahead and read up on it, get a book on it or whatever. Watch a video on it and want it with your man.

Squirting is one of the peak experiences within sex that you two can have. It can build a huge intimate bond plus it’s super dirty and sexy. Want that. I love it when a girl is asking me to make her squirt, when she is excited about it.

That is a super turn on for me. The next point is show gratitude and respect to your man. You women, you’re a lot about love. You like to be showered with praise, positive emotions and love.

We men, we’re a little bit less about love. We’re a little bit more about respect because we have big egos. This is how we are different than you, so a little gratitude and a little respect goes a long way, especially if the man is leading a lot in the relationship. He is doing all of this stuff.

He is doing all the driving. He is doing some shopping and he is having dominancy in the bedroom. He is putting all of this stuff together and we put a lot of effort to plan stuff out for you and to be the leader in the relationship. It’s nice when we can see gratitude and that you are grateful for that and that you appreciate that.

Also, it’s the respect that you pay to your man. Having sex with a girl is hard and tiring work. Usually, by the end of the night, we are sweating, we’re tired, we’re exhausted and we’re barely breathing. That is how hard we were working, so a very simple example of how you can show respect to your man is this.

If your man just did an amazing job having sex with you all night, he’s totally exhausted and sweating profusely, maybe what you want to do is go get out of bed and go get him a glass of water or go get him a towel to wipe himself off. It’s a little gesture like that, right? It’s just like that little sense of nurturing, that little feminine touch and that little sense of “I respect you, I can see that you’re working hard for this relationship” is a beautiful thing.

The last thing that I am going to say is this. Some of you women, you are going to be watching this video and you will be thinking – “Leo, this all sounds amazing, but you’re asking me to work so hard to be this perfect girl for this man.” You might say there are two problems with this.

“Number one is that it is not authentically me. This is not who I am. I am not this kind of girl. Number two is even if I was that kind of girl, why the hell should I work so hard for this deadbeat man that I have? I have this man who doesn’t even make me cum once in the bedroom.”

“He doesn’t even care about making me cum. Leo, you are talking about this awesome man who is going to bang my brains out, make me want to squirt and give me multiple orgasms, but where do I find such a man?” You’re right, these men can be rare, but here is the thing.

You are putting this in the context of personal development. Remember, this is all personal development. I don’t see this as just a fun sex video. To me, this is personal development. Personal development is living up to your full potential, self-actualization.

How do you self-actualize? In one way, it’s by mastering the domain of sexuality, by taking yourself to the highest potential of sexuality. That is what this video is ultimately about. You’re not doing this just for the man. You are doing it for you, first and foremost.

See it that way. See it as expanding yourself, expanding your sexuality, experimenting and growing. It really is that way. This is not some hokey notion. Also, if you have a man who is kind of a deadbeat man in the bedroom, who can’t give you orgasms, who isn’t passionate about this stuff and isn’t trying to be a connoisseur in the bedroom, I agree with you.

There are not a lot of men who are good at sex and they don’t really care about mastering sex. That is something that I am personally passionate about changing. I shoot videos for men on how to have sex and I want to convince them that squirting is amazing. Giving multiple orgasms is amazing.

I will teach them a lot of amazing techniques. What I find is that men are not as perceptive to this stuff. It takes them a while to get up to speed and sometimes, they feel like – “If I have to be told how to have sex, it’s like bad.” Their ego is in it and they don’t want to be told.

They feel like they already know how to have sex. They need to humble themselves a little bit, before they actually learn. Let me work on the men for you and I will try to create more men who are more responsible in the bedroom and give you orgasms and all of that stuff.

As far as what you are going to do though, you are going to think about it like this. You are growing yourself into the ideal sexual girl. You’re opening up your sexuality. If your current man is not accepting of that, that is okay. You are still going to grow.

Don’t hold yourself back on his account. A couple of things are going to happen. One is that he is going to see that you are growing sexually and that you are putting so much energy and attention into being more sexual. He is going to get the message.

In his mind, he is going to be like – “Oh, maybe I should learn how to have better sex too.” Then, you two can actually do it together. That can be like a growth experience. That can be really fun.

