The Root Solution To People Pleasing & Loneliness

By Leo Gura - August 2, 2021 | 5 Comments

How to stop being a people-pleaser and stop feeling lonely

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Joel says:


Maddie says:

Hello there,
I have been watching your videos since 2016. I can say they have helped me tremendously to declutter my mind. There are times when I can have blank thoughts and that feels so rejuvenating.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Max Raoy Gron says:

I think Antisemitism is uncalled for for Leo (see comment beneath), it might be offensive. I’m begging you to take wisdom with a pinch of salt. What he’s saying is the people-pleasing problem. I allow you to step in and intervene when there’s a problem, in the long run take a lesson from a spiritual man. I think it’s absolutely true I should’ve changed my religion. When the money sets in I’ll be buying that piece of clothing I want.

Wow says:

I’m going to take this video to heart, never listen to your garbage ever again by realizing how good I am compared to you, what a piece of garbage.

Max Gron says:

You’re inconsistent, you don’t make videos on money to discourage us from having money yet contradictorily you make anti-money videos to discourage our wealth and not just our abundance. Wow, now I see why Hitler found people like you to blame, it’s identity wars when in actuality it’s wars with religion, that’s the real reason for Hitler’s hate, this behaviour is connected to judaism, the jews are either ascetic and are at war with money or they’re scrooges and love money. I prefer the latter, the problem also lies in never spending, you need to spend money on blissful things, like good food and wine, or ostentatious watches, or brand names of swanky brands. That’s bliss, when your happiness must be a horrible feeling, I don’t want happiness, I want bliss therefore I want money. Money is an asset, products are liabilities. Wow, are slavs really responsible for Hitler’s and my poverty? Not being racist but I think they are. Perhaps I should be a Hitlerite rather than the moderate GermanenOrden. Because of the communism is that the Russians’ problem? I’m starting to see a pattern, I’m out of money because I have to buy expensive tobacco. Because I have to buy food, and therefore it’s a money problem. There really is that difficult problem with wage slavery, originality starts in solving it. It’s not a slav’s fault anyone is out of money, I think it’s the problem of doing useless things like war and destruction. The only thing I’m destroying is justice etc and I’m creating self-interest, given your nihilism it took me years to escape the nihilism problem, I’m no nihilist but I go to philosophy and religion and don’t touch nihilism. It’s a philosophical problem and I solved the problem. By warring against money this isn’t solving problems.

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