The 3 Levels Of Personal Development Work

By Leo Gura - July 25, 2016 | 79 Comments

The differences between the Newbie, Intermediate, and Advanced personal development student.

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Adrian says:

It was interesting to hear how you differentiated between the levels of development. It wasn’t what I had expected but pretty helpful. As always I’m looking forward to your growing and enjoy sharing the ride with you. Thanks again for an informative video.

Arnie says:

Ahhh, that’s why I got confused and sometimes angry when listening to the advanced topics..

So the idea for getting to the advanced level is that you work on satisfying your needs and burn through them so that they cease to be needs for you! I think I fell into the trap of trying to hard to grasp the advanced topics while neglecting the many areas in my life where I was even below newbie status…

Thanks for this clarification, Leo! Now I will work on becoming very good with women and becoming a sex god : D Will take me some years to be fed up with that, but then I am free.

Yeah, I used many “I”s ; D

Leo Gura says:

Sounds like you just used this video as license to run off and waste years of your life chasing hedonism.

You are a masterful newbie

Adam Rockman says:

It’s not a waste if he enjoys the process, builds some valuable interpersonal skills and confidence along the way, and uses the experience to grow to the next level

Arnie says:

Of course I will do meditation, work on my health, career and technical skills, seek emotional mastery and do some advanced stuff.

It’s just that the whole social and sex thing was a great source of insecurites and inferiority complexes and very, very low self-esteem for me througout my childhood and teenage years ( I’m 22 years now ) to the point where I couldn’t even breath normally in public and exhibited depersonalization symptoms because I subconsiously cut off my emotions completely so that I haven’t had to feel the embarassment and self-reproach…

I am slighty aware that there are also other issue, but trough the process of pursuing social acuity and self-esteem I think some or all of them will unearth and I can deal with them then.

You always make me confused and that’s why I should be thankful I guess. Anyways, I am getting more and more aware what great information and wisdom you share with us completely for free. Thank you so much!

Sylvia Clements says:

Consciousness blessings to you, Leo. Thanks for your light, energy, and efforts.
Good video! So much light, so much knowledge, so much wisdom , so few doers.
Lots of listeners…….Great!…….that’s a start. “Cast those pearls……..!

Love and Light to you, (energy, vibration, wave)

“Success is hollow.” Not hanging my emotionally hat on success is so liberating.
Leo, I have already created my dream career. What else does your ultimate course offer?

Leo Gura says:

Taking your career to a whole new level.

Nadia says:

I see. There are a lot of wonderful resources in the course. Does this include live contact with yourself?

Leo Gura says:


Candida says:

Dear Leo,

I don’t agree that we are in the “deep deep deep dark ages” of our evolution. Yes, there is much in the world and in ourselves that is needing radical development. But we are also on the cusp of huge changes in our evolution and in our sense of reality. Your videos are a prime example of the kinds of advanced information that are now available as are many other types of teachers and seminars. The fact that this information is now literally available throughout the world is a wonderful metaphor for the huge advances in our collective communication and connection. I truly believe we are moving toward the “Tipping Point” — the advance in consciousness that allows a worldwide shift in awareness toward Oneness, peace, and love. This was literally impossible even a few decades ago.

Many thanks for your good truthful voice in this ongoing endeavor. It is much appreciated.

Leo Gura says:

Yes, recently there have been some improvements. But that’s like lighting a couple of matches inside an mile-long pitch-black subterranean cavern.

Jess says:

Beautiful, Leo. I might have rediscovered a quote along “The way”, and I, like you, or unlike you, if you Will, wake up each morning with new thoughts, not right away though… …I’ve seen how many things can present themselves as merely thoughts through out the rest of the day; it’s exciting. This very quote catalyzed my development from the already present rate of integration: “When life for you begins to lose meaning for you, think in terms of potential…”

Cristina says:

We don’ t wanna give up on our ideologies and concepts because they’re our GPS. It’s like we were blind bats that send those sounds out that hit the objects around and we guide ourselves through echo. If we don’t have notions such as time, God, space, the Universe etc we don’t get an echo, so we’re lost, adrift. And that’s FEAR. The answer to our need of believing in all that shit we were taught during our lives is FEAR. Nietzsche didn’t believe in God, nor heaven or hell, right? so imagine facing the FEAR of death, facing the “nothing” when you are perfectly aware of the fact there’s nothing beyond death and you shoot your brains. Of course there’s no time. Sex is more real than time, You can’t smell the time, nor taste,nor see it, nor feel it cause it simply doesn’t exit, same with god, space, etc. They don’t exist. I think the way back, deep inside starts with FEAR, that’s that switch moment when you simply let it be, you face it. Fear may be the tunnel back to the essence, the truth…I don’t know.