You might be the leader in this way and get him to get more involved with quality sex. Of course, some men, they won’t do it. They just don’t want to change. They are stuck in their ways, in which case, you still want to grow. Even if you are frustrated now, you know what?

This man you’re with, chances are you probably won’t be with him for long, especially if he is bad in the bedroom. The next man that you are going to be with, you want to prepare for him. The chances that you are going to stay with your man for the rest of your life, those are very small chances.

Chances are you’re probably going to have many more men in your future. That is okay. What you want to do is you want to develop yourself higher so that the next man that you find is also going to be on a higher level. When you become a connoisseur of sex and when you master sex, you are going to be on the lookout and you are going to attract other men who have mastered sex too.

When you have non mastered sex, then you are going to attract men who have not mastered sex. I think it is really important that you take this seriously and that you study it. Buy some books. Don’t be shy about it. Watch some videos.

Don’t be shy about it. Buy toys. Buy porn. Research this stuff and study this stuff. You can buy even information products on this stuff.

You can even go and take a seminar, a whole weekend workshop on this stuff. It is all about seeing why this is important, seeing that it is not just about sex and that it is really about taking yourself to a higher level. Put this in the context of your personal development.

Well, that was a lot of information, a lot of techniques and practical stuff that you can go and implement right now, today. What I recommend you do is implement one thing at a time, experiment and just see how your guy reacts to it. What you are probably going to find is that he is going to react really well.

Over time, over the course of six months or twelve months, you should envision yourself becoming this sexual goddess. It doesn’t take a lot of sex to become a sexual goddess. The problem is that most people have sex, but they are not learning anything in between. Therefore, they have sex and they do not improve.

What you want to do is have sex and then the next day, go and read a book about sex. The next day, have more sex. Now you are improving, applying the stuff you read in the book. The next day, maybe watch a video and then have some more sex. Again, you are improving and working on little aspects.

Get the blowjob down. Improve grinding your hips. Improve moaning and screaming. Improve dirty talk. Improve squirting and all of this stuff.

You can improve every single one of these areas. By the end of twelve months, if you do this actively, you are going to be at a whole new level. The kind of men that you will be able to attract and keep is going to really change because, like I said, the way to a man’s heart is through his pants.

Wrap Up

This is Leo, I’m signing off. Go ahead and post me your comments. Click the like button to like this video. Share it with a friend. Finally, come and sign up to my newsletter at

It’s a free newsletter. I release new videos on self-actualization topics every single week. I am excited to be doing more videos in the future about sexual topics because I think this is an important component of personal development.

It has been a really satisfying part of my life, to improve the quality of my sex and I am still excited to continue doing that in the future. There is still a lot of stuff that I have not tried and that I am excited to try with the right girl. If you’re interested in any of that or you’re interested in more general personal development topics, how to improve your relationship and that kind of stuff, I am all about giving you the psychology and the mindsets you need to master all of these different areas in your life and ultimately live up to your full potential.

So, sign up for that right now.

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Carrie says:

Wow…great video! I was so excited when I got your email about this video..I had to watch it right away! Lol I’ve been waiting for this video for a very long time! The advice is priceless, I really appreciate what you’re doing to help us ladies make the bedroom…Errrr…I mean the world a better place! Lol

Sandra says:

I loved this video! Congrats Leo! I agree! Your way of explaining what men want in a woman is perfectly just. It also confirmed that I am part of the goddesses! Haha! I’m sure women will experiment a great benefit in applying these tips…. and men too!

Ninette says:

Hi Leo,
Love this advise to women about what men want.
BTW…The talk you gave on amazing sex for men… Very hot… Thank you for that!
This is a must for every man who wants to have great consistent sex.
I want to hear more on this subject and the subject of sexuality
And turning up the heat. So many couple loose heat.
I realize that there are so many other components of a relationship that are involve that snuff that out but we need more talks about keeping the heat
Or better reviving the heat.
The importance of mastery of sex.
I forgot just how major this is.

Need more please!!

Ahsoka says:

Thanks for the video Leo. If only I had someone to have sex with. You gave very good advice.

janet says:

thanks for sharing Leo! very true what you say lam a mature woman and l have always taken care of my looks health l do alittle gym every morning! take care of my weight . Married now for over 21 yrs ! love what u say! so true!

