True Vision - I Reveal My Life Purpose Until You Can Feel It

By Leo Gura - March 6, 2014 | 24 Comments

What is looks like to have a vision guiding your life.

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Hey, this is Leo, coming at you from and in this video I really want to focus in and talk about vision. I want to give you a very palpable understanding of what it means to have true vision for your life.


Okay, welcome back. So let’s talk about vision. You might notice that I talk about vision a lot in my videos. I talk about vision as it relates to generating motivation. I talk about vision as it’s necessary to break through some of the bad habits that you have and limiting beliefs and sticking with your goals and creating a powerful life. Even though I talk about vision a lot, I keep repeating myself and I keep giving you the same specifics, what you’re getting is the logic of it. That does not do vision justice. That is not what vision is. I’m still convinced that you do not really have a sense of what it means to have vision for your life.

To create an amazing life, I want you to create an amazing life, to do that you need to go to the next level. This is both a combination of logic and subconscious thinking, intuition, tapping into your higher self and emotion. It’s all of it. It’s all of it combined rolled up into a ball and taken into the nth degree. That’s what it really means to have vision. To get this across to you what I thought I would do is I would show you my vision. I would share with you my vision for myself. What inspires me? What motivate me? What drives me? Why am I doing the things that I am doing? What is it that I see out there for myself? I want to share that with you.

To do this properly it can’t come from the head, it can’t come from logic ,it can’t come from memory, I can’t rehearse a speech, I can’t read off of any notes. To do this properly it has to come from my higher self. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a second to center myself to see if I can tap into my higher self and really connect with that vision and share it with you the way that I feel inside. It’s a little bit tricky but I’m going to have to center myself. Okay, here we go.

Okay. What is my vision? What am I really after in this life? What do I really see out there for me? What do I see? What gets me up in the morning? What gets me working? Well, let’s see.

I See Financial Independence

I see myself completely financially independent. I see myself as a millionaire. I see myself having so much money that I don’t care about money. I see myself travelling the world. I see myself sitting on a beach meditating somewhere tropical like Fiji or Hawaii or Bali or the Philippines or one of those beaches in Thailand that you see on the magazine covers.

I see myself being an inspiration to other people. Not through any kind of show or pretense or built up image, but by genuinely working on myself to such a degree that people are inspired by what is possible for them. I see myself as having the opportunity to influence people. I see myself as being able to go out there and set an example, as being someone who’s fairly ordinary, turning my life into the most that I can make of it and sharing that, and documenting it and sharing all my insights and all my knowledge but more importantly showing people that it’s possible.

Showing the arc that I took so that someone who is coming from a similar position that I was coming from- I didn’t really know much, I wasn’t particularly blessed with a lot of money to start with. I wasn’t particularly blessed with anything special in my life, I just had a pretty normal, what you might call, childhood, and I just pictured myself seeing that there’s something wrong with this fucking world. There’s something wrong with it.

There’s something wrong when people are working boring, lame, nine-to-five jobs and what they’re doing at that job whether they are the grunt level employee of that company or they are the top level CEO, the fact is that the whole point of that company is working toward that is wrong. It’s not honoring anything good in life. It’s taking life for granted.

It’s taking the miracle of this life for granted. Literally everything in reality is a miracle. There’s no distinction between a miracle and the ordinary thing. It’s all the same, but we are so conditioned we take everything so for granted. We take for granted the fact that our lives are so short and we forget about all that.

I see myself as having the opportunity- if I really work on myself, if I really master my psychology and I really master it, I have the opportunity to show the world that this is possible for an ordinary person to do. For me, that’s powerful. I picture a kid sitting there, stumbles upon one of my videos or something that I wrote. A kid, five hundred years from now that stumbles upon it, who has no life trajectory, he stumbles upon it and he sees what I’m communicating.

More importantly he sees what I’m demonstrating and he goes, “Wow. I didn’t even know that was possible. That’s possible? You can do that in this life? There’s more to life than what there seems to be? There’s more to life, to psychology than what there seems to be? I can actually master myself? I can work on myself to such a degree that I can transform my life to such a level that I will not even recognize where I came from. It would be unbelievable to look back and see where I came from. It will just be a figment of my imagination. That’s possible? It’s possible to do that?”