There are normal needs that you might simply not feel, when the great majority would kill to satisfy and it’s not because you burnt through them and got rid of the obsession, but because you simply don’t feel them. It’s like skipping breakfast and lunch and at night realizing you forgot to eat the whole day and you can skip dinner too, it’s just fine. And with time you realize you can live without eating. The more you can give up, the less you need, but it’s not a fight, nor frustration. That’s the way of becoming detached I think. You’re like a rocket which is launched to space, you leave the launcher behind cause you don’t need it anymore, the launcher is not compatible with Space. If we don’t really exist maybe it’s some sort of implosion (some sort of nihilism) ,this really I don’t comprehend but I remember you had a video with an orange that stops existing when one eats it and the orange doesn’t even know that it ever existed.

Meditation is really scary, cause if you manage to shut your mind you might discover something you might not like and panic like the blind bat that has no reference points and finds itself adrift in the dark.

Anita says:

Hi Leo

Will you be releasing a personal development / enlightenment course in the future?

Leo Gura says:

I’m working on a course now, but it’s not about enlightenment.

stephanie says:

Leo, will this new course be advanced?

Leo Gura says:

It will be extremely useful for almost everyone. It’s more Intermediate.

Cristina says:

Hey, Leo,

Thank you for this material. Who would have thought the stage I’m in is actually advanced? Ha…ok, so be it. Not that it really matters, but laughed my way through this amazing video with you.
Yes, so I’m newbie at business and a lot of other areas. That is fine.
Will keep failing and failing and failing until success comes my way, one way or another, all is well now.
Thank you for sharing.

Have a magical day,


Aryel says:

Hi Leo!

After watching your videos for so long and working a lot on my self-development I would have so much to say/ask/comment but I’d like to say that I just love the part where the Ice Cream Truck shows up again. It brings you closer to us as part of this reality we live and not so much out of this matrix we’re living in. Fair play to the truck and thanks a million for everything you have been doing for all of us!



Candida says:

Dear Leo:

If you haven’t already done so, you might want to check out Ken Wilber’s work. He speaks about levels of development in a very specific and positive manner. It’s all about “transcend and include” which I think you’ll have an automatic understanding and appreciation for. He also has a shorthand for development at all levels: Grow Up, Clean Up (shadow work), Wake Up, and Show Up.

Thanks for your good work.


Leo Gura says:

I’m quite familiar with his work.

Kian says:

Heeey Leo!

if I knew that you are going to give such a deep response to the question was asked previous week, I would ask for something more, for example king’s handing in the kingdom of heaven, lol, I took it too personal ahahaaaa

You are amazing Leo! You are the commander and we are the warriors. lead the warriors by the power of wisdom and continue to light up the old sages’ path again. No matter how far is the path or how is the rank of these warriors, the matter is to stay on the plateau and fight for it! Maybe even some more beautiful and more amazing oasis are going to be discovered as the path is traversed.

Many thanks for your videos!

Jeffrey says:

Leo you have a lot of content. where does the beginner start on this journey to find out the truth?

Leo Gura says:

If truth is what you’re after, then check out my videos on enlightenment, meditation, awareness/conscious, etc.

Guilherme Sousa says:

Leo, what do you recommend for “homework”? Something practical that I can fit into my routine (e.g. guided meditation? by whom?). I fit many of your comments on “advanced students” (and believe I’m capable of absorbing advanced content) but would clearly be an intermediate given my lack of mileage on focused self-improvement work. Thanks, Gui

Leo Gura says:

I give exercises, action steps, and habit suggestions throughout my videos. The problem is, no one takes them seriously.

My book list contains books with hundreds of life-changing exercises. Again, no one takes them seriously.

When the mind isn’t interested in doing homework, it will ignore even explicit action steps unless they are rammed down its throat repeatedly. But I only have so much time and energy to ram stuff down your throat. Plus you guys get upset at me when I do it.

I can’t babysit you forever. A point has to come where you take responsibility for designing your own homework, rather than using the excuse of: “But Leo, you didn’t tell me what to do!”

