Understanding Absolute Infinity - Part 2

By Leo Gura - July 24, 2017 | 23 Comments

Exploring Absolute Infinity throughout Western history

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Ninos says:

Leo amazing insight on Infiniti. All is good theoritical ideas and makes sense up to a certain point. It is my understanding and not my belief. The Absolute Inifinte ” GOD” made the infinite universe which means he is even greater then the infinite universe. Such a creator would have to make all of this infinite universe for a purpose. He would also have to somehow cummicate with his creation and require some action of the creation. Do you believe this is true? Or do you think he created all carelessly? The way see it the creator doesn’t make anything without purpose, even the lowly earth worm you mentioned has extra ordinary purpose. The secret of life is to find out the purpose before we die. I think I found that purpose. The purpose for me is Jesus Christ.

Leo Gura says:

There is no “He”. There is no purpose. There is no act of creation. Jesus is just a concept. And there is no you who’s going to die.

All of that is monkey-mind.

Beyond all that trivial stuff, is Nothingess (God). Investigate for yourself.

A time will come, one day, where you will just have to admit, in tears, that EVERYTHING you know is WRONG. Anything less than that is not spirituality, but devilry. If you really care about Truth, you will surrender EVERYTHING for it. Including all your ideas of God and Jesus.

Sophie says:

Leo, I’d pair this series up with the “what is spiritual enlightenment” as the most powerful of all your videos, the epitome of your work. Will always remember watching the what is spiritual enlightenment videos for the first time when I wanted to seriously start to understand this, rather than just hearing about it throughout my yoga practice and pretending to know what it meant. I still haven’t found anyone on the internet doing what you do, (apart from the sages of course) but your contemporaries are Tony Robbins etc but not even because you’re on a completely different playing field, there really is no one like you, wonder why hey?! thank you so much!

Ninos says:

So all this mind blowing amazing infinity was made from nothing and just appeared with no purpose and no maker? My monkey mind can’t understand how that would be as I try to see the universe in God’s eyes, If was God i would not make this mind blowing infinit universe for no reason. As I read and study and gather information, the only result I arrive is everything has a purpose.
Great video!! Keep up the amazing work!!

Leo Gura says:

Not for no reason.


It’s not merely a reason. It’s EVERYTHING! It’s power is beyond anything you could ever hope for.

By looking for reasons and purposes, you’re actually minimizing God by an infinite degree.

Unfolder says:

Leo, distant friend,

Congratulations on this beautiful attempt to describe the indescribable. Goosebumps.

As Allan Watts said: God is playing hide and seek with himself

5-Meo did it for me: dissolving and merging with the All. Your words resonate here man, thank you for that.

So from God to God: high five!

Leo Gura says:


Ninos says:

Maybe I am getting confused when you mention God. Maybe we are speaking two different languages. When you use the word God to describe infinite I think you are talking about the one who created inifinte in the infinite. As I have cells in my body and those cells have infinite matter inside of them and so on to infinite. I am not inside my cells, my cells are inside of me. The distinction must be made as you stated their are higher infinities. God the infinite creator would sit on top of that pyramid. In order to build a home you must be their before the home and then build it. Now I can go inside the home, and the home would have my blood sweat and tears inside of the home. God can come inside our universe and leave and actually since he is infinite can be everywhere at one time. He is separate from the home as the creator. That is my definition of God. What is yours?

Ninos says:

Before you answer the question of what is your definition of the word God, let me guess your answer, God is nothing! It was silly of me to ask the question, since all of the times we have communicated on this eternal debate your answer has been God is nothing.
And so this is the starting point of the brick wall that we have built between our two understandings (infinitely large wall) On your side of the wall you gather the same information as I do on my side of the wall. Sound travels thru our infinite wall but we cannot see thru this wall. I am trying to take out one of the bricks so I can see what is on your side and you can see on my side( window). But you tell me “there is nothing to see here” and I tell you “Leo look here their is something to see here”. On your side of the wall you gather info and postulate infinite came from nothing made by nothing which contains infinite something. On my side of the wall I postulate, an infinite something God, created the infinite something.
My monkey mind realized nothing can’t make something. Your view seems to be dark which we will call the ” nothing theory”. My theory would be bright we will call “everything”. If you help me remove one of these bricks will your dark enter my light or will my light enter your dark? Before we remove the brick we know my light will enter your dark and your eyes will need time to adjust to the light before you remove too many bricks. Funny I am a poet and didn’t even know it. God has a sense of humer. We are very similar you and I, both introverts that took two different directions. You are a scholar and I am a tradesman. You gather all that knowledge and come up with the dark theory. As I listen to your information I further build my light theory using your research. It’s all pretty funny.