I See Travel

It’s amazing that this is possible in reality and yet we all take it for granted. I see myself as being someone who can show this to other people because for one reason or another, I don’t think I’m special, but for some reason or another I’m tapping into this and I see something there. I see a spark. I see a spark amidst a big murky cloud. I see a spark of something greater than what we all should be striving towards but will not because we’re all caught up in the pettiness of life. I see that and I have the opportunity to work on myself to bring this out because right now I I’m still not there yet.

I see for myself an amazing life. Personally, I see that ultimately I stop even caring about myself, but before I even get there I see that I get to travel the world. I see that I get to live and have condos all across the entire world. I get to live in Sidney, I get to live in Dubai, I get to live in somewhere tropical, I get to have a cabin somewhere where it’s cold in the mountains.

I get to go and I get to apprentice with amazing people. I get to do an apprenticeship for Zen. I get to do an apprenticeship for consciousness work. I get to do whatever I want in my life. I get to interact with amazing people because I provide so much value that amazing people want to be around me and they want to provide me with value in return and I’m completely happy to give back to all of you without needing anything back.

Not caring about money, not caring about approval, not needing any kind of validation… just because it makes me feel good. I want that demonstrated for you and I want that demonstrated for posterity for all the people that are going to come and hopefully see these videos in the future. That’s powerful. That’s powerful.

I see myself buying a nice house for my Mom when she retires because she will never be able to afford one for herself. I see myself being able to take care of my family. I see myself as being able to take care of my health and the health of my entire family. I see myself living super healthy. I see myself with an amazing body until I’m a hundred years old because I take care of my health and my nutrition and my fitness. I see myself just being proud of being an excellent human being.

I see myself having amazing sex. I see myself having sex in threesomes. I see myself having sex in foursomes and fivesomes doing crazy ridiculous things. I see myself having casual sex. I see myself having deep, intimate sex.

I see myself mastering hypnosis. I see myself doing amazing, ridiculous things in the bedroom. I see myself having sex with a perfect ten, my perfect ten. That beautiful girl that I want, the shape that I want, the personality that I want. That perfect girl that I attracted that is completely in love with me. That I worked my ass off in order to develop myself to get and I seeing myself fucking her somewhere in Fiji in a hut in the middle of the lagoon there as we’re fucking.

I see myself just fucking the shit out of her and her being so enraptured with me and how good I know I can fuck her that she’s having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm and just squirting her pussy juices all over me. I imagine that. That’s something that I’m working towards. This is real for me, this is my vision, this is what I want out of my life.

I see myself eventually having that amazing girlfriend. That perfect girlfriend that understands me, that I understand so it’s not just sex, it’s so much deeper than that, but also ridiculous amazing sex. I see myself having kids, I see myself having kids that I know how to raise, kids that can be proud of what I have accomplished, kids that I can support, kids that I can impart with knowledge that can then go off and be successful and be happy in their own lives.

I See Influence

Aside from my personal life, that’s really not important. What I really see is the influence that I can potentially have in the world. That is what I see. That is my vision. That is what I’m fighting for. I picture myself writing books. I picture myself on television. I picture myself with a million subscribers on YouTube. I picture myself with millions of dollars coming into my bank account every year without me doing anything because I’ve already generated more value than people could ever repay me for.

I see myself getting flooded with emails from people that want help, that give me feedback and give me testimonials based on the videos that they’ve watched and material from me that they’ve read and that has had a profound impact on their life and I just imagine myself talking to these people. I imagine myself talking with them on the phone. I imagine myself meeting them in person, bumping into them randomly on the street or at some seminar that I’m running. I see myself talking to this person.

I see this person standing in front of me and breaking down in tears because of how powerful some of these ideas were that I was able to share and how much insight I was able to get into my videos and that that insight was able to trigger something that was not triggered by any other human being in that person and for some reason or another that did it. That spark that changed that person’s life and maybe now they have started an amazing, profitable business. Maybe now they are no longer depressed, maybe now they are no longer having panic attacks. Maybe now they have that amazing relationship that they want that they couldn’t get before or now they just feel good about themselves and they no longer beat themselves up and they’re no longer negative all the time and they no longer see themselves as a victim.

I picture that in my mind. For me this is very real. This is something that is worth fighting for. This is what’s meaningful to me. This is really my vision.

