Understanding The Exquisite Balance Of Life

By Leo Gura - October 8, 2022 | 6 Comments

An existential look at the role balance plays in the universe

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Max Gron says:

I feel the need to take a shower thinking of what an imbalance people are likely to be, yet I don’t have such a need. I need people to be latched at, and grabbed by the collar tossed out the window for the power to instill imbalance in me. It really takes the cake when one foot shifts up from off the floor and then patting hard back onto the ground then the other foot does likewise quickly as if they’re sharks and they follow me to talk me down. It’s amazing how grave the moral decline of good ol’-fashioned puritanical discipline is when Christians point fingers at me when my Christianity doesn’t do that to other Christians, yet talks a man down for his, her, or their swearing and smoking green, they get the boot and really will be out of balance, as I was in touch with extreme beauty and delicacy of balance with mum, dad and the dog when I shoved my way in a door with nobody there pushing it open as I do, politely storming in the room making coffee in the kitchen and talking about my posts on the internet very briefly and slowly walking back out into the outside room, it’s exquisite balance, I have been splitting this solved problem right down the middle as I was achieving “balance”, without rising from one extreme to the next extreme as as a fool I normally do, and felt peace of mind over my “wisdom” and my gumption, that all this coming back to watch this on mum’s laptop is making me lucky.

Max Gron says:

Go gobble down three KFC burgers with 2 Litres of Pepsi Max, and you’re right, although I wouldn’t not eat pepper soup.

Max Gron says:

Wouldn’t that be me joining in on the one-man party! If that doesn’t put the gauge in check the petrol gauge! Well smack my lips and call it ice cream, I’m going to get a bite of a finger that points to between the top part of my nose.

Max Gron says:

Well if I wouldn’t join the party myself, there’s plenty of mes to go around, pass me around to me, myself, like a salt shaker, and argue with myself, it’s all good, I’m invited!

Joel says:

If I were truly enlightened, I would read your words without bias or judgment. I guess I have a way to go. You are an idiot.

Max Raoy Gron says:

People who see me being intelligent and average calling me an idiot, fuck off! I’m afraid to even touch you if you insult me, that’s everyone. Forcing me to be one of your idiot friends, fuck off! My intelligence is average, not stupid, I hate you, I hate your truth, I hate your hair, I hate especially your eyes, you look angry. I’m not one of those dumb people, and I’m not wasting my time on this ghastly website. About all that Leo teaches, fuck off, I can’t believe in things if they insult me, so go to hell, arseholes! You’re not nice and I hope everything spiritual goes extinct.

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