Why Libertarianism Is Nonsense

By Leo Gura - July 7, 2020 | 7 Comments

Advanced deconstruction of the libertarian ideology.

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This is a book for readers who who cannot read that may sound rude though i do
not mean to be it may sound like a contradiction but it is not.The appearance of rudeness and contradiction arises only from the variety of senses of which the the word reading can be used.Most of us don’t think there is a art of reading as if it’s
as easy as breathing or walking

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Health says:

The greatest wealth is health.All the money in the world can’t buy back any of
your lost health no matter how old or young.Rich stay rich by living like they are
poor and vice versa

Chu says:

My reaction after 50 min:

Libertarians don’t want absolute freedom. They recognize natural limits of their freedom. What they want is not initiating force against other humans and vice versa. So they absolutely don’t accept that their own freedom could diminish the freedom of others. They are not for their own freedom but for THE freedom.

Libertarians don’t just say to the rapist “what about my freedom?”, they defend themselves and others against him.

The jungle is not a free market. There is a lot of violence there and a lot of taxation (mosquitoes drinking our blood…)

Why do we need monopoly on force to protect ourselves?

I’m disappointed, I was looking for more challenging arguments. Will I find that in the following?

Robert says:

Are you sure that in China there aren’t milion of deaths?? WHO recomanded not to wear mask, on the other hand if you wear one and me don’t, how can I make you ill?

Robert says:

Covid19 is gone kill you, really? Only 5% are the odds to kill you, many other diseases kills you faster.

Jim says:

What if the same ones who regulate are the ones who oppress?

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