I picture myself standing in front of an audience of a thousand people, ten thousand people delivering my message, my material, my wisdom, my thoughts without any filters, without any bullshit, exactly the way that I want to deliver it, without selling out, without caring about who did I offend, without caring about which words I used or mistakes I make while I’m speaking but delivering that message so powerfully that that audience is moved to transform their life. That’s what I picture. That’s what I’m fighting for. That’s what I’m working for. That’s what gets me juiced up. That is my vision.

I Am My Greatest Enemy

I also think about all this and I have flashes of this and there are moments in my day, moments in my week that I am totally synced. I am totally on board I totally see it I’m jazzed up nothing worries me at all. Then there’s all those other times, all those other times when I know that my greatest enemy is me. I’ve done enough study, I’ve seen enough examples, interacted with enough amazing people out there, successful people, that I know I have no excuses. That I cannot play the victim anymore because I know better. I used to play the victim and I still play the victim but I know that I can’t anymore because I know better. I can, but I know that I’m lying to myself.

I know that the only true obstacle between me and getting there is me. My lower self. I know that I’m going to have to give it my all. I know that I’m going to have to fight for it. I know that I’m going to have to bleed for it. I know that I’m going to have to cry tears and blood for it because I cannot do this with who I am right now. I can’t do it.

How can I do it? I have too many fears. I’m a fucking coward. I fear about lack of money. I fear about getting rejected. I fear about somebody posting a stupid comment.

I fear about people not wanting to hear my message. I fear about not being able to take care of my family and the obligations that I’m not fulfilling there. I fear about the fact that I’m just preaching and that none of this will resonate with anybody and that all I’m going to become is a charlatan because I’m going to preach and then I’m not going to practice and then I’m not going to have the courage to go out there and do the things that I know I need to do because deep down I know that who I am right now is not who I need to be to be in line with that vision. Not even close. Not even by a long shot. I’m not even one percent there and it’s all about my psychology it’s all about how I have to grow and right now I have too many fears, way too many excuses holding me back.

I have to fight. I have to fight because the world will take my dream, will take my vision from me and tear it to little fucking pieces and it will laugh at me. It’s not even going to be the world, but it’s going to be myself, my lower self. That’s what’s going to happen. That’s what’s going to happen if I don’t stay vigilant. That’s what’s going to happen if I don’t push myself.

My Ego Is Holding Me Back

My ego, if I continue holding on to this ego, this massive ego that I have, if I think that I can get from here to there with this fucking ego… there’s no chance in hell. It’s like I’m trying to fit through a little hole like this, this big, and that little hole is far out there and I’m trying to fit this huge ball of bullshit through that hole that needs to come along with me and it’s not going to work. It’s going to take a trial by fire to burn that shit out of my system. Burn all the impurities out of my system so that that’s all gone and layer by layer I’m going to peel that ego off and I’m going to move closer and closer and closer and closer and closer to my vision.

It’s going to be hard because every time that layer of ego is peeled off I’m going to feel like quitting and I know I’m going to feel like quitting. I’m going to feel like being lazy, I’m going to feel like not getting up in the morning, not doing the work that I’ve got to do, not following through on the principles that I need to follow through on. I’m going to be lazy. I’m going to be my lower self and I’m going to sellout.

You know how I know this? I’ve done this and I’m doing this right now. I know what it means to sell out. Selling your soul to the fucking devil, this is what everyone is doing.

This is what I’m fighting against but it’s the same problem that I’m facing. I’m fighting against this problem, first and foremost, myself. I have to figure out how to stop selling my soul to the fucking devil. I’ve done it for too long.

The devil has taken so much from me. I’ve wasted so many fucking years doing stupid, petty shit when life is so short. The miracle of life. I should be looking towards the higher values. I should be living up to my full excellence. Why am I not doing that? Why am I not doing that?

The world is going to want to take my fucking heart. It’s going to want to stomp all over my vision. It’s not just going to let me have it. I am not going to let me have it, because right now that vision is like this little sparkle in this giant sea of shit that I have to wade through that sea of shit.

I’m not going to let the devil take my fucking heart. I’m not going to let my lower self dictate the way I’m going to run my life. I’m not going to be a fucking coward and I don’t care what it takes. It doesn’t matter what it takes. I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

Tell me what it takes I’m going to do it. What do I need to do? Do I need to work twenty-four seven? Do I need to give up something in my life? What do I need to give up?

Do I need to give up shallow pretentions? Do I need to humble myself in front of a crowd? Do I need to humiliate myself? Do I need to subject myself to public humiliation? Do I need to make myself bleed?

