What Is Spirituality?

By Leo Gura - September 10, 2018 | 2 Comments

The no-bullshit guide to spirituality

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Don says:

Always amazed at your articulation and depth of insight. No bullshit describes it well. I always wonder how many subscribers sit and listen with attention for the full 2 hrs and 39 minutes to something which may be in conflict to there personal perspective. This takes focus and courage on your part which is a living example of your point that this stuff is so worth pursuing and sharing.
I of course want to share my experience of listening to your videos with people I know and sense the resistance immediately. I have to laugh to myself when I see my brother who has prided himself on praising Zen and Buddha and even had a Zen wedding in Thailand yet talks about himself, takes selfies with his meditation robe on and posts these photos on facebook along with photos of his expensive and luxurious lifestyle. He scoffs at my daily meditation and pursuit of spirituality. He would rather create an image of being spiritual than just practice it and invest the time.
Your information is rich and mentally nutritious and quite inspirational. I am 63 yr old so am disappointed in my late start but also feel that I have not been mentally mature or ready to digest these concepts until now. I have never been a conformist and feel outside mainstream society but now understand that my thinking has always resisted the matrix and is on track to something much bigger.
Can’t thank you enough and will continue to hear your message.
I will now engage in my 1 hour meditation.

demetrio says:

Sex with the Truth. OMG. that is the like ultimate truth.
Thanks again LEO

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