Guided Exercises For Understanding Infinite Consciousness

By Leo Gura - October 20, 2020 | 4 Comments

Explaining the nature of consciousness

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lars says:

Pure genius, Leo

lars says:

Rick & Morty Interdimensional Cable is the best approximation to IC

Martina says:

.. in my universe they are yellow. I got some moments where I had to stop you as it was changing my thinking at the same moment, feels like a light coming, had to let it settle.

Max Gron says:

Consciousness is necessary for knowing reality, and isn’t old wive’s tales about you being the universe and not a person, that’s a lie. Why would you assume you’re not a person? Furthermore Leo’s tampering with forces he can’t understand when he’s denying science, treating it like it’s amateur. I say no, I’m not listening to his anti-science! I prefer to believe in science 100%, I’m not a scientist but I know it should be evaluated by what it predicts and explains of phenomena and not by its describing objective reality, it’s so. As for consciousness Leo’s not this conscious being who has remarkable insights into truth, he’s a psychologist and a hack and half the time he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Irrational descriptions don’t describe reality, nor does lack of logic, in reality what’s real isn’t your thinking but your day-to-day experiences, what you do, what you are, what you don’t do and what you’re not, not the other way around. By thinking this way you’re conscious, and don’t tell me this video of yours isn’t a philosophy, if it denies it’s a philosophy, then it’s a philosophy! Just as something that denies it’s a cult, it’s a cult! Even what denies it’s a get rich quick scheme, the truth is it’s a get rich quick scheme! I’m not fooled by these not things, what it’s not it actually is, it’s all a marketing ploy. True professionalism has a showy look, more presentable, is ostentatious, and doesn’t pooh pooh science or give the thumbs down to a belief or celebrity, and it isn’t unpretentious. Religion isn’t professionalism, it’s non-physical bullshit of things beyond what corporations deem appropriate, and is old school without pampered modern lifestyle, that’s Leo Gura, and it would suit him if he was a cynic talking trash of the world of the harsh reality.

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