Why Libertarianism Is Nonsense

By Leo Gura - July 7, 2020 | 11 Comments

Advanced deconstruction of the libertarian ideology.

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Chu says:

My reaction after 50 min:

Libertarians don’t want absolute freedom. They recognize natural limits of their freedom. What they want is not initiating force against other humans and vice versa. So they absolutely don’t accept that their own freedom could diminish the freedom of others. They are not for their own freedom but for THE freedom.

Libertarians don’t just say to the rapist “what about my freedom?”, they defend themselves and others against him.

The jungle is not a free market. There is a lot of violence there and a lot of taxation (mosquitoes drinking our blood…)

Why do we need monopoly on force to protect ourselves?

I’m disappointed, I was looking for more challenging arguments. Will I find that in the following?

Max Raoy Gron says:

The jungle’s not a free market? Wrong, so very wrong, it’s free to do any of the horror it likes, mosquitos drinking blood. What you’re right about is that libertarians want the freedom, not their freedom, I have nothing to say about above video, it might be reinterpreted against me, but I think the real liberty lies in lack of rules, that’s what I think, are you going to argue about what I think? But I suppose it’s your fault if you’re not eliminating unwanted rules and therefore don’t have freedom. It’s the very liberty that’s why Christians are trying to coerce me, given this holy war and I’m in it, I have the liberty to kick a stage red Christian’s arse if he wants to kill me for not believing, I have absolute liberty to go up to a red person and go red with rage myself, both of us can play this game with the liberty to fight, does that make it good? I’m not afraid to kick a red person’s arse, I have a bit of red in me. I’m mostly yellow with a tinge of blue, I have the absolute liberty to muck around with systems, libertarianism would deny this saying I can’t force you, can’t force you? I’m forcing any of you not to muck around with what I hold dear.

Robert says:

Are you sure that in China there aren’t milion of deaths?? WHO recomanded not to wear mask, on the other hand if you wear one and me don’t, how can I make you ill?

Robert says:

Covid19 is gone kill you, really? Only 5% are the odds to kill you, many other diseases kills you faster.

Jim says:

What if the same ones who regulate are the ones who oppress?

Max Gron says:

Freedom to me isn’t doing everything you want and being everything you want without limitations, according to the Penguin English dictionary “free” means “enjoying civil and political liberty”, “liberty” means “freedom from dictatorial control”, so even liberty doesn’t mean you can do everything you want to, it means you can’t be a dictator and can’t allow dictatorship. As an anarchist I don’t agree with these liberties when that’s the libertarian definition, I prefer a milder liberty and freedom, like the Reign of God, with divided authority, and universal compassion, the state’s violent, deceitful, and if glorified, idolatrous. Not only do I want less liberty than a libertarian, I want more liberty to rule you as king, yes, libertarianism doesn’t work, as a regalist I think the all authority should be transferred to the state in the person of the king. That’s male kings, not female queens. It’s ideological and I don’t think that’s a dirty word.

Max Gron says:

As for tribal warfare, there’s some of that in the suburbs. I’m not trusting of the purple value system, I might be purple, but people are at war with me if the staff isn’t making me my oat porridge for breakfast. It goes further, I’m making war with hippies who dictate me with their freedoms, their will to do drugs, their will not to wear deodorant, it’s madness. I don’t want a society of order where there’s free kissing and polyamory, I don’t want the sunshine optimism involved in such a movement, I want the Reign of God, the freedom to drink alcohol, and smoking in private, I want the authority of God under the reign of Jesus, the chaos to be reviled and falsely accused of evil, and persecuted, and my chaos to rule nations, and to be free from the state, Australia is therefore idolatrous, I don’t want that, and with hippies there will be war if it’s dictating me to do evil things.

Max Gron says:

Privatising the public? It’s not going to happen, only divine law should govern under rule of Jesus Christ. You should be pure, merciful, meek, poor in spirit etc, which means given this is what I want I can watch R-18+ documentaries if I want as long as it’s the reign of Jesus. But it’s simpler than that: free alcoholic drinking as long as one doesn’t get drunk, free private smoking, even smoking indoors and all sorts of war of fire risk if I want, freedom of religion, and free for me to only obey God and not man’s laws, even to imprison you at home for the sin of killing people, I can enjoy these freedoms, that automatically means I can kick the arse and get angry with the man who coerces me into watching TV, that’s an interference with my duty to suppress TV, and that makes me angry, I get angry when people force me to sin and believe me the Puritans were angry.

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