The Power Of Letting Go

By Leo Gura - August 27, 2019 | 9 Comments

How to overcome clinginess, attachment, and OCD

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Joel says:

Leo, as a Yankee fan I tried to let go of my self-bias hatred of the Boston Red Sox. It worked for about 5 seconds but then returned with a vengeance. But I found a solution: I let go of my need to let go of the self-bias. Go Yankees!!!

Cris says:

This is wisdom. The simplest and deepest wisdom of life and maybe the recipe to happiness.

Since life has no meaning, the only thing left for you to do is enjoying it. You can only enjoy life by detaching from it, from the illusion, because the illusion will only cause you more and more suffering.

I used to look at the elder randomly in a park or something…they do have this detachment they don’t care about their appearance nor about being ridiculous or people laughing at them or whatever… somehow life brings you to this point when you become simple and humble and just accept everything since you don’t have any other option anyway….

As you said the sooner the better. You’re training for life by detaching at a young age, that will protect you from loads of suffering and broken illusions and all sorts of plans dreams and attachments that will only bring you bitterness and disappointment.

Look at Osho, he was so detached from everything. It was like he was living in a glass balloon. As he said – don’t buy into the samsara (the illusion, the show of life) because the only reality you can trust is that within you.
There’s so much drama because of this samsara and you can see it in the everyday stupid traffic or whatever…it’s kinda funny, or as Chaplin said – from close the life is a drama, from afar it’s a comedy

The more you detach the clearer your vision and perception of reality, of the dynamic of life and all. People are too myopic because of their attachment and they waste their life chasing illusions and destroying themselves in the process only to realize at the end it was all a waste. I might say they’re stupid as hell but well….I let it go

Joel says:

Cris,beautifully expressed. I think detachment is the key concept and raises some interesting questions. Does detachment become an automatic response, or does one have to work at it? Can passionate involvement and detachment exist simultaneously? Can one detach from detachment, or does that lead one to an infinite loop?

Cris says:

detachment becomes a natural need that comes from within you, once you realize everything on the outside fails and crumbles. there’s nothing that stays because it’s just an illusion

mahmoud says:

you see i’ve been doing this for months now and i have seen a great change, i start to find everything meaningless, after i let go of the past i don’t even know if the past even existed, nothing makes sense, i was chasing success but now i do not know what success is, why was i considering things good and bad? i mean what makes things bad, maybe everything that my ego consider as bad is what threatens its survival, but why survive after all, this passing life is so short compared to the absolute, already 20 years of life that passed in the blink of an eye and i can’t know if i lived the past or not, maybe i just need to let that go

Joey says:

Jesus loves you man

Michael says:

Hi Leo,

I really, really, really hope you will reply to this.

Firstly, I am glad for the content you’ve been putting out consistently over the years. You’re doing really good for community, believe me.

I’ve been having a single issue and I’ve tried many things to solve it, but it’s absolutely persistent. I hope you may have a solution for it.

Whenever I sit down to study or learn something I have flashbacks of past events where I feel as if I’ve been wronged and in that moment I get waves of rage about the past. I start talking to myself referring to the incident, as if I’m talking to the person who angered me and angrily replying to him. This causes me to lose concentration from what I am doing. This has been happening for 8 years now though it has lessened.

I’ve tried many things to eliminate this issue, but to no satisfactory level at all.

I feel stuck by this issue. I want to move unhindered ahead in my life, free of mental weight.

What can I do? Sincerely hoping for you to reply.



Brian says:

Oh no – not my special hat! I have to let that go?

Barbara fordham says:

just cannot get the meditation to work. I want to rid myself of a bad habit.

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