What do I need? Do I need to give all my money away? I don’t care what it takes because I’m tired of living this fucking mediocre life where I’m living less that I know I should. Than I can.

Stop Selling Out

I’m tired of that and it’s sad to me that I’m doing the exact same thing that I’m fighting against. I want all of you to not do that in your life. I want you to stop selling out, but I’m the one that’s selling out more than anyone. I am too petty to live up to live up to my dreams right now. Too petty.

If I keep going on the trajectory that I’m going at, I’m not going to get there. There has to be more. I have to give it everything. I have to do more. I’m not going to allow myself to sell out again.

I’m not going to fucking sell out. It’s too fucking painful. It’s too fucking stupid.

Why am I doing this? Because I’m afraid? Because I’m afraid that I’ll get humiliated? Afraid that I’m going to get rejected? Afraid that I’m going to end up poor on the street with no money?

This is my only chance. This is my only life and I’ve already lived a third of it. If I’m lucky I only have about two thirds left and the last third of it is probably going to be limited because of physical ailments so I’m really in the second third right now and this is my chance. If I’m going to make it happen I have to make it happen now and this pettiness needs to stop now. This living for money needs to stop now. This living for approval and comfort needs to stop right fucking now.

This complaining and excuse making, this victimization mindset, blaming other people, having a big ego, not taking responsibility for not taking the right fucking action that I know I need to take, not reading the books that I know I need to be reading, not shooting as many videos as I know I need to be shooting, not doing as much contemplation, meditation as I know I need to be doing, not going out and giving enough speeches as I know I need to be doing, not doing the marketing work that I know I need to be fucking doing, not going to the gym as regularly and consistently and as hard as I know I should be doing, not eating as clean as I should be, not going out and hitting on women the way that I need to to be a full fucking man… This needs to stop. I need to start doing this now.

I am not going to let the fucking world take my heart. You can take everything from me but you cannot take my fucking heart. In fact, you will take everything from me and all that will remain is my fucking heart and that fucking heart you cannot take from me until you kill me. I don’t care. I will accomplish what I set out to fucking accomplish and the only way you can stop me is if you kill me, because everything else you do is only going to make me stronger.

It’s just going to rip off layer after layer of that ego. It’s going to get me closer to my heart an when it gets to the bottom of it, when it gets to the bottom of it, that’s when I know that I’m going to have the impact that I want to have. I cannot have that impact the way that I think right now, the way that I live my life right now it’s not going to happen and I’m not willing to tolerate that.

I’ve tolerated settling for mediocrity for far too fucking long and I refuse to live the rest of my life settling. I want to live the rest of my life as an example and I will live the rest of my life living up to values that everyone should be living up to. This is where humanity is going. It’s going from pettiness to consciousness and I need to be at the forefront of that.

This is my fucking time. This is my fucking chance. This is my fucking vision and I’m willing to bleed for it. I’m willing to die for it. I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

This is Leo, and this is my vision.

Wrap Up

So I’m adding this final appendix to the Vision video because I watched that video just now and what I recognized is that even though I was able to tap into the emotion of my vision that I wanted to, I had this realization that it might actually be too much. You might have watched this and you might be saying to yourself now, “Who is this guy? What is going on with him? Where’s this coming from?” You might have this tendency to classify me and to say that, “This is not a person that I can relate to.” So you might say that, “This is not really me. I don’t know people like this. Clearly he’s tapping into something, he was born special or he has some sort of abilities that I don’t have” which is the exact danger that I want you to avoid here.

Be careful about immediately classifying me and putting me into some special category. I’m not special. I’m not cut from a different cloth. I’m very much like you the only difference is that I’m a little bit more self-aware and I’m a little bit more work on myself and I’ve started to tap in and develop my life purpose.

This is what life purpose work is about, is about finding out what your purpose really is in life and when you find this out you start to tap into these powers and to these emotions that you were seeing just a few minutes ago. So that’s something you can have. If you want that you can generate it.

This is not something that I was born with. In fact this is something that I’ve really worked hard on just over the last year and I’ve really only gotten to these kinds of levels of emotion just over the last year of the work that I’ve done. I’ve had a lot of struggle trying to figure out what my purpose is in life, what I want to accomplish. That can be a difficult challenge. It’s hard to figure that out all by yourself.

Coaching really helps with that. Reading books helps with that. Exploring, travelling helps with that. There’s a lot of different ways you can go about finding what your life purpose is.

