What Is Goodness?

By Leo Gura - November 25, 2020 | 17 Comments

Goodness and morality fully explained

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Joel says:

As a test of my spiritual growth, I will try to forgive Trump and not label or judge him as evil. Oh well, I guess a few more reincarnations are required.

Christine says:

Love this. Of all the ideas I share with people, this seems to be the toughest. Is there a transcript of this talk?

Logan says:

My ego was bruised when you said God cares about me as much as a microbe. Talk about humility.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Bruising the ego’s no joke, and humility isn’t a good feeling, why not be happy, proud people? Humility means hurting your pride, for shame! People humbled me all my life, they hurt my pride, I don’t think that’s good for the soul! They’re literally breaking my spirit, non-acceptance is unspiritual.

Felipe says:


The transcript is on the forum, on the topic: High Consciousness Resources….

Dr Gamal Heiba says:

hi Leo,
would you please add subtitles for Vedic in English
kind regards,
G heiba

Max Gron says:

Reality’s good, that must mean I can do whatever I want, judging from my moral code, and since nothing is “wrong”, I should say well done, excellent job, Leo, and I should take responsibility, pain, stress, be very busy and not lazy, have pegs over my eyelids to stay awake, and make myself tired, instead of being perfect, because it’s infinitely good, it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Max Gron says:

I’m conscious, with judgment based on Des Cartes, that must mean I’m rational with a true morality, right, right?! Of course it does! My morality is isn’t “hard and fast rules”, it has principles, that must mean I have the ultimate morality, it encompasses the whole universe, that must mean I’m intelligently balanced, my role is to be neither right nor wrong, it doesn’t judge, that must mean I’m so good, that must mean I’m perceived as evil.

Max Gron says:

I tried morals and good, it doesn’t work, I dropped my morals and became an am or a list, morality freaks people out as if I’m evil, it embarrasses people, does anyone wanna hug me and say that I’m good? No, they wanna kill me.

Max Gron says:


Max Gron says:

I’m an amoralist, but that doesn’t mean I’ll never be moral. Leo’s insecure with amorality, he’s a pathological altruist. If you can’t see there’s gold in your belly you’ll never see the good. Let’s be evil, let’s be wise guys punching people. Let’s suck our own dicks in public and jerk off in public, it’s good, it’s evil to be nice to people, it’s evil to respect your mother, just go and have sex with her, play with your balls, pray to God and ask him to suck your dick.

Max Gron says:

Wait a minute, I’m evil? I do “good” for good’s sake, I’m not coerced into disobedience, it’s not because I’m obeying so-called”rules”, yet I’m selfish, so I must be good and not evil, I found the inconsistency in your moral argument, selfishness isn’t evil. Nothing’s stopping me from being stupid murdering people, I can kill you if I like, but I’m not going to because it’s evil. I don’t kill people, what am I going to do? I’m harmless. I realised my evil was good like you said, I’m living in an evil reality. And I’ll be selfless if I want to, not because one man decided what was good and what wasn’t. I can decide that, poking a stupid man with a stick is good, dipping your head in the soup for your popular morals is good, it’ll help beat the immoral out of you. It’s good to demand, I always demand a very high standard.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Christians aren’t so nice, they mutter out swears if you contradict them. Who’s the arsehole, me? No, the fucking Christians. What a load of shit, I can tell you I don’t get an extraordinary life because of toughs who wanna hurt me. The world’s evil, but only to me because they only want me, well I’ll do it back, I’m only going to want them, see how they like it. Treating people like an individual, like a piece of shit, making them feel banished just for being them, I’ll do it only to Ben like he does only to me, I’ll be just as neurotic as him, I’ll hurt that ego of his and tell him “this time, I only want you”, ouch, that must hurt. I’m evil, I’m an idiot and a loser, I must be because all of you think you’re better than me, everyone’s sick.

Random College Kid says:

PS : If you want to hear more about Leo’s point that goodness doesn’t mean being a people pleaser who just agrees with whatever bullshit in relationships, I really recommend looking up Pop Culture Detective and the Take (formerly known as Screenprism) on YouTube, which analyzes toxic relationship dynamics on TV and movies, as well as analyzes all kinds of other toxic advice you get from watching Netflix all day.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Why should I take advice that contradicts my personality? The answer is how stupid it is that no one takes you or me in particular to be of any value. Accept it. It’s about how conscious, how awake, how godlike you are, if you turn it full blast to a million on the scale of consciousness, I think I’m still at a 4, but I increased from my 2, no one’s going to believe how good I am, you think I’m evil, correction: was evil, until I got more conscious and found out how pernicious I am (I was destroying everything and abusing natural tendencies), but I don’t do that anymore, the reality is I can’t make any of me, especially my past, real, it’s impossible, there’s nothing real about any of this, I’m just your evil thoughts about me, god forbid I ever be something beautiful to your mind.

Max Raoy Gron says:

It’s unknowable not to judge religious people but Leo looks like an individual, and also a baby with a beard and an adult with the will to do what he wants, with oversized reasonably white teeth and a curse of a spot on the corner of his forehead that he refuses to get rid of, his teachings are also hotheaded and he is a hothead like a small boy bossing everyone around, yes, his religiousness is childish, it’s very silly, and has the silliness of a Slav with the attitude not much different to a Nazi of the Soviet Union running the people mad because he’s afraid to die, yes, that’s exactly what it is, he’s been doing drugs, doing amoral and immoral things, and he hypocritically tells us what’s absolute good with a capital G. I know he’s right, as this is his inexperience, he says real truth comes from experience, really? Does it? Despite the fact that I experienced a perception of someone else’s things I was never there to witness but the reality is reality is outside my experience, it’s the external world outside of myself, it’s rather selfish to have your own experience, it’s selfish to think your experience is real and nobody else’s, it’s a cop out, what about my experience? What about Leo’s experience? I don’t know Leo outside of his religion, I don’t know he’s completely different at home and just a normal person and not the individual he portrays himself to be on his videos, yes, spirituality is hypocritical, it leads to untruth so I’m done with it, I’m only with my Ishik faith and likewise to Leo’s sayings, contemplating, self-reflecting and introspecting, yes spirituality is hypocritical, it’s the lie that it’s the truth. You’re all falling for it, it’s all lies.

Max Gron says:

Yes, that is, if his version of the truth is the truth and other spiritualities aren’t.

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