Ramona says:

I was blind, but now I see. The part with me needing to scream my lungs out in order to flatter my partener’s ego was the climax of my morning. You’re almost a magna CUM laudae graduate of the sex academy. Congrats!

San says:

Hey Leo!
Interesting video, its a good point to learn about what we cherish everyday. Talking about intimate relationship and self development, I was wondering if you would have some tips about how to fully share some common interests in a relationship? I saw your videos on the main lines to have healthy relationships, but the clear points you make on intimate moments here make me think you must have ideas about how to strengthen a relationship through authentic self and long term projects on a daily basis too. I would love to listen about your opinion on that if it means something to you too.
You make a fantastic job, thank you for sharing it.

Lainy says:

Hey Leo
Thanks for the pointers! You sure you shouldn’t have called this how for men to have Amazing sex? Keep the videos coming LOL

Pascal says:

Dear Leo,
you are really inspiring me. Especially your videos on spiritual enlightenment and your way of explaining, challenging the status quo thinking and all that: Very rich. Thank you. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to this journey.

I have to be really honest: I feel a big gap between the more cerebral, intellectual topics you present and the relationship, sex tips you provide. A gap in level of consciousness. I could tell you more about what I see, but this should be a non public conversation.

Leo, I’m probably crossing borders here, but maybe YOU now have the opportunity to find the holy grale right here:

Strengthen your heart, your emotional, empathic body!

Intelectually, economically, sexually/pick-up wise you are succeeding, no doubt. And I have utmost respect for your achievements. But, dude, if you take on the challenge to FEEL your heart – all the pain, all the love, all the joy -, if you allow yourself to cry like a baby … Man, I promise you, you will see & feel changes and a blossoming of potential you haven’t imagined. Ever.

What I see in you is common, because the split between love and sex is common. As is a strong intellect. That is what western civilsation is basically.

I see myself in you.

The extra EXTRAordinary life – I’m speaking of one where we not only understand but FEEL the interconnectedness of all beings – can only come to us human beings, if we take on our responsibility: Looking at our shadow, feeling it. Saying: ‘Yes, this is also me’. Does that feel good at first? NO! That’s why no one wants to go there. BUT: If you want the whole spectrum of being a human soul, there is no way around. Chosen few have the guts to go there. We want to have high opinions of ourselves. So why admit that we are more often then not, lead by unconscious negativity (grown in us since childhood, because in almost 100% of cases at least at some point our needs weren’t met; which results in coping and defense mechanisms of the psyche).

You see, i’m passionate about this. I feel you have a great responsability. Because people listen to you.

My Vision is, you sometime make a video series of how to open your heart …

Humanity needs this much more than tipps on how to get laid or make tons of money. I know, this feeds you … But you claim to claim, that the evolution of the human potential is your greatest passion.

I feel you are in a position where you can make a change. I see it in myself: Your spiritual enlightenment videos plus the human curse really fuel my consciousness and the play with perspective.

Yes, perspective IS everything.

That being said, maybe view these words as an act of (self-) love. Human soul to human soul. Reality to itself.

Much respect,


Maybe read this: xtatic(dot)me/the-lower-self-a-no-to-life/

Krista says:

Very Well said Pascal, I fully agree with you.

Rhonda J says:

Great video….now if I just had a man to practice this on!

Lucinda says:

was married for 42 years until my spouse passed away 3 years ago, everything you talked about we did, now to find a man to have that again I would want, you said it all.

Maria says:

Thank you Leo!
I can only cry! Why didn’t you put out this video years and years ago????
Talking dirty turns me on so much, yet I thought that’s guy’s job. If I talk dirty to him, he’d think I am bad, and I am 50 years old with 15 years of marriage! I had all the wrong wrong wrong ideas.

Catey says:

You never talked about virgins’ experiences. Both guys and girls. Is it totally different mindset and scenario?

Serena says:

i am so thrilled to report my husband said you are hot after I practiced the insight here and I can’t believe it! I thought he is blind to my clothes, my hair, and my bedroom skills after 19 years of marriage. He noticed the difference in my attitude, skill, and initiative! Wow! Wonderful. Thank you Greatest Leo! I love your teaching.

