Understanding The Liberal Mind

By Leo Gura - December 20, 2022 | 2 Comments

A deep exploration of the characteristics of the liberal worldview, its merits, and its emotional appeal

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Graham says:

Very much like what you are saying. Only 40 mins in at this point. Hope you get to ‘critique of modern world’ which the liberal/conservative construct is not addressing. I’ll keep watching.

Graham says:

OK listened to whole thing. Very long, but also very good. At extremes in each direction, just silly.
On liberal side a Universal Basic Income would be vary bad. But conservatives currently perhaps much worse on equity and looking after the majority (conservative poor) who need help in modern world against the self serving ones.
So I am moderate. More could be said on ‘Small is Beautiful’ – not that it has had much impact on modern problems. Would be interested to listen to what you would say about creative sphere, art and architecture.

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