Understanding Ego Backlash

By Leo Gura - December 12, 2018 | 7 Comments

Why backsliding is so common when developing yourself

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Ben says:

Hey Leo. As always, thank you for your work. I have a few questions:

1. Why does ego backlash provide the greatest opportunities for growth?

2. Does backlash mean we went too hard and that next time we should try to implement a change more gradually, or is it simply an inevitability no matter what and it’s just something to mindfully wait out before carrying on with implementing the change?

3. How long does ego backlash typically last?

Ray M says:

You are a wonderful human being, Leo. You’re VERY gifted at communication.
Wait, does that stroke your ego? What does wonderful even mean? What matters? Why are you helping me?

anthony wheeler says:

Leo, thanks for telling on yourself. The path is to focus on identifying with TOTAL CONTEXT not content. You are both a help, and a hinderance.

Lisa Love says:

I need the Ego Back BackLash Work Sheet Please. I cannot find it anywhere.

Thank You for Your Help.


Suzi says:

I experienced this after 9 months of constant work. Between videos and my therapist. It hit me like a tons of bricks. I wasn’t prepared. It took me down a dark dark path. I couldn’t find the tools id had learned or anything. It took me 4 days to get back above the water. Now that I’ve made it I feel like I’ve grown and am back to working.
Thank you for all you do!!

Max Gron says:

There’s been a few adjustments in my diet, but if it changes too much it wouldn’t be a puritanical diet. I know you’re being nice when you talk of “significant” changes, and of the cheesecake, I don’t even eat cheesecake anymore, I demonise a sinful stage blue mentality and an uncaring stage green, and a beta-level purple tribesman, but I don’t demonise evil people and I don’t demonise a cheeky woman acting as a Catholic saint, and I demonise no wise man per she, but if he had an elixir of death I will absolutely demonise him.

Max Gron says:

I’m starting to lose faith in this stupid religion, I happen to be an intellectual, I will never stop doing things intellectually.

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