Can’t wait for lady talking dirty to her man video

I must do homework myself

Jarrah says:

Hey Leo,

I do appreciate the video, I think the stuff about grinding your hips and letting go are very valid.
I did find these ideas fairly sexist though, the way to a mans heart is not (no way!) through their pants, maybe a little bit but god not everything, you’re not fueled through life with your dick, your giving girls too much credit, we’re very sex orientated to.
How this is explained seems that this video should mostly be for both male and female.

We don’t have to shave either! It’s a very new thing to “have” to shave your pussy. I know keeping it clean is vital.. for health. But you talk much about being dirty and wanting to the cum and squirting, these are all dirty things so why not hair?
I know many people who love the bush, even love the smell of under arms.
Everyone has there kinks and to say that these are the guidelines to follow for amazing sex are very to the surface and very blue collar.

Sex is about the mind. It’s reading the vibrations of your partner, how they’re breathing, how they’re pulsing their body.

Eye contact, that’s a majorly important one, it’s so intimate.

Woman are not servants, it’s about mutual respect and mutual fucking.
A girl should dominate just as much as the guy, this is only my opinion though.
We’re not frail creature like you make us out to be, we’re strong, sexual fiends with fire in our bellies!

Maria says:

Hey Leo,

3 comments on your video:

– 1st: if a girl needs to tell when she’s orgasming, maybe it’s the guys fault that the sex is not that good. Every man with a little bit of experience can tell when a girl is REALLY orgasming.

– 2nd: i do not agree when you say that girls, unlike men, can still be satisfied with sex if the don’t orgasm. Trust me, we will be as frustrated as you if this happens.

– 3rd: as for the beggining part of your video, i also believe nutrition and exercise play a great part on the sex game. But i think you should be very cautious when mentioning this subject. Many girls think nutrition and exercise equals wheighting 99lb, and that’s really not the case.

Nevertheless, great videos! I’ve been your viewer for almost an year and i really think your work here is very valid and positive.

Thank you!

Maria says:

Now after 25 years of marriage do I understand why my husband wanted our wedding song to be “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC. LOL Love your videos!

Katherine L says:

Leo, thank you and there is also Tantra or Sacred Sex that is out of this world. What comments do you have regarding these practices? They are amazing to us but everyone has their preferences. I ask the ladies here to research Yoni eggs, it’s very old and very powerful. Thank you. Thank you again Leo.

Cici says:

I love your teaching!
I wish these were available 20 years ago!
Can you tell me why not moving is a bothersome thing for a guy? As a woman, it is not natural to move and grind. It sometimes felt a bit of discomfort for my sensitive skin! I am not kidding.
What does moving do to a guy’s feel?

Rin says:

I can answer that one!
It is actually pretty natural to move around and even buck like a bronco if you’re legitimately feeling pleasure. It feels good for us, as it allows us to take more control over the pressure, speed, and angle that will bring us closer to orgasm. It also lets your partner know that you’re into it, and that it feels good to you.
If the friction is too much for you, try a good lube. I suggest YES lubricant. It’s natural, hypoallergenic, pH balanced, and comes in oil- and water-based formulas. You can order a trial size online if you’re curious.
Be careful when choosing a lubricant. Some lubes are known to cause infections. Stay away from anything with flavors. That stuff doesn’t belong down there.
Another good piece of advice is to find out what actually DOES feel good for you. If sex is uncomfortable, have you tried switching positions? What about incorporating a lot of foreplay first? Find out what you like by exploring yourself. Then, you can bring it to your partner and say, “I want you to do this or that to me.” He’ll be thrilled that you are talking dirty and taking initiative, and you will actually get amazing sex.
I hope this answers your question and that you try it out for yourself. Good luck!

Angela says:

Right on Leo. I am much older than you and I am always amazed when I watch your videos, how much in site you have for life at such a young age.
I don’t know much about this squirting. You mentioned it several times. I don’t think all woman are physically equipped to do this, are they?

Mary says:

I second the motion of for Leo to answer this question. I always thought women who squirted were women with bladder control issues. I think if I squirted I would be MORTIFIED. I have had orgasms where I actually cried they were so intense, but never squirted. Thank God!

