How Corruption Works

By Leo Gura - October 16, 2019 | 5 Comments

The existential origins of corruption

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Joel says:

If I and my life are imaginary and hallucinatory, then where I fit on the corruption/non-corruption spectrum is ultimately meaningless and irrelevant.

Leo Gura says:

Ultimately yes, but relatively no.

Be careful not to conflate the absolute and relative domains. Corruption is a relative phenomenon.

Joseph Brindley says:

Leo: What’s the connection, if any, between the Chakras & Spiral Dynamics?

Max Gron says:

Of all the corruption in the world it mightn’t be good or bad, the problem is it’s not good, that is at least it’s an ordinary way to display ignorance. Corruption happens because people are turned for the worse, they have it arse backwards. There’s corruption because people are still cruel or hurtful, they’re still playing a part where they run you down, no matter how good people are it gets even more evil, because they almost kill you that’s why people are corrupt, and they get away with it.

Max Gron says:

What? To be corrupt like you? Society no matter whether differentness is good, you’ll get in trouble! But yeah, be different, be a badarse who gets his arse kicked! This religion of Leo’s is a cult, it’s about individualism. Culture is corrupt? No, anti-social rebels like you are corrupt, it’s the minorities of Australian culture, and the majorities of city culture that has no corruption. Corruption of what? You’re crazy! You’re deluded! Love is the problem, people love the corruption in all countries of the world with the faith that suffering is what you need, yes, it’s an embarrassment, avoiding corruption is very selfish, it doesn’t concern other people, or what they call good, it’s all about yourself and your own government against corruption, fuck off, hippie, I’m not giving you the satisfaction.

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