I wanted you to be really careful here not to say that, “This guy is something weird, something that I can’t be”, because this is you. What I tapped into is something that all of you have and the reason that you experienced any kind of emotional reaction here by watching that was because it tapped into the higher part within you. That higher part is there it’s just obscured by a lot of grime and dust and dirt and all the pettiness of the world that has been heaped upon it and the social conditioning, just all that. So we have to start to work and uncover that.

That’s what I did and that’s what I still continue to do. I’m not done with my work. I’m still doing my work on my purpose. If you can believe it or not there’s still more. I’m still not at the core of it.

You can always go deeper, you can always go further, but just realize that that is what is happening here and that nothing I’m sharing with you is not something that you can’t achieve yourself. You can achieve it and in fact I’ve developed processes and I have a lot ideas that I would love to share with you guys though my videos, through my products, through coaching- if you really want the most powerful effect is through coaching- about how you can tap into this too and about how you can start to align your whole life to this. I don’t know if you’ve sensed this but it’s powerful when you do that.

It’s really fucking powerful when you can actually align your life with what your actual highest purpose is and then you’re actually living it. You can move mountains. It’s crazy what you can do.

It’s so amazing. It’s so powerful. It’s so fulfilling. It’s so rewarding. This is really what I want for everybody I want to help people tap into this. So go ahead check out for more ideas about how to really tap into your full life purpose.

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steveo says:

in life we all have a purpus in life much like you i get a kick out of helping people you are dep man .wake up embrace today cos tommarw nere comes embrace today live it love it . im a bit word blind bro

Brenda says:

I always thought what i felt or envisioned was so fucking crazy no body understands me, that i usually thought the fact that I grow and want more and grave more in life was a curse. I now know I’m in the right path and you have inspired me to finish my book. Something I thought people will laugh and me for or think I’m weird. But I don’t give a fuck anymore! Thanks! please continue to post videos, you have done so much for my personal growth in such a short period of time.

Vibhuti says:

I like your integrity, your intention, your generosity, your intelligence, the depth of your aspiration, your selflessness and your compassion for others and the desire for them to reach their highest potential. You will reach yours! Being in your heart and burning in the intensity of your own inner love it is easy to see our short comings from there. It is easy to see where we expect more from our self, and it was courageous of you to openly share those observations as they were being revealed to you. You laid your soul bare and in that intense moment of truth you gave permission for others to examine themselves honestly, and that is transformational. After your review you allowed the ego to come in and judge the shit out of what you did, and the fear of the opinion of others started to haunt you triggering the compulsion to dilute your message. You became afraid of your own greatness and power to affect others, yet that is what you are striving for. We are up against the limits of our ego when trying to present the material for personal development to others, at least until we permanently transcend it. Even in the moments we are somewhat free of its grip when you are centered in your heart, the light of the Self shines through and the truth will always with others it is the same Self so let go of the fear and keep letting the inner revelations flow to your audience. Don’t let the ego critique it. Don’t allow it to diminish your gift to others. Those that are mean to get it will, let them get it from the deepest part of you, your Self. You will have a positive affect on the lives of many people you are already doing it. The numbers will increase, first and foremost have faith in yourself and keep on sharing. Your rewards are inevitable. Cheers!

Antonio says:

This video is so powerfull!!! Thank you Leo!

Pip says:

Leo, You are literally saving my life! Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Leo Gura says:

My pleasure

Lene says:

Wow, I am at a lost for words here. This video was so intense, I lived every moment into it. I am so glad I found your site. I have been feeling this need that there is so much more to what we see and feel. I knew I could be more, that I want to need to be more. That there is this something inside me telling me what I am doing is not enough. I want to challenge myself. For a while I have been searching for this, or people that understand this, or someone that can teach me how to do this. Thank you Leo for sharing your vision, and the passion you showed with it. I will be following you on your journey, as I will be starting to develop my own as you showed the way. THANK YOU!

George says:

Hey Leo! I have never felt this amount of motivation from anything, than I did from this video! Especially since I hit the bottom in my life recently. I went from thinking that I have nothing to the realization that I actually have an empty canvas. I am actually glad I lost it all, because that made me realize what life is worth. I cried while watching this, but it was tears of joy, compassion, anger at the confusion and evil in the world. This is the turning point in my life and I thank you! If I throw my life away now, I would not stay true to my vision, OR yours! Let’s save the world! You are awesome Leo!