Lisa says:

Hi Leo,
This video clarified many of my questions. I consider myself a newbie. I’ve been watching your videos and have been reading your recommended books for 11 months and the benefits have been tremendous.
Meditation is TOUGH! Especially for a Gemini (there’s so much chattering and analyzing… it’s constant and it is my main fault. I’ve attempted to meditate where this chatter dissolves somewhat, but it’s not happening – at all. My question is how much time should this take? I look forward to the journey with you. I feel so lucky to have discovered you and I will take your life purpose course in Sept. when my kids go back to school! Thank you so very much


Leo Gura says:

You might want to drop that whole Gemini ego-structure

It’s not just a matter of time. It’s matter of awareness. Are you actually being aware while you meditate? You cannot stop thoughts. That is not the object of meditation. You do NOT have control over thoughts and you NEVER will. Just be aware as they arise and surrender the fake control you think you have.

Have you notice yet that you aren’t in control of anything?

sandy carter says:

Terrific video, Leo.
When the experience is a mix of advanced and places where there are hooks it is torturous. Another way to look at this is that the war gets really intense at the end. It is not smooth sailing.

Alex Dail says:

How does one work through emotional pain beyond being aware of it? Currently the pain is like a tooth ache – unawareness isn’t an option. To put my question in a nutshell, how does one work through challenges so as to come out wiser in the end? There must be a difference between contemplating and noticing something and constructively using it for good.

Leo Gura says:

Notice that you assume you are aware of it. But that’s NOT actually the case. Emotional pain = suffering. Suffering ONLY arises from unawareness. This is like a law of the mind. Like the law of gravity is for space. So you can use this law to immediately deduce, “Ah! That means I’m missing something here. There is something I’m not fully aware of!” And then you can go digging for what that is.

There is probably a dozen different components you aren’t aware of about that specific emotional pain.

Kelsey says:

Ah! What am I not aware of? Such a great way to frame awareness. When I’m angry or frustrated, aka suffering, is there something that I’m not aware of that would change my feeling about it. For example, someone cuts me off in traffic and I get pissed off. If I was Aware of the fact (believed) that his 4 year old daughter was dying at the hospital he was rushing to get to, would I still be angry? Or more specifically “awareness of what fact or circumstance, will allow me to accept this situation?” Changing beliefs

Thanks Leo

Leo Gura says:

You should go much deeper than that. In your example you’re replacing one fantasy for another. You don’t need to do that. What you need to do is to become strictly aware of what is true of the situation. Metaphysically true! What is strictly real! And what is fantasy & concept?

That’s where the really deep awareness happens.

Don’t try to mitigate the emotional suffering with pleasant stories like, “Oh, this doesn’t really matter” or “Maybe the driver is just late for an emergency”, etc. Such stories are better than pure anger, but not nearly as good as the TRUTH!

kelsey says:

I notice that you frequently advise people that they “should, or need to go deeper to find the Truth”, almost scolding them when they share their “newbie” insights. This is a big turn off because it makes you look insecure. “You should” meet people where they are…….especially when they are responding to your newbie level content. Honestly, if I were you, I would simply disable the comments on all the videos. Let people duke it out in the Forum. Responding to comments is really a waste of time. I’ve already gotten at least an hour out of you…how much do you charge per hour for life coaching? Anyway that’s my two cents for what its worth.

I would send an email, but ironically, you limit it to 3 sentences.

technical criticism aside, your videos have helped me immensely, and Im looking forward to what you have coming up next.


Gene says:

Leo, have you ever done a video on narcissism?

Leo Gura says:


Freyah says:

Dear Leo,
Thank you for your generosity in sharing your thoughts, research, and experiences on this area. Prior to finding your YouTube clips recently I had a meditational experience that blew my rational mind (I was a relative beginner- but I had good fortune(?) here I think)… And I have been searching for explanations and knowledge since.
Your booklist looks great, Ken Wilber was introduced to me by you, and since then I have read his books and YouTube videos, and I look forward to reading other books on your list. I know now why suddenly certain writings of Richard Dawkins suddenly don’t sit so well with me anymore. Thanks- I’m sure I’ll be following you in your journey. It seems that the more one looks into it, there is a whole lot of spiritual goings on worldwide…. previously I was oblivious…the Internet has become rather like a nervous-system for communication of this stuff. Thanks for your part in it, not many other folks share their wisdom so generously and articulately.
I wonder if you have come across Dr Stanislav Grof, Bruce Lipton, & Dr Eben Alexander- all interesting takes from rational scientific men that have had their worldviews expanded for various different reasons.