Gloria says:

Thank you Leo!!!!!
My husband noticed the difference!
I love your finest quality of teaching for us women. Precious!!!i never knew these….my poor husband tolerated so long and I had no idea…ours are silent boring type sometimes…I will change!

Amanda says:

Some great stuff here… I am definitely a fan of amazing sex! I was surprised at your being offended by pubic hair. It is a conditioned response I guess I didn’t expect. I think people should do what ever they want with their anatomy. I am not bothered by any of it personally. However, from a health standpoint, shaving and waxing promote infection such as an increase in staph boils and abscesses (even if you are extremely clean). In addition, new studies show greater risk of contracting STDs by shaving or waxing. It may be there for good reason. Just something to think about.

Kat L says:

and who is the girl in the car? man. lols! no but seriously, I feel that Tantra is the highest form of sexuality. Those that know Tantra know but different strokes. Sacred Sex Leo, do a clip on sacred sex if you know of this practice. This is the most powerful sex that actually boost immune system and creates as well. Research. Also, ladies, research YONI eggs. Its not new, it’s very old and it works.

Nidia says:

Thank GOD i have a few guys who have told me i raised their standards…I’m very passionate and definitely very FEISTY…


Lena Kudra says:

Leo, I enjoy all of your videos. You are an amazing speaker and you seems to know what you are talking about. However, you are not a woman, and I was slightly disappointed to hear some really confident “expert” stuff from you about how women should be if they want to keep a guy. I am pretty sure you will grow out of this video, as it is a bit immature for someone like you. There are plenty of reasons why women are the way they are, especially in a long term relationship with kids. I do agree with some of your suggestions, like on keeping body clean and fit. I think it is reasonable. But threesome? Wow! you do not want mother of your children to want threesome, trust me. Even though I could not watch to the end of this video as it stirred all kinds of protest in me, I still have great respect for you and your videos. Keep up the good work, and I wish you to reach your desired enlightenment soon.

Kat L says:

Take what serves you and leave the rest. I don’t see me doing a three some either but the video is loaded with good information. xox.

Val says:

Just have to say that may be you are misunderstanding feminine sexuality, a real woman don’t enjoy playing submissive and “expecting” your man to make you squirt! A real woman explores her own sexuality and know exactly what she wants in bed. A real woman have a lot of orgasms because she knows how to get them, a real woman never fakes an orgasm, and shows a man how to make her squirt (many times).
Girls: Just own your orgasms, don’t let man decide if you are going to have them!

Kaz says:

99.9999% of men don’t know how to do/give cunnilingus either (even though they think they do). Women need to educate themselves on cunnilingus too so we, in turn, can educate the men
anyway, I forget the name of a sexuality book I once read written for women by a homosexual…basically it gave very good tips on how to give fellatio and other stuff effectively to men. So Leo’s right…there is very good reading material out there for sexuality. Don’t assume we know it all.
I was in my mid 30s the first time I masturbated and that was only after I started educating myself on both men and women sexuality. Prior to that, I was never in touch with my own sexuality enough to surrender or be feminine etc.
so I highly recommend reading up!

Rin says:

I have been soaking up every video on this website for weeks now. I have loved every one… until now.
Yes, taking care of yourself and not being reserved in the bedroom is great. EVERYONE should do it (not just women). But the rest of this video read like a poorly contrived Men’s Health magazine article – basic bro bullshit.

1) Don’t be a fat chick. 50% of women have let themselves go.
Perhaps instead of saying a generalized inaccurate comment under the guise of fact to make women feel WORSE about our bodies, you should have offered advice on how we can feel sexy in our own skin. For example: If you eat right and exercise, you will feel better due to proper nutrition and exercise-induced endorphins. If you take up an activity like cycling or yoga, you will gain more respect for your body as you start to see yourself doing amazing things. This, in turn, will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin, making you more confident, more desirable, and less reserved in the bedroom.

2) Make sure you’re the hottest girl. So your man doesn’t stray.
How about telling us to find a man who isn’t a douchebag and still loves you when you first wake up in the morning instead of expecting you to rush into the bathroom at 4am so you’re pristine before he rolls over with bedhead and crusted drool and tells you to take care of his morning wood? How about: Don’t compare yourself to others. Constant comparison makes you jealous, paranoid, and annoying to your partner. Isn’t being comfortable in your own skin and being the best that you can be what this entire site is about? There will always be someone prettier, faster, smarter, etc. than you. Be the best YOU that you can be, and find someone who wants that. There is only one Gisele Bundchen, but there is also only one YOU.