Unfolder says:

You’re talking about the same thing. Nothing and everything are identical – all boundaries are illusory.

One love, my friend.

Ninos says:

Light and dark are the same! Hot and cold also the same ! Black-and-white also the same color! Bad and good also the same ! Helping somebody or somebody same exact thing! If you say yes to all of that. How much 5-MEO would I have to take to believe some mumbo-jumbo like that ?

unfolder says:

Dear Ninos,

I fully understand how my comment evoked some frustration – this was not my intent, so sorry for that. And yes, of course, from our normal perspective, black and white are different. But in the realm of the divine infinite unity (the only reality), there are no boundaries, no opposites. It’s where language falls short. Black and white are illusory manifestations of the same unity. It’s the All, which means it’s also the Nothing. It trancends and encompasses everything – so also nothing. Infinity is probably the best word here. So is it infinite light or infinite darkness? Wrong question – those concepts are long gone. The best I can do for now, I hope this helps. Aham Brahmasmi.

Ninos says:

Sorry, meant to say helping someone or hurting someone same thing!

James says:

Leo, your videos get better every time. Please don’t stop!

Mayur says:

Leo Da Vinci

Kenna says:

I have been listening to Leo for years. Always a loyal fan. I learned so much about life and work and insight and enlightenment…

I didn’t think I will listen to this episode though I don’t have time i thought.

But I am so glad I did!!!!

To expand your mind!

Martin says:

When I was 12 or maybe 13 I wondered what if whole Universe has just been created yesterday including all our memories, all history, books etc.
And now I know that the Universe IS just creating in every very moment just here and now in infinite ways (what pretty nice coresponding with quantum theory). And there is no time at all. No past, no future. Just this very moment in which everything is creating. That also explains why our thoughts are illusory. That explains why Universe is everything and nothing at the same time.
Thanks Leo!!!

Andrew says:

There’s only one instant, and it’s right now.
And it’s eternity.

– Waking Life

Marjorie says:

Hello Leo,

My question is short; would you confess to it. Did you video-tape your journey. Would you rate it private.
Leo this episode had me on Q, from when i signed in until 2 0 a.m. The whole lecture was intense from beginning to the end. You deserve recognition in the books of philosophers, no kidding. I play lotto every Wednesday hoping to get rich, to hire you as my coach. I pray this happens before i leave this earth, to make my dream come true. Thank you Leo, thank you. You are a 10

Anonymous says:

This is an oversimplification so keep that in mind.
But we’re not asking you to believe in a different reality. We’re thinking about how you interpret reality, and rather than adding interpretations, you try to remove them.

Think of how a newborn baby looks at the world. He doesn’t identify objects as a ball or a chair He doesn’t know the touch of the bed as soft And so on with his five senses. So to a baby like that, the objects have no language to divide them but are simply all blended together. This is what people mean when they say the universe is one.

There are also stories of deaf children who learned language later in life. And recounted stories of how surprised they are for example, that the different trees one child saw could all be summarized in the word tree.

The thing is once this wordless state of mind is seen, you can control what means something to you. You remove the meaning of language in your mind and so what your emotions call as good or bad. With that you can re establish meaning and control you see as good or bad. Emotions become a lot less irrational and much more manageable.

Ninos says:

Dear Ahem,
Thank you for your explanation, which is an interesting concept. Non the less your idea is a concept. Your concept could be right, assuming you are saying the universe and everything in side of it, when I say inside I am including the boundaries of Infiniti, has no creator. My assumption is the infotech universe was created by a higher intelligence. This higher intelligence is outside of Infiniti. Mine is also a concept my mind created thru deep mediation. Since we have opposite views I am assuming one of us is correct in our concept and the other wrong. I hope you are right and I am wrong. Because if I am right then some higher being that created Infiniti will be insulted when we call him nothing. I for one wouldn’t want to insult the creator of Infiniti. Leo proved Infiniti was created with a starting point since the universe is growing.

Michael says:

Thanks for the insights Leo. Your videos are starting to help me break down the nuances between understanding something / knowing something is true, and the importance of experiencing/ being that truth.

Your videos help me stay on the nondual path and have peace of mind that it’s worth it.

Sinz says:

Hmm Aleph/Alef is also the first letter in Farsi (Persian) alphabet

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