Collective Ego

By Leo Gura - April 16, 2018 | 14 Comments

Understanding the egoic dynamics of social systems


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Mike says:

Leo you’re amazing thank you! Your brain is pure fucking gold.

“More fucked up than you could possibly imagine” -Essa

Sarah masterson says:

interesting understanding for the why reason complex systems delude themselves/ourselves with ‘ego’. I can see how it could work, but i feel cognitive dissonance. a simple explanation could also be that we create ego so we that we can feel separate, in order to feel whole in comparison like lao tzu says. just simply because of the polarity/interdependence of opposites. Evolution is great and stuff but the more it changes the more it’s the same thing… Even if we stop ‘playing the game’ Wouldnt we get bored and start playing again in a new way. I am curious to whether or not these two ideas can be fused? Have i missed something?


Sarah masterson says:

another question i cant help but wonder… By learning about the concept of ego do we not just give it more life in a way? What i mean by this is, on one level i do see how it works i’m aware of it in my own thought process and the collective. yet i also feel that the more we give ‘ego’ a conceptual reality by talking about it the more life we give it. because ultimately ego isn’t real, it’s an illusion, it doesn’t exist. This is why i feel confused.

saurabh says:

hi leo,
i have a recommendation for you which may help you to meditate better just couple of days ago,i dicovered that thoughts can be minimised to certain degree just by use of simple ear plugs ,those helps to stop the mind wandering on external sounds,you can’t stop all the sounds absolutely but ear plugs will help to minimise external sounds. earplugs also makes you aware of the sounds which are coming from whithin.the very common problem i find where ever you meditate you will have external noises (atlest a have sounds at my place).i found meditating effective when i have earplugs on.atlest it feels peaceful at the end of the practice.
i use swiming earplugs .

saurabh jadhav says:

pardon for spelling mistakes (if any!!)

Pat says:

Would you kindly upload to Podcast? Thank you

Ralf says:

Again a very interesting video which gave me deep insights into the dynamics of collective phenomena. Thank you Leo. Considering other videos, this video speaks more from the perspective of an Ego-Leo than from the perspective of an enlightened Leo: The dynamic of collective ego is mainly characterized within a framework of good and evil, better world and worse world. Quite the opposite to the enlightened viewpoint from which the video “A Rant against Morality” is talking about. There is nothing wrong with this; I just want to classify the videos for myself in order to get a coherent picture.

stephanie says:

Your videos are super duper no question about it. The area of improvement I could see is a deeper understanding for our class system and peoples political motivations. I know a good podcast that gives a bit of a deeper insight, if you are interested. Joan Williams, What Elites Don’t Get About the White Working Class.

Cam says:

I have to ask it. Does that mean that Leo, your philosophy and insight is also subject to collective ego?

now says:

i disagree with the car and the house not having an ego. they are part of a countries ego or a companies ego and later when we own them they are a big part of our own ego.

Charles King says:

Every organization given time will exist mainly to perpetuate the organization and benefit those at the top. That is the nature of organization. Organization is always moving toward total enslavement and extinction. Organization is devolution always in the long run moving toward the oldest form of socialization the social insects who are so specialized that the individual can’t survive outside the organization. Humans are near that point.

beg says:

Islam actually the only religion that says in its book that we need to question it and its reality. its leading believers to self reflection in each page and leaving room for thinking and considering. Islam also lead believers learn more and question it. it has most parts about learning than actually performing prayers. Islam seem to be the only one who does not promote ego but some people are trying their best to mislead people about islam. I suggest you to read it in english and get amazed by yourself. it teaches all the values of being a human being without ego and violence. Even the prophet SAV mohammed is an amazing example for islam who does not have any sign of ego. He even went to ask for the guy who left his trash in front of his door every single day, prophet went to him when he stopped leaving trash to ask if he is doing fine or not. there are many examples in islam to help people practise very wise life without ego. that is what i discovered.

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