3) Dress sexy and grind on us like a cat in heat. Dudes totally love when you’re uncontrollably mounting us in grocery stores, at dinner with our parents, or at Nana’s funeral.
Seriously, this is basic-bro bullshit at its finest. Yes, ladies, most men are not super turned on when you’re in your laundry day ripped jeans and over-sized Bush T-shirt from 1997, but I have met some that think that style is awesome. There will ALWAYS be someone who appreciates the genuine you. Find your own style and take pride in yourself, but don’t “dress sexy” for someone else (unless you and your partner are into that). Dress sexy for yourself. A woman can be sexy in lingerie, dirty overalls, or nothing at all, as long as she has confidence.
We are not dolls to dress up. We are not sex robots waiting for the next opportunity to pleasure whatever man deems it worthwhile to glance our way.

4) Don’t be a prude. Be open to anal and threesomes.
That’s just dismissing people’s boundaries based on your own personal desire. Everyone has different ideas of what they do and don’t want. A blanket statement like that coming from a self-help professional is just irresponsible. Would you like it if someone you respected told you, “Don’t be a prude. Be open to anal fisting from a large man in a bunny costume eating a cheeseburger?” Probably not.
Why didn’t you talk about how to open the conversation with your partner about sexual fantasies and boundaries? You could have asked the audience to write down fantasies they have but are too shy or afraid to tell their partners and then task them to mention one casually during dinner.

5) Be good in bed/good at blow jobs so you can keep your man.
I honestly feel bad for any girl who takes this as legitimate advice. Ladies, you can be Jenna Jameson in the bedroom, but if your man doesn’t want you as a person, the most you’ll ever get is a relatively consistent booty call. That movie you wanted him to take you to? Go see it alone. He’ll call you afterward to hook up. The record release party you were excited about? Forget it. He’s going to take Sarah. But, you can meet up with him later, after he’s drunk. Eventually, he will leave you for her (or someone else), even though he complains that she’s a dead fish in the bedroom, because – GUESS WHAT! – she has a personality, and you’ve made yourself no better than an interactive blowup doll.
Instead, how about this: Learn better sex techniques because you should actually like pleasing your man! Mention how we should learn to read our man’s breathing, his facial expressions, the way he tightens up right before he explodes. Women should revel in that! Ask what turns him on. Ask how he likes it. Heck, ask him to SHOW you on himself! But do this because you want to have amazing sex with your partner, not because you think the only way you can keep him around is if you are a perfect sex kitten 100% of the time.

6) Scream when you’re cumming.
Let’s face it. Most men couldn’t find the G-spot with GPS and a Sherpa. If you’re lucky enough to find a man that doesn’t require copious amount of instruction before winning the gold in the Sex Olympics, then good for you! Instead of just telling us to make our orgasms about stroking the man’s ego, how about you advise women to make sex about mutual fun so we want it more? You could have mentioned exploring our bodies through masturbation and toys so that we can tell and/or show our man what we like, foreplay and proper lubrication so that it’s enjoyable for both parties, or even just that more positions are available that may offer more enjoyment beyond missionary.

Where is the enlightenment? Where is the encouragement? This entire video sounds like you’re reminiscing about a dirty girl you had one time and are trying to recreate it by encouraging every woman to act like sex is only about the male. The sad thing is, if you would have approached this from a female perspective, you would find that, if the woman actually LIKES sex and has learned to be confident in her body and in the bedroom, all this stuff you’re sexistly objectifying women into doing happens naturally. That girl you are still drooling over? She didn’t do that stuff just for you. She did it because she LIKED it! When women actually know how to enjoy sex, we are just as horn-dogged as men.

You could have reached out to so many women and helped them actually have amazing sex. Instead, you chose to make this all about the man in the bedroom. You neglected any advice on how to reach orgasm ourselves, how to get out of our heads, how to communicate to our partners what we want when we want it, etc. and made a video entirely on oppressing women in the bedroom through objectification. This video doesn’t belong on Send it to FHM and give us something legitimate to view.

