The Ultimate Guide To Happiness

By Leo Gura - March 21, 2023 | 6 Comments

A comprehensive and practical guide into the psychology of happiness

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Max says:

I can’t live a life of ascetic happiness, I want to live a life of conspicuous consumption, and of an introverted hectic lifestyle. Happiness is what I think, it’s enjoying pleasure and contentment, it’s a mental feeling. And I don’t want a derelict’s version of happiness, I want money, I don’t want to be amateur. If Leo is correct, I would’ve had a partial happiness rather than indiscriminately being happy as he taught. It’s not a complicated thing, you don’t need to study it, I’m glad I was bought off with money, it’s like that to me. Leo doesn’t have evil intentions, but I suppose he’s never heard of the story of the boy making adults happy, that means it’s evil, I’m only living in ways that make a buck, it has a value to it, I tried doing the extraordinary and I got more money, it really does work, I’m happy the way I want and not what you think should be happy.

Max the know better says:

I could be wrong about pleasure and luxury, although happiness nowadays is synonymous with these, it would be nice if I took a luxury flight to New York and tried a New York hotdog and “The New York Times”, yes, I’ve heard of it, although around Australia it’s mostly on the internet. As for those in Vegas, they must have a lot of airconditioning. It’s just a desert with a lot of trees planted in it, and some structures for gambling and used as dwellings, and hotels. It’s obvious I wouldn’t feel at home in a strange town, as highly unfamiliar things are scary. But the most dopamine hits I get from watching horror movies, that’s pleasure I suppose, but it will make you hungry for cheap thrills. I’m certainly not going to be happy stuck in a funless universe with no relief and if I do get relief from having no fun, which is miraculous, I would be happy only because I’m not a fun-obsessed, anxious guy trying to fit everything in my amusement, I get plenty of amusement from a horror film, I have to make my own fun for myself, because nobody’s giving any fun to me, and nobody cares. But supposing I’m a perfectionist I would by all means travel on summer holiday with a pina colada and eating tuna meals in Victor Harbour. I’m not an ascetic person, the happiness tailored to me is more travel, and a “vacation”, ironic since what is really meant is travelling to exotic places, when I prefer holidaying in my house with cold tea and my holiday clothes, I don’t have to go anywhere, although cruising on ship for an hour I’d very much would like to eat cheesecake, or some fancy meal, paid for onboard. But to be even happier, I’m satisfied with my local town, eating fish fingers and vegetables and a Frosty Fruits ice confection for dessert, even on a cold and stormy winter’s day. I guess I’m telling stories of my breathing and sitting in life, but it leads to my real existence: there is no travel, and there’s no cruise on any one ship, but a cruise on a boat called the Popeye, in the river, and there’s no fancy food, luxury or pleasure, except maybe some fine chocolate, which is only eaten occasionally, and some caviare on a grain cracker, and the “luxury” of prebought canned soup with later-on bought wholemeal bread rolls, soup I had to at the time buy more cans of, which I’ll do now when I finish this comment. It all boils down to simplicity rather than luxury, pleasure, or thrills, happy in a modest way.

Karen says:

Leo you look healthy and happy in this video. I think the pink complements the coloring in your skin tone. Also talking about happiness seemed to amplify the happiness and love that you really are! I listened to the whole video and you were so comprehensive and also brave with your honesty about not always being
happy yourself.
I have experienced the highest happiness the ecstasy of awakening to God realization in March 2011. I definitely agree that one thing that will make you unhappy is trying to get friends or family to believe this experience is possible or something they should be pursuing!
I agree that the appreciation of the little things on a daily basis really helps everyday happiness. I like to think of some of what had to occur for that little thing to be in my current experience. For example a warm shower in my own home. The water treatment plant , the plumbing, the work on the shower and its installation. Just so many things in our modern society we take for granted! Kings of old could not take a fifteen minute warm shower!
Something else that makes me happy is going to the park down the street and imagining that it is my property that is being maintained by the city for me. Or going to a store and admiring the items as if the store is my personal storage facility. These sorts of imaginings are easier when you realize the places and objects are all within consciousness!

Dave says:

Just in case you ever have time to check comments, thanks for this content. I started watching your videos maybe 12 years ago after my divorce. Kept up with all of them until maybe 2 years ago when I trailed off. I’m 60 and have been on a spiritual journey for about 25 years. Even so I learned so much from your videos and you surpassed my wisdom quickly once you started your spiritual journey. Anyway, I still learn from you. INFJ myself. I wish you or someone else would talk about the virtues and challenges of living a solitary life. So hard to find that kind of content that would be supportive on my solo journey. Also, I rely on porn too. Having been married and had many relationships, still have a libido but the overhead of relationships isn’t worth the sex anymore. Wish there was some thoughtful commentary on this topic too. And yeah, meditation isn’t my thing either. All of my awakenings are accidents. Anyway, thanks for the years of great content. You’ve really had a huge impact on my life. And I’m sorry about your health problems. You’re not alone brother.

Max the Know better says:

Of all the taking things seriously, do you think being different is the way successful people behave, and do you think it and expanding your mental paradigm makes you successful? And do you think asceticism and demonising money makes people happy? Fuck off! You’re a happiness teacher, that’s all you are, I’ve seen happy people, it’s posh people, rich people, hedonists, what you’re saying isn’t happiness, your tone sounds angry, you miserable, no happiness wanker! I don’t want to study happiness, you’re wrong, I want money, I’m happy enjoying pleasure, contentment and good luck, thank you. Do you think if I’m bankrupt I’m happy? Go fuck yourself! You’re not just a wanker, you’re a warmonger, you’re not telling the fucking truth, you’re talking about wanker shit people think, and that’s all that it is, it’s what you think, it’s not fucking true. I don’t do that shit. You’re an insecure coward who hates people, fuck you Leo, I didn’t ask for misfortune being a wanker thinking that shit makes me happy, happiness is what I think, happiness is pleasure, it’s money, it’s luck, idiot! You’re at war with what I think, I think you’re wrong and you double down with war doing bullshit. I don’t want war standing up for belief in spirituality, I want the truth for real and being right, I want practical, down-to-earth teachings about how to solve my money situations, and how to do big business, and how to think about the facts, the facts, like money buys you the truth, so teach it, wanker! Teach me the truth and no more bullshit!

Great video! Happiness is such an important topic, and it’s so important to find what makes you happy and live a balanced life. I’m a big believer in the power of passion, and I think it’s one of the most important keys to happiness. When you’re passionate about something, you’re more likely to be motivated, engaged, and fulfilled.That’s why I created a website to help people find their passion and balance in life. I wanted to create a resource where people could learn more about themselves, their values, and their interests. I also wanted to provide them with tools and support to help them pursue their passions and live a more balanced life. So I wholeheartedly agree with the statements made in this video.

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