Understanding Gaslighting

By Leo Gura - March 28, 2023 | 1 Comments

An advanced explanation of how gaslighting works and how to solve it at the root

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Max the Know better says:

I’m not about to gaslight you, but taking psychedelics is part of the drug culture, and many hippies in the sixties took marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms, I don’t take them because they will ruin my life, I get accusations at what’s seemingly bud in my hand-rolled cigarettes, that means drugs will ruin my life, as for you they might be making your life easy; but I think people doing drugs except for you are bad people, that’s what I think, are you going to demonise the truth because of a thought? What are you going to do, considering I think all of life is bad, and all of life is heartache? The whole vibrations thing and the hippies were right, is bad vibrations, every millimetre of a false move I get bad vibrations, I don’t know anything else, nothing stops a man like substituting obedience for importance, if it’s important for me to phone someone, I will. I get gaslit about doing what I want or entertaining myself, and gaslit about being normal, told it’s not normal, or told I’m an individual, that’s gaslighting because people’s beliefs don’t allow them to think any different, they seemingly let their beliefs and normality limit their thinking, I don’t, I can think of a trillion things your normal mind won’t let you think, I don’t let my language, norms, beliefs or culture or forgetting words set a limitation on what I’m thinking, I expanded my mind to include normal people’s thoughts I otherwise couldn’t possibly think. That’s how gaslighting starts, I don’t remember being what I’m told, my beliefs are rebelling against every shit belief you say about me, they don’t conform to your non-philosophical, no-beliefs bullshit, and so it goes that’s why people are full of shit.

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