Mystical Traditions Around The World

By Leo Gura - December 12, 2016 | 24 Comments

Nonduality goes cosmopolitan!


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Ben says:

Hi Leo. This question is completely unrelated to the video, but I figured I would have better luck reaching you here than on a video you posted in March. My question regards self-acceptance. Here it is:

When accepting your ‘sins’, does this preclude talking back to negative thoughts? In other words, is talking back to negative thoughts a form of resistance? Should I simply love, accept and understand this one who has negative thoughts?



Hunter Arrington says:

The forum might be a good place to go for this question as well. Leo is on their often.

Kyle says:

Does Joseph Campbell’s work relate to this topic?

Christine says:

hi, Leo. I agree about this society being low-brow and toxic. No wonder I’ve felt like shit for so long. Thank you for your talks.

Christine says:

I enjoyed listening to this video. You are right on. A few years back I read Return to the Centre by Bede Griffiths and this really opened my eyes to the fact that all religions point to the same thing. He says religions are like the fingers and all lead to the palm. Another author, Benet Canfield’s book, Rule of Perfection talks about God as being our will. This also blew me away and it resonates so deeply. So glad you are talking about this topic!

Dominic says:

Finally you go to the real deal; I’ve never deeply resonates with the purely self-help talks basically because they seemed band-aid, not touching the core of our experience (which self-mastery implies and unconditional love is the flowering of), maybe because of me having meditated much before I got into the other topic-stuffs. Very excited! Many practical things overlap with what I’m writing about in a book im working on and even adds/clarifies much – I love your way of presenting stuff and thinking – keep up keep up.

Peaty says:

You forgot to post the links Leo

Leo Gura says:

Ooops! Sorry! Thanks for reminding me.

Henning says:

Hey Leo, missing links….

Roz says:

Hi Leo,

Thank you for the most brilliant “sage” video. I have spent nearly the last twenty years investigating all this stuff, on and off throughout the years, you managed to sum it all up in one video!

However I have been lucky enough to be able to really concentrate on it for the last couple of years, as I’m not in my fifties and have taken four years out, I’m just starting my third year. I had my “experience” about a month ago. Non duality is definately one of the major keys, I have to say its easier said than done, but am trying to back there, its truly a wonderful ‘state of Mind’. Words cant describe it.

Thank you again, wish you had been around 20years ago it would of saved me a lot of time!

Peace and Love says:

Hey Leo,

Thank you so much for creating this video. I’ve been wanting to talk about this on the forum for a long time. Thank your for sharing LOVE and the TRUTH.

What you are mentioning here reminds of OMNISM- The belief that no religion is the only truth, but that truths are found in them all.

When I was watching the Sage Video you also made me think of the term ASCENDED MASTER. For Example Jesus, Babaji, Lady Nada, Afra, Buddah, Quan Yin, etc.

In the Ascended Master Teachings, Ascended Masters are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations.

Just thought I would throw that out there. I’m sure you already knew that.

Rebecca says:

Omg love your work !!!! Honor LOVE to you LEO, THANK YOU !!!!!!!

singularity says:


Leo says:

Yeah but damn Leo!

Why wont you look up these two figures
– Eric Dubay on jewtube
– list of all of people who do not want us to know all of this, the things you talk about too. (jews). Subverted nation / jew-lists

look up (Part 1)
(Part 2)

Jack Goelz says:

BTW, gnosis in English (unlike other languages where spelling and pronunciation have some relationship to each other) is usually pronounced with the g silent as in nosis. In German it is pronounced as you pronounced it and as it is spelled.

And as usual, consistently wonderful, and this is from someone who has been in the mystical business (practicing Gnostic with Buddhist affiliations) for more than 40 years.

Thanks Leo,

Wendy Boode says:

Hey Leo,
By pure accident, on the same day as I watched this episode, I stumbled upon this lecture by Jon Stewart from the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard. It reminded me of many of the concepts you describe in this recent video. I prefer your take on it, you are more expansive and articulate, but it was cool to have confirmation from another source, as I like to cross reference everything I hear about or read on the net. There were some shortsighted parts, but I think it was more Hegel’s than Stewart’s.
I thought you might like to listen to it.

bisente gama says:

Leo, i have been studying this topic for 4 years. what i dont understand is if the Muslims are also deep in this
state of mine why do some of them kill ?

Leo Gura says:

For every one enlightened Muslim, there’s a million unenlightened ones.

Asha says:

Excellent response to that question Leo! Your video on the Mystical traditions came to me while researching the similarities in the teaching of all religions of the world. Fantastic! My take is that Man created religion to divide people although there is also the notion of individuality. It all ultimately rivers to the same ocean. If only there was this awareness amongst all. Do you have other sites and books you could refer me to please?

Unfolder says:

Excellent summary!Your story boils down to something I thought you would mention also:


Cheers Leo, much appreciated!!

Mayur says:

Most Homework done a month ago , thanks though !

neil byrne says:

i wanna be a sage

Rewa says:

Hi Leo,

Thanks again for sharing.
This is a nice summary of the different mystical traditions. I was born in Hindu faith in India, and many of the concepts you spoke about (in this and other videos) are things that I grew up “knowing” by default (taking for granted)- but not really practicing any of it. I shunned religious practices and rituals (was outcast for it) but did not know how I could experience what I believed and not get caught up in meaningless acts that only serve to take you further away from truth.
Not until I moved to the west few years ago, I saw outside of what I grew up in. Your summary was helpful to know a little bit of all without getting into it, and the conclusion is same…. they all point to the same destination, albeit the sign posts are in different places and forms and people get hung on to the sign post and forget the destination.
That said, the depth of what I knew already is sinking into me slowly….from hearing your talks and of course reading up a lot and practicing meditation. Knowing is still far from experience…but knowledge is essential step. Thanks for spreading it…


Rewa says:


What you mentioned about 40 mins….that mentality….despite having reached far in spiritual evolution, masters put down other faith.. and what of common people who tend to be intensely sectarian and petty…?.
The above mentality has an adverse impact on people who set out to seek genuinely and then it is this tradition of ignorance that misguides them, that gets carried on.
People forget that like space, truth pervades…and lead to war and riots. Is there a point in history of Earth, when ego/collective ego will loose?

In sankskrit there is a saying:
Asattoma sat gamaya- Lead me, from falsehood to truth
Tamosoma jyotir gamaya – from ignorance to kwowledge
Mrutyoma amirtham gamaya- from ‘death’ to ‘immortality’

Key is to din knowledge…

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