Leo Gura says:

The enlightenment for you will come when you realize that that is how men think and that by trying to turn a man into a woman, you do your relationship a disservice.

This video was not about pleasing YOU! This video was about how to please a man. I have an analogous video for men telling them how to please you as a woman. Stop being so self-absorbed.

Rin says:

Okay, maybe I misinterpreted “How to Have Amazing Sex (For Women)” as how to actually, as a woman, have amazing sex. My bad on that.
However, my points are not self-absorbed. They are legitimate and valid. More women need to be enjoying sex! If more women like sex, more women will put out, thus increasing the chance for you to get laid more often. Comprende?
You titled this video as a self-help for women and made the entire video about pleasing a man… Particularly a man that thinks exactly like you. So much good could have been done in helping both men and women to have amazing sex by breaking down the fears and attitudes that keep most women stuck being boring in the bedroom. But, none of that was here at all. All I’m saying is that on a site that’s about self-actualization and elightenment, the video entitled “How to Have Amazing Sex” should be about how to legitimately have amazing sex with yourself and your partner in a self-actualised way.
As for the knee-jerk, baseless judgement on how I need enlightenment in the bedroom… Sorry, bro. I already do all the things you’ve suggested in this video and more, because I like pleasing my awesome partner. I’ve had plenty of people tell me I need to teach lessons, and I’ve had 100% positive reviews so far. So, I think I have my enlightenment down there, thank you very much.

Caelis says:

Very well spoken.

As a man I have to say, it is so important to me that the girl enjoys the sex, it is all about being open together and letting go of everything to be in the moment. That way all those “sexy traits” that turn us men/and also women sometimes on, do indeed come naturally. And that is just amazing. It is definitely not about desperately having the girl please us. To me, the ways in which Leo explains this video, seem so immature. And the approach seems to come from a sexually frustrated boy that doesn’t want to take responsibillity for the quality time in bed with his girl. It is simply narrow minded to say that “it is just the way men work” both men and women exist of a whole spectrum of masculine + feminine energy. There are no limits to it.

YM says:

OMG, 42 min of hearing what man fancy. You can cut 3/4 of that video.

Ok personal hygiene is a must, but vaginas have a natural smell, like man’s penis and balls in a hot day squeezed in a pant. And the cum can smell very badly. Do you wash it before you jerk on her face?

Bottom line: be open to new ventures and be more active.
Be active with your hands and feet, hair and mouth, body and toys if he’s Mr Grey.

a woman screaming, this is your fantasy, so many fake oooohhhh yes (when Harry met Sally). your reference is from porn movies? If the man was listening to her breath, I think he could notice when she’s really pleased. As well if the man change rhythm, her breath or moan should change, if it doesn’t then the men is not doing well.

Sorry it’s not because a man comes that he had orgasm. the problem of being hard is a lack of confidence, so what about the just now moment?

I am sorry but if the woman liked it, she can have and want multiple orgasm. The one off is to stop the underperforming man. Or sometimes is the man who says he gave it all.

Sex for woman is more mental, complicity and then everything comes naturally. then she does not need to scream to please her partner, it’s naturally done. she can take the lead and speak dirty, what’s in their mind. There must be passion.

Have respect for your man???? and what is for the woman left? because he sweat his ass off? the glass of water, you’re not an amputee. When were you born, Leo.

G-point and orgasm for women happen sometimes but not as often as men think. Men last 7 min, woman needs 14 min. therefore long foreplay.

a man comes and it’s finished, a woman is like a Gauss curve capable to still feel stimulated post coitus (endorphine release). so that why we cannot give that glass of water but the man could bring one to his partner.

I think this video is a flop: how to keep a man by his balls, well you squeeze them.

If you do a video for man on how to please or ‘slave’ a woman. you would need to enquire a lot to discover what woman wants.

