The Role Of Balance In Personal Development

By Leo Gura - February 6, 2017 | 10 Comments

Examples of the crucial role that balance plays in growth

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Allan says:

I love the Role of balance in personal development video!, I would appreciate if you can speak a littler slower next time, Thank for all the great wisdom!

Nora says:

Dear Leo, great video! thank you. You make perfect sense, love ur examples. I beleive many of us who is on the path of personal development thinking the way you do yet its so hard to put it together, orginize and structure as you do.
Yes, theories are complex and can be hard to digest and apply in modern life. You good at delivering them to us
I am studying and staying with you, all the best, please keep your great work for us.

mark says:

another great high energy vid densely packed with wisdom and insight! as an ex-addict/alcoholic black and white, on-off, binary thinking was often the norm and it has take a good while to find moderation and balance. even in sobriety I will still ocassionaly find myself at one end of the see-saw or another. thanks for you time and, energy.

Mike says:

I found this a little helpful thank you!
I see little continity in ur videos, keep it moving forward.

Marlen says:

With no balance climbing is difficult and at some point you will surely fall

Jane says:

Excellent. Love the oil in spoon story; describes it perfectly.

Priyankar says:

Though the content delivered seems to be “very simple and kind of- Yeah! That goes without saying…..”, yet it is another powerful insight which one just discounts thinking Yes I know that…

But one has to be aware and work on it to develop….

Another gr8 practical wisdom pearl to become Authentic self by Leo….

Thanx Leo, gr8 work and gr8 service to interested humanity…

Thnaks a tonne

stephanie says:

You are turning into a comedian! One of the funniest videos from you!

Mel says:

This truly is an undervalued topic even though it forms the base of everything. Thank you for spreading the word!

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