Understanding The Liberal Mind

By Leo Gura - December 20, 2022 | 4 Comments

A deep exploration of the characteristics of the liberal worldview, its merits, and its emotional appeal

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Graham says:

Very much like what you are saying. Only 40 mins in at this point. Hope you get to ‘critique of modern world’ which the liberal/conservative construct is not addressing. I’ll keep watching.

Graham says:

OK listened to whole thing. Very long, but also very good. At extremes in each direction, just silly.
On liberal side a Universal Basic Income would be vary bad. But conservatives currently perhaps much worse on equity and looking after the majority (conservative poor) who need help in modern world against the self serving ones.
So I am moderate. More could be said on ‘Small is Beautiful’ – not that it has had much impact on modern problems. Would be interested to listen to what you would say about creative sphere, art and architecture.

Max Gron says:

About being liberal, I’m a conservative liberal as I tried to be for years, I wanted my own morals, my own social conduct. A lot of snippets of duration can be wasted on trying to convince other conservatives of my freedom of conscience, that this is the way things have always been, that old stuff is done with the liberties taken to say, watch documentaries on my phone with buttered-flavoured popcorn, and perhaps be with technology doing everything on my phone, the liberty to pursue pleasure as what I do is the pursuit of pleasure, it won’t feel right otherwise, that is I’m 100% to a dangerous level loving liberty, more so than a libertarian, freedom of conscience, without setting any limitations on what my morals allow, that doesn’t mean I’m going to torture someone on a rack, as my morality means nothing with want to wring people’s necks, I understood eventually to be non-violent and non-abusive, that means I’m not going to hurt someone with some object or my body, since I don’t believe in matter I don’t think it’s physical, paradoxical as people can be I’m conservative and liberal at the same time, I can even boot someone out of a plane while they carry a parachute if I want, the sky’s the limit.

Max Gron says:

I tried it, being moderate, yet methinks it doesn’t work, moderate thus conservative liberal, come on! What about being neither? Just a partial freedom to follow my own morals, and to stop rocking the boat. And as for “whistle-blowing”, pointing out the flaws in old, conventional paradigms, Leo, what you’re doing is dangerous, all throughout history at best the heretics as it were fled to another country to pursue their freedom, it’s an odd history with the Puritans wherein the whistle-blowers would chop your head off if you didn’t conform to their religion. As unaccepted, unorthodox as Puritanism is, do you see that people died for the changes? As there were Brownists, Quakers, Muggletonians, Arminians, moderate Puritans, intensified Puritans, Conformists, Dissenters, Anglicans, Unitarians, anti-Puritans, Latitudinarians, all these different Churches as a holy war of Puritans, because these Christians had different opinions, Jesus created this division, he wasn’t uniting Christians as one, but having different Christians fighting with each other until the 19th century. As for such things I think it’s wise for me to think about my politics and perhaps change back to ultraleftist, of course there being problems, it’s all fixed with the simple solution of not letting authorities dominate me and being opposed to several movements that created the mess to begin an ultraleftism in the first place, we need something stronger.

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