Danika says:

Horrrrrrribly over simplified. Tantra sex? Love? Bisexuality? Trans gender? Gender, race, and sexual preference are all fluid. This is the most horrible advice I’ve ever heard. Our sexuality and what turns us on is all just as complicated as our psychology. What about kinks and fetishes? Being able to get turned on by the most unusual things? This is far from an enlightened perspective

Danika says:

Please people. Do not listen to his advice on sex and relationships. Leo. You should have stopped at the mindfulness and emotions videos? Do you know why? That’s because if you stop there (at the truth) then it can apply to everyone. It’s a true method and not your opinion of an answer. This is the huge difference folks. This is verging on religious and cultural because he is telling you how to act. Know and understand mindfulness and your emotions and then you will automatically know how to treat others well. This is all you need to know in sex and relationships. Leo do you k ow who julien blanc was? He was a similar “self help life coach” and he got BANNED by the federal government of Canada for ever entering canada again because of his MANIPULATIVE and wrongful advice on how to “get women in bed”. The TONE of your videos is similar. Do you know why women are causcious of men? Because women between the ages of 13 to 20 are at the most risk of sexual harassment and sexual violence. We live in an incredibly sexually immature society. 1 in 5 women in universities in the US will be sexually assaulted. 1 in 10 women outside of universities are sexually assaulted. This causes incredible mental damage. Ok? So lets focus on the real problem. And the real problem is this : people do not know how to control their impulses and that’s leading to exploitation and suffering. All we ever need to learn and practice is how to treat others fairly and equally. You want to k ow something about sex Leo? It all starts in your head and in your mind. Men and women. Men just are more free in their mind because sexual threats are relatively non existent in their lives. Men and women are not fundamentally different. You cannot teach this. I am a woman and I have had an orgasm before without ever touching myself. It all happened in my mind. That is incredibly rare but I think it belya the power of our minds. All we need to do folks is learn how to listen to ourselves and other people better. That is all we need to do. And never forget that race is fluid. It’s boundaries and imagined. Sexual preference is fluid. It’s boundaries and imagined and can change. And gender is fluid! We have masculine and feminine within us all! We are all in a spectrum. Realizing this will help create equality and abolish exploitation and manipulation for good!!!!! Careful of manipulation folks. Think for yourself and from your HEART. Leo. All you need to say on your sex and relationship videos is just this. Nothing else. Spread the awareness. Mindfulness will automatically make people experience better sex. They do not. And should not be guided to this using a set of rules. That is religious propoganda. People can figure these things out on their own if they are mindful. Stop being selfish and work for a greater good.

LeighP says:


This should be titled “how to have great sex in your 20s” because it is very basic and directed at women who are clueless about their own sexuality. Not sure where you are meeting women, but I hope you level up!

I’m in my 50s (still hot because I take care of myself) and date men in their 30s and 40s (you might want to experience a sexually confident older woman, they can teach you things)…I get called a sex goddess all the time.

I got good in bed when I had my own sexual awakening. Learning what you like as a woman is everything. All of the other stuff flows from that…I’m groomed because it feels better for me, I’m fit because I like long and energetic sexual encounters. Great head comes from loving to give good head, etc. In other words, being a great lover comes from loving sex and understanding your own body.

Lisa says:

Leo, I recently started watching your videos and was finding them to be filled with wisdom and very uplifting, until viewing these about sex. The best part of this video, in my opinion, was the statement that the vast majority of “girls” do not practice much of what is recommended, and I would also hope that these practices really aren’t what the vast majority of men would desire in a serious personal relationship with a woman. Some of the language and actions recommended in these videos are degrading and suggestive of a contemptuous attitude and violence towards women. For example, even if the “choking” was done, as you said, in a non-dangerous manner, it can still be recognized as symbolic of a very hateful, violent, and life-threatening act. It is sadly ironic to me that such things would be said and done during what is supposed to be “making love” and connecting and sharing with your most cherished loved one in a most profound way. It is also difficult to fathom how having such things said and done to her will be positive and cherished memories for her for the rest of her life. What I would hope for is a shift in consciousness and attitudes away from such stereotypical and degrading objectification of girls and women, and towards greater respect, for each and every girl and woman, as a unique and worthy individual, and encouragement for her to determine for herself her own unique preferences, talents, abilities, dreams, and goals for her life.

Rose says:

I am married. I have a huge sexual potential, but I can not set free with my hubby fully. You mentioned threesome, as of right now what is your opinion about it. Dont you think by telling my spouse about this dirty dream and allowing another person in our bedroom might undermine our relations?
Thank you.

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