How Corruption Works

By Leo Gura - October 16, 2019 | 6 Comments

The existential origins of corruption

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Joel says:

If I and my life are imaginary and hallucinatory, then where I fit on the corruption/non-corruption spectrum is ultimately meaningless and irrelevant.

Leo Gura says:

Ultimately yes, but relatively no.

Be careful not to conflate the absolute and relative domains. Corruption is a relative phenomenon.

Joseph Brindley says:

Leo: What’s the connection, if any, between the Chakras & Spiral Dynamics?

Max Gron says:

Of all the corruption in the world it mightn’t be good or bad, the problem is it’s not good, that is at least it’s an ordinary way to display ignorance. Corruption happens because people are turned for the worse, they have it arse backwards. There’s corruption because people are still cruel or hurtful, they’re still playing a part where they run you down, no matter how good people are it gets even more evil, because they almost kill you that’s why people are corrupt, and they get away with it.

Max Gron says:

What? To be corrupt like you? Society no matter whether differentness is good, you’ll get in trouble! But yeah, be different, be a badarse who gets his arse kicked! This religion of Leo’s is a cult, it’s about individualism. Culture is corrupt? No, anti-social rebels like you are corrupt, it’s the minorities of Australian culture, and the majorities of city culture that has no corruption. Corruption of what? You’re crazy! You’re deluded! Love is the problem, people love the corruption in all countries of the world with the faith that suffering is what you need, yes, it’s an embarrassment, avoiding corruption is very selfish, it doesn’t concern other people, or what they call good, it’s all about yourself and your own government against corruption, fuck off, hippie, I’m not giving you the satisfaction.

Max the know better says:

Instead of casting doubt on you, Leo, like I did a year ago, I’d like to say science denialism isn’t the love of science, or supporting science, but trying to change its rules, loving science is loving the study of natural phenomena, it’s loving it the way it is, no more, no less, believing it, supporting it the way it is without criticising it, without trying to change it. For example if you love cetology you’ll accept the theory that a whale’s not a fish, even if that’s a false science, that’s what loving science is, and as for loving me, that means loving my annoying, ordinary, habitual ways exactly as it is, accepting it, without changing me, without resisting, wars or fighting, that’s what loving me is, the same, boring old me! But you don’t “love” people, you’re insecure and disgusted at people the way they are, you’re very pessimistic of us, also you never wrote any replies to me, not once, I’ve done some damage in the past, but it’s damaged, and I have to move on from my own damage, not cling to the damage, worried that I’m a bad person, that’s me, as you’re right about corruption, that differentness can lead to the good, but in a negative way, you can’t prove pragmatism wrong, I tried it, no belief actually “works”, yet they’re true, so pragmatism’s false, as out-there as that sounds to my dad, I’m just an ordinary man, most of my beliefs are normal, e.g. conservative liberal, Puritan, authentist, philosopher of convention, it’s all normal beliefs, except for Kierkegaardian, which is quirky. That I’m corrupt conforming to all these beliefs, I don’t know, I’ll just give you the benefit of the doubt and think I’m corrupt, that I’m highly conformist, that I’m an idiot, as society likes to see my downfall, never seeing me as a hero, other beliefs include subordination to my nation, and the belief in maybe, i.e. I believe something is maybe the case. There’s no recent positivity of me other than the stuff I wrote on this site a few days ago, with the belief that God exists, after all that atheist brainwashing, I made some changes so I don’t end up making the same mistakes. God is a supernatural being in the sky, that’s what I think, I also think the evil, bad, wrong, corruption, and wickedness exists whether you can see it or not or like it or not, I don’t know what I’ll become if I stop conforming, whether it’s too nice, too acceptable, I’m bloody well afraid to be different, I don’t want to come off as too agreeable. The problem is being too nice to be me, the cost of conforming is my dull, routine, mundane self, being boring, what I don’t want is the same life you fear to live yourself, making these social blunders, getting in trouble, I don’t want this myself, I don’t want to be the same person people hate, or the same person people don’t like as I am, I want to be liked better for exactly the way I am and not for adapting to their orders and regulations, or for just obedience, I’m a bloody conservative liberal, that means I can do anything according to my own morals and social order, it’s the liberty I want, it’s the tradition I want without it being used to blame me for the bad old days when I was evil, I don’t want the evil as it used to be, I’m only the past of good things, like I used to sit so I sit, I used to smoke so I smoke, d’uh! And something I can confidently say, I was never the type refusing change of my life if that’s what makes my life better, people hate those changes, I’m not changing to their rules and their orders, I’m changing to the ruling of an alternative, less material life. It’s like this time and time again that whatever tips for success I get, even from you, they demonise it, they call me a loser, they give me a hard time telling me not to worry when I learned from you that worry is useless, nobody listens to your teachings, I learn from you but they don’t listen when I’m expressing this alternative lifestyle, nobody ever listens, the problem is they think I’m some waste of space, some genius, playing the painful game of pissing a man off, bullshit, what I was a long time ago isn’t hell, it’s not monstrous, it is, however, me being this “corrupt devil” but the problem is nobody accepts this, nobody accepts that I’m highly conscious in that I don’t need rules, nobody is going to accept that, they very much accept rules and order, they very much accept all that shit you taught not to have, all that you stand for, people just want to forget this and carry on eating burgers, fries, pizza, and stupid board games with their friends, not particularly the same in Parafield Gardens, where one man only plays video games and no other games, and I play mobile games and watch tubi on my phone, in conclusion it’s very much people stuck in stupid things, but of the man playing video games he’s not stupid, he’s smart to avoid the traps I fell in, I’m afraid to admit, but he’s wiser than me, he’s smart to do his shopping and get his groceries delivered, and people think the way I am is what gets everybody else in trouble. I think I can change the way I am so everyone trying it gets no trouble, I’m not a trouble maker, so I can fix this, and change, and listen to the relevant data of what I’ll become, I’m not some pretty face with empty promises, I’m merely the man who’s misguided, gullible, and is duped into the wrong systems, believing them, this difficult situation you don’t think I’m in a rut, the rut of things that get me in trouble? How is it going to stop?

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