sandy carter says:

There was a point when the teachings of Ken Wilbur seemed great. Partly, there was the self-congratulatory feeling of “wow, I must be smart to understand this”, but eventually it became clear that any teaching that personalizes as that one does; that sets up requirements, rules, laws for how awakening must unfold, needs to be left behind. It is all impersonal. The Ken Wilbur teaching falls into the common trap of believing that there really is a personal ego/person that must first be “fixed” emotionally before spiritual growth can take place. It is, ultimately, the opposite of liberating
if that belief is accepted because it insists on the evolution, or accretion in understanding, of a self that doesn’t exist. It is making the requirement that there be a healthy ego first, as if this ego exists at all and needs to be built up. It is a subtle kind of pride that subscribes to the belief in healthy egos. The whole process is about letting go, and letting go of all beliefs that supposedly comprise a self. Emotional pain, any pain, is actually the catalyst every step of the way. There is only a healthy ego within the fiction of personal psychology, which has its place within the continuum
of life experience, but that has to be superceded. If the Ken Wilbur type of teaching is subscribed to, it can lead to the belief in needing to continually fix this “self”. That can be a trap that goes on for years. A bunch of beliefs never constitute a self. There isn’t a ” container” to house the beliefs.

Freyah says:

Hi Sandy,
Well, I’m still at the point of thinking that he is great…. time will tell ‘No boundaries’ seems to be very readable and reality shifting for me.
I think that in the past when my ego was more fragile I possibly could not have embraced the trying to let it go….!
Is there any writer in particular that you recommend?

Leo Gura says:

Hehe… of course Richard Dawkins won’t sit well with you any more. He’s totally dogmatic and ideological. He is committing the very same mistake that he is denouncing religious people for.

He doesn’t have a clue what “God” actually means. God isn’t a bearded man in the clouds.

See my video: Science vs Religion, which goes into depth about this.

Freyah says:

Oh yes, I saw that video of yours, it totally came at the right time following reading ‘the God Delusion’ and watching ‘The Unbelievers’ ….. And totally explained my new internal ‘misalignment’ when I couldn’t explain it myself.
I think you mentioned Ken Wilber in this.
So… Keep them vids coming…

sandy carter says:

Freya, whatever appeals to you; whatever speaks to you. Read all of it, but with discernment. It is also worth asking who this my is
that owns an ego. What is it and where is it? The “ego” is just a term as is its supposed owner. It’s possible to read all the metaphysical stuff written but if these questions aren’t asked
there can be blind spots, i.e, unquestioned beliefs and assumptions, like the assumption that this non existent ego must first be strengthened so that it can be dropped.

Ty says:

Thanks Leo! I have been doing 30 minutes of meditation a day for the last month and haven’t noticed anything yet but that’s part of the journey I imagine. I did however have a thought that broke the process…..

If there is no ‘you’ then is there a ‘me’ to hear the ice cream truck?

WingWizard says:

I am really appalled to find out that you think there is no good and evil.

While I think you’re a critical thinker and highly insightful, you’re epistemologically wrong about morality and I don’t agree with you there.

Suffering, which doesn’t lead to eventual or even ultimate well being, is clearly evil, first of all which you have discarded from your map of good and evil. A functional humanity necessitates morality and it’s repercussions. One doesn’t get away just by saying something objectively correct but subjectively wrong like there’s no good or bad. Subjectivity has it’s own profundity which you clearly seem to throw out of the window.

Leo Gura says:

Hehe, keep learning, newbie

You have no idea yet what you’re in for.

Kelsey says:

Huh? No offense but that was painful to read.

Leo Gura says:

“The hard core of egotism is difficult to dislodge except rudely.” — Yogananda

Kelsey says:

To clarify, I was replying to Wingwizards comment. Painful in that I had to google how someone can be “epistemologically wrong about morality”?

and the bit about throwing profundity of subjectivity out the window? huh?

Sorry, I know its not nice to make fun, but I couldn’t resist.

Leo, love the quote from Yogananda

aram says:

Hi leo. I’m from Iran .I always watch your videos and try to learn from them. some stuffs seem hard to get but the way you explain things makes them understandable for me. thank you

Tom says:

This is your best video.

Tom says:

Yes Tom, Tom agrees. And before this one, his last one was the best, and on and on it goes. Very excited about the future videos. Been following Leo for a couple of years, feel SO GRATEFUL to have come accros your website Leo. Rock on!

