Understanding The Conservative Mind

By Leo Gura - December 9, 2022 | 1 Comments

A deep exploration of the characteristics of the conservative worldview, its merits, and its emotional appeal

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Max Gron says:

Convincing people of hell, it’s as simple as everyone needing to behave themselves. As for tradition, to which modern man doesn’t listen, the way things currently are doesn’t work, we don’t and never did need religion telling us how to live our lives. As for gay sex, it’s a perversion in itself, they will tell you to shut up if you talk like a poofter. Things are absolutely disgusting the way things go on, I go by tradition, I don’t go by putting figs and brie on a pizza, or pears in pasta, or tofu in a quiche, I say no, it’s carrots perhaps or any vegetables for a vegetarian quiche, which is acceptable, but you don’t put artichokes on a quiche, even though I came up with pickles on a pizza, it’s good for pickle freaks like you who eat pickles. As for Leo I don’t know what he eats, he’s certainly not presenting gourmet cooking. This and don’t argue, use of vegetable oil is actually good for the heart, and even if it sounds wrong you should be eating tuna and deriving the oil from eating it. You should eat your ancient grains, you should eat greens, and you should go healthy with a ham and cheese quiche or preferably a vegetarian quiche, vegetarian food certainly isn’t proper to a meat dish, but it’s got yummy vegetables, you certainly can’t get an audience without presentation of delicious vegetable dishes, commercialising vegetarianism is the reason it’s becoming the norm, I’m sure in my traditionalist Madison Avenue mindset prescribing tradition, that doesn’t make it any less showy. I don’t do justice as such, and I don’t abide by strict rules, but somehow I manage to get away with it when I’m a breach of the rules, more sneaky with my approach. With my “conservative” mindset I’m certainly not going to clobber you, I don’t scare people with right and wrong, my morality is different, it’s not everyone’s lousy rules, just indistinct morality which is simple: follow the silver rule, don’t be proud, follow the ten commandments, don’t boast about today on the day of distress, be good and don’t be evil, that sort of thing, it’s that simple but your misbehaviour’s out of line. It’s not that you can choose to do everything you always wanted, you should have a partial freedom, partial liberty, not the whim of doing all that you want. You should wash dishes, clean cups, take a shower and scrub the floors, not the other way around, that’s why I’m for conservatism 100%.

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