The Role Of Balance In Personal Development

By Leo Gura - February 6, 2017 | 20 Comments

Examples of the crucial role that balance plays in growth

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Allan says:

I love the Role of balance in personal development video!, I would appreciate if you can speak a littler slower next time, Thank for all the great wisdom!

Nora says:

Dear Leo, great video! thank you. You make perfect sense, love ur examples. I beleive many of us who is on the path of personal development thinking the way you do yet its so hard to put it together, orginize and structure as you do.
Yes, theories are complex and can be hard to digest and apply in modern life. You good at delivering them to us
I am studying and staying with you, all the best, please keep your great work for us.

mark says:

another great high energy vid densely packed with wisdom and insight! as an ex-addict/alcoholic black and white, on-off, binary thinking was often the norm and it has take a good while to find moderation and balance. even in sobriety I will still ocassionaly find myself at one end of the see-saw or another. thanks for you time and, energy.

Mike says:

I found this a little helpful thank you!
I see little continity in ur videos, keep it moving forward.

Frama says:


Mike says:

Frama I want to develop sense of humour which I started almost a year before, I see little results thats why im so modest.

Marlen says:

With no balance climbing is difficult and at some point you will surely fall

Jane says:

Excellent. Love the oil in spoon story; describes it perfectly.

Priyankar says:

Though the content delivered seems to be “very simple and kind of- Yeah! That goes without saying…..”, yet it is another powerful insight which one just discounts thinking Yes I know that…

But one has to be aware and work on it to develop….

Another gr8 practical wisdom pearl to become Authentic self by Leo….

Thanx Leo, gr8 work and gr8 service to interested humanity…

Thnaks a tonne

stephanie says:

You are turning into a comedian! One of the funniest videos from you!

Mel says:

This truly is an undervalued topic even though it forms the base of everything. Thank you for spreading the word!

Ben says:

Hey, Leo.

Fantastic video. I have a question for you:

You mention towards the end of your video that during our 20s, we may be business oriented, spirituality oriented in our 30s, family in our 40s, etc. Does this imply we should be myopic in our growth in the sense that we only tackle one facet at a time, or is it, as you say, different for everyone?

Thank you for everything you do.

Leo Gura says:

No, that was just an example. Your life may have the opposite progression.

It is smart to selectively focus on mastering one facet of your life at a time. You can’t effectively tackle everything at once. Nor do you need to it. Some things are more urgent than others.

Ben says:

Thanks for getting back to me, Leo.

If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re advocating that I choose one area in my life I want to get nailed down and focus all my free time and energy on that specific thing until I get it.

My concern is this: Say I decide I want to master pickup (this is one of the big ones for me). If this took me two or three years to do, I feel as though I’m really going to narrow myself because I’m not educating myself on other things throughout the process. Why can’t I be learning about spirituality and meditating during the day after school, and practicing day game when I’m on campus and night game when I go out on weekends? Essentially, I’m now tackling three things at once: school/career, spirituality and game. As it is now, I’m already doing two of the three (pickup has been on and off for me), and it seems to be a good balance. Again, is the right path circumstantial, or would you suggest dropping the spiritual attainment for now and focusing all my free time and energy on game or vice-versa? It seems to me that life necessitates multitasking.

The other concern I have is that if I take a myopic approach to each facet I want to master, I won’t nail down too many things in my life. How do you address this?

Leo Gura says:

Have 1 major objective you’re working on for the next year or two, and a few minors ones.

If you try to master pickup, ace university, and become enlightened all in one year, that will not work, because whose are 3 major objectives. You need to have a sense of priority and focus.

But small stuff, like going to the gym, meditating a little bit, learning to play the guitar, reading self-help books, having a girlfriend, etc. These you can do alongside the big stuff.

Ben says:

Sounds like great advice. Thanks again!

AHHH! Paulo Coelho. What an inspiration he was to me back when. The Alchemist, one of my favourite books then too. Have you read the Warrior of Light. Also The Devil and Miss Prym, he’s a great author. After reading the Alchemist I stumbled upon many of his books, read most of his works. At one point I was determined to actually read ALL of his books, so I made a list of the ones I haven’t read, and started by going and buy The Winner Stands Alone, which is about not letting goals, needs and wants becoming unhealthy Obsessions, bu i couldn’t get into it and end up not finishing it, also never read another of his books. Irony?

Seed says:


Karthiksuryavamsiv says:

Hey leo please provide subtitles or transcipts …please

Max Gron says:

I noticed Leo kicks you in the arse to be wise and smart. People think I’m a genius, I’m flattered, I didn’t know I had such a big brain. As for balance, it’s not done by leaning too much on one side or too much on the other side. I don’t find any balancing act in extremities, if it’s too intense in action and behaviour, sometimes you have to sway it to the other end, the minimum, and then in the middle. My experience of splitting everything down the middle was a mistake, not a terrible one, but I find balance in my luck, and balance in swaying to one side of doing what I want, and the other side of following the rules, however my very being thrives on going from one extreme to fix the other, it starts with one extreme in the negative, then the other extreme in the positive and using that to fix the negative so as to do that extreme without negative consequences, that’s how I fix my extremes, not purposely but if I’m not doing one thing, I’m doing the other, I’m trying to find balance in doing the other thing jumping between extremes, when I’m trying to moderate it. I’m certainly not mild. People think I’m too silly, that couldn’t be further from the truth, it’s about fixing the disapproved to get into behaviour that doesn’t cause a death. I don’t have proper rules, but I’m trying to fit my thinking into the equation. How can a man not do this? I think my balance to which I’m trying to restore isn’t about many of these balancing acts, it’s about being okay, trying the alternatives to make up for the trouble I’m in, of what I lack, everything I lack I make up in denial, quote from a popular song not intended. I doubt everything wrong with me, that’s not to say I’m perfect, it’s to say that my imperfection should be as it is unargued about, without assuming me to be an annoying person. That’s the main reason it gets questioned, I think people’s very act to fit in is debatable. I think strange things will happen to such a ridiculous point, it turns out my breathing gets difficult to breathe because I can’t even sit down and breathe while someone’s choking at me because i am what I am, it’s ridiculous, something like a mere, nitpicking cough can piss people off, I can’t even feel safe to drink my coffee, like they will yammer at me and I feel the need to defend my mug, defend my glasses, and my books, and clothes because I can’t survive with a raving lunatic screaming at me, he ruins my mental image of myself, it’s not any fun for anyone being meaningless, no one’s going to get along with this, they hate the fact that I’m merely doing a thing in just a face-value way, they think it doesn’t do anything, that it’s not the actual thing, despite just doing a thing in itself, people think this is absurd, why am I being challenged? No one else is being challanged, people think I’m the unique, the emphasis and make me famous for petty, evil things, they even interview me about it a week later, come on, this is Australia, just shut up and have some fun.

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