How To Discover What's True

By Leo Gura - October 28, 2019 | 5 Comments

A deep inquiry into how we can know anything for certain

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Tayyeb says:

Hi, this is Tayyeb from Iran. I’ve watch more than 50 hours of your videos. Decided to quit med school and start new business in music. I can’t afford your life purpose course. Can you help me?

amirali says:

i can help you , leave your contact information so i can contact you

Rebecca Sinclair says:

I am considering getting you to know me by leaving replies to videos that address major frameworks I have chosen to work at truth from. The only thing I am certain of is that I keep living what I really consider. Years ago I read in a little story to “just change my mind” if I didn’t like what I felt and had. Utterly impossile. Waaaa waaa waaa! But, but, but.
A few years ago I began seriously taking pictures. I began to change my “point of view” to change my pictures. What a joy! And then suddenly I GOT it! Change my mind by changing my fucking point of view! I’m writing as I listen to you. You are mentioning perceptions. Suddenly I got it how limited our perceptions are the same time I learned how easy it is to change my point of view.

It is soooo possible. Knowing what is true I mean.

Once after quitting my 3rd cult (Christianity, Group Dynamics/James Brennan/Palos Verdes/Hawaii, Scientology) I made a deal with God. I said, “I do it my way, you keep me safe from the abyss and I’m your girl, I will never stop knowing you.” This was a bit of a big order because what I wanted protection from was drug addiction, alcoholism, pregnancy, prostitution and prison. I really liked to rock and roll.

So now I’m coiming at it all from what to me is a new direction. I want to know how IT works. Now you are talking about quarks etc.

Cripes Leo, every time I think of something and type it you start TALKING about what I just wrote. Now you are going on about IT and I just wrote that I want to know how IT works.

That’s how I know IT is discoverable. Cause IT keeps happening to me, for me, in me, around me.

Trust me Leo. I’ll keep dropping you ways to fact check as I can. God bless you, Allah is good, may the Force be with you.

Rebecca Sinclair says:

A little bit NEGLIGIBLE? You are hysterical. “I THINK I LOVE YOU” (caps will often denote song titles or lines from songs. They keep popping into my head)

Philipp says:

A masterpiece!

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