What Is Goodness?

By Leo Gura - November 25, 2020 | 5 Comments

Goodness and morality fully explained

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Joel says:

As a test of my spiritual growth, I will try to forgive Trump and not label or judge him as evil. Oh well, I guess a few more reincarnations are required.

Christine says:

Love this. Of all the ideas I share with people, this seems to be the toughest. Is there a transcript of this talk?

Logan says:

My ego was bruised when you said God cares about me as much as a microbe. Talk about humility.

Felipe says:


The transcript is on the forum, on the topic: High Consciousness Resources….

Dr Gamal Heiba says:

hi Leo,
would you please add subtitles for Vedic in English
kind regards,
G heiba

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