How To Discover What's True

By Leo Gura - October 28, 2019 | 8 Comments

A deep inquiry into how we can know anything for certain

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Tayyeb says:

Hi, this is Tayyeb from Iran. I’ve watch more than 50 hours of your videos. Decided to quit med school and start new business in music. I can’t afford your life purpose course. Can you help me?

amirali says:

i can help you , leave your contact information so i can contact you

Rebecca Sinclair says:

I am considering getting you to know me by leaving replies to videos that address major frameworks I have chosen to work at truth from. The only thing I am certain of is that I keep living what I really consider. Years ago I read in a little story to “just change my mind” if I didn’t like what I felt and had. Utterly impossile. Waaaa waaa waaa! But, but, but.
A few years ago I began seriously taking pictures. I began to change my “point of view” to change my pictures. What a joy! And then suddenly I GOT it! Change my mind by changing my fucking point of view! I’m writing as I listen to you. You are mentioning perceptions. Suddenly I got it how limited our perceptions are the same time I learned how easy it is to change my point of view.

It is soooo possible. Knowing what is true I mean.

Once after quitting my 3rd cult (Christianity, Group Dynamics/James Brennan/Palos Verdes/Hawaii, Scientology) I made a deal with God. I said, “I do it my way, you keep me safe from the abyss and I’m your girl, I will never stop knowing you.” This was a bit of a big order because what I wanted protection from was drug addiction, alcoholism, pregnancy, prostitution and prison. I really liked to rock and roll.

So now I’m coiming at it all from what to me is a new direction. I want to know how IT works. Now you are talking about quarks etc.

Cripes Leo, every time I think of something and type it you start TALKING about what I just wrote. Now you are going on about IT and I just wrote that I want to know how IT works.

That’s how I know IT is discoverable. Cause IT keeps happening to me, for me, in me, around me.

Trust me Leo. I’ll keep dropping you ways to fact check as I can. God bless you, Allah is good, may the Force be with you.

Rebecca Sinclair says:

A little bit NEGLIGIBLE? You are hysterical. “I THINK I LOVE YOU” (caps will often denote song titles or lines from songs. They keep popping into my head)

Philipp says:

A masterpiece!

Teresa says:

Lee Strobel (journalist with law degree –legal editor) was on a similar quest for truth — (as we all are). Consider what he discovered either through his books or through the movie made about the very thing you’re seeking. Consider watching the Case for Christ movie or reading the Case for Christ book by Lee Strobel. It’s a great read and an undeniable testimony of finding truth.
If you’re really open to all possibilities as you say, then you should consider as Lee Strobel did and discover truth.

Rebecca Sinclair says:

Thanks Teresa. I just watched The Case For Christ as you suggested. Now I’m watching a conference called Searching For Allah, Finding Jesus.

Did you read or see Life of Pi? The story opens with the main character talking about simultaneously being a Buddhist, a Christian and a Muslim, I find no conflict. Nor do I find a conflict with any of them and what Leo is learning and sharing with us. It all seems rather obvious. I mean what are people expecting anyway? That has always been the big mystery with Judaism, Islam and Christianity. They all stop rather short it seems. It’s just so peculiar that what everyone is doing in heaven/paradise is such a mystery. I mean how does it work for crying out loud. Allah be praised, thank the Lord and may the force be with you!

Shiso says:

Consider this self-referential statement as follows.

Nothing is true.

Because it is self-referential it turns back on itself meaning that even the statement that nothing is true is not true, thus negating itself. Meaning that there is a truth?

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