Jennifer says:

Wow. Powerful and admirable. Thank you for being so vulnerable. I wish I had access to more people like you on a regular basis. I also wish there were more men like yourself. There are so many absurd expectations for men to live up to that aren’t in line with what women find attractive. I hope your continuous strive for being a better person will rub off on people in general because the world would be a much more pleasant place if we all just found our potential and weren’t living in fear! Best to you Leo

Leo Gura says:


Ashray says:

Reading it, it looked like you are pushing your lower self to a corner, it didn’t look like you wrote that wrap up though. Just didn’t thought you can still think this way. The first para. It’s only what I think

Kim says:

Powerful!! Inspiring, resonating! Mission accomplished.

Frank says:

Hey, Leo, man you are literally helping me to save my life! Now, I feel like all the fears in my life can be conquered with some hard work. I don’t leave many comments but I had to on this video, it was great! I been listening to you for about a month now while taking your advice, I can see a change in myself. I start to notice jealousy and anger while recognizing it to try to solve it! I believe I can have that great life. I’m 35 years old with no career, just a job. I’ve done poorly in school so I was afraid of college. No aim in life! Just floating like a leaf in the wind, not knowing where I’ll end up. Since I’ve been listening to your videos and advice I know I can have that dream life! THANK YOU!

Gonzo says:

There are a lot of “superficial” things you would definitely have to change about yourself to possibly achieve this kind of life Leo. I don’t think you can COMPLETELY rewire humanity to fit YOUR exact vision in the time you have. And achieving it would still leave you somehow wanting more. You are a great and special guy.

Denyta says:

I could relate completely with you Leo. Your presentation brought tears to my eyes. I am in the last (very last) 1/3 of my life and I would like desperately to have a clear vision and purpose before I leave the planet. I have been my own block my entire life. You are inspirational and your presence is over powering. I am glued to your videos. Thank you so much.

Diogo says:

I simply cannot believe in how much time of life I spent commited to my lower self, as you say, selling my life do the devil. And I thank you for make me seing this, the way I never saw bafore. I could wish I have seen this a long time ago, but then, I think that would be me selling myself again. So for that, I can only be greatfull.

Mantas says:

Wow Leo… I was never satisfied with the “normal”. Now I am ready to struggle day by day and NOBODY will EVER stop me from doing epic shit. Goal of the year: Take my business to $60,000/yr so I could get proper one-on-one training from you

Olga says:

I was really inspired by your video today!

rob patton says:

brilliant mate!

Marjorie says:

Your mother is a special lady, to have a son like you, who works hard for your independence of a life purpose, and for wanting to live your highest potential ever. I see her in a beautiful comfortable home, i know she will be surprised of this great gift for her, (from her son), wow, I am glad for her already.
Leo, i am learning from you, how to adapt to grow inch by inch to a higher purpose, i give true commitment to doing the exercises you share in your videos. I too want to strip this overbundance ego from the self. I love how you have taken care of yourself in the transformation of the weight you lost. You are showing us, results can happen.
I honor you. Thank you for sharing your true self, and showing us, there’s nothing wrong with looking in the mirror and stating what we truly want for ourselves without contradictions.
You are an inspiration, now and ever, no matter what.

Sherrie Marchi says:

Leo, thank you for your authenticity. Thank you for being bold and daring to know, and taking a stand for what you believe and putting yourself out in such a vulnerable way. I was very moved by your vision. Thank you for your contribution to the world… I see you. You, my friend, are a leader.

Nick C says:

You didn’t need the add on in my view, Leo. I’m working through the core concepts in your Life Purpose Course now. Go get yours, my man! I’m gonna get mine, and your guidance is part of that. Thanks & keep it comin’!

Nick C

Kevin says:


I have watched quite a number of your videos. I really like them. But watching this video, you are becoming a paradox. At least for me. Part of you want money and sex and status and respect, earthly things,
part of you denies the self and long for enlightment. Nothing wrong with that but confusing for me…

Sinz says:

Leo, this is 2018, I searched for “vision” and this video came up. The last videos I watched are about collective ego and quantum mechanics. I would really wanna know how much of the visions explained here are still exists and stayed the same? Mostly those about money and sex? Because I’m sure things have changed, in the last video I watched you actually mentioned that you could have made millions with making courses but decided to do something else…

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