Kelsey says:

Thanks for addressing the challenges us viewers face in trying to keep up with your obvious progression to more and more spiritually advanced topics. The response I received from you after commenting on your video “how to have great sex” lead me to believe that I was wasting my energy having sex at all. My question is, why have these newbie level videos open for comments if your response is only that we need to move on to a more advanced topic.

Jason says:

Hi Leo,

I can’t thank you enough for the insights you have provided me over the last six months or so. I was in a very dark place when I found your teachings. Since then, I have eliminated many bad habits I had and and replaced them with healthy ones. I now meditate 45 minutes each day and have achieved my ideal boy weight. I study personal development daily and have completed the life purpose course. I am now living a life of integrity based on my core values. You have helped me with all this immensely. I am eager to follow you into the advanced teachings.

Leo Gura says:

Excellent! That’s what I love to see

Sarah says:

Thanks Leo,
I really needed this video. I found your website in February and since, went through a first round of all your videos. So I’m definitely very much in newbie territory. I’ve been able to implement some really good habits so far: meditating daily, 60-day positive affirmations, total career change, journalling. One of my fave videos is when you walk through the Maslow hierarchy and recommend a life game plan of taking care of the (Swiss cheese) holes at the bottom in ur 20s and 30s so you can focus on the real areas of growth after. I really like this approach and it’s working for me so far. Listening to some of your new stuff though is tough, like you said it’s too advanced for me to grasp right now and I end up getting confused and caught up in (what I think are) discrepancies. I’m going through a more methodical second round of ur videos now, but I think I’m going to skip the enlightenment talks all together for maybe another year. Anyway it’s good to hear you making the distinction

Thanks as always

Leo Gura says:

Good. Sounds like you’re using your brain and intelligently navigating this process. Which is the only way really.

Customize what I say to your personality and life goals.

Bryce says:

First, thanks for the advice and insight. For me, you are the right type of teacher, as far as I can tell with my current level of awareness. I don’t have a question really, but would ask you maybe what you think my question is… You see I have been insightful for years, investing hours alone on the couch just me myself and I. Supposedly seeing in me the things that cause the problems in life, I’ve tried to get some sort of truth out of it all, but only recently did the ego back off and allow me to see for real the crazy-monkey-mind that has been so controlling all this time. I relate to newb traits by molding information to my own perception of reality and truth. By glossing over that which seems complicated, I’m basically saying that it is too advanced to be useful. I see that reality, for all intents and purposes, should not ever be, and I sit with this. The idea that I could grow infinitely scares me if I had to be honest, but this fear is intriguing, I’m a bug and it’s a zapper. So I feel torn between the concepts and I realize now that my question is, do you have any idea where I am on the journey, do you recommend any particular video for where I am? To quote Peter Drucker “Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong…” So I’m going out on a limb even posting this, but I like that you do read and respond to any comments at all.
Thank you again,

Leo Gura says:

I’m not sure what your objectives are. Sounds like you gotta figure out exactly what it is you’re after.

danny says:

i think you are full of yourself
i seen your movies and acttually.. they are nothing… they are words to make zero

Zack says:

Awesome video once again leo!

So i was wondering whether you are planning to make a video about OCD since you have made a video about depression and OCD is really the next more common form of mental disease among the general population or at least can you share some thoughts on the topic as a responce to my comment like can personal development work do any good to OCD?

Keep rocking with your content man

Caelis says:

Dude, awesome one! Just needed this to get a clearer picture of where I am at.

I see that you’ve grown a lot. I found you inspiring, then I thought of you as confusing, then I was like fuck this shit I’m out Leo’s a dick, and now I’m like no Leo is actually awesome and inspiring and way more open minded than I thought.

I am totally in for growing with you. But first there is some foundational stuff I want to take care of like you mentioned here about the habits.

I feel like once I’m grounded in that and do it on a daily basis (the Meditation, Exercising and Clean Eating habit) I can pick up on the rest again

I purchased your life purpose course about half a year ago and have been spending at least 3 months of writing and contemplating about my core values. I am really excited about this process. Even though it takes me lots of work writing and rewriting about it to dig deeper and deeper. But it is interesting.

I gotta say though, the integration work is quite challenging! But I won’t give up.

when I’ve got my basics solid and am going somewhere I really want to hire you as a coach! But first I want to be able to take some good action myself, so I will continue with that first and watch your video’s every week.

I am excited for your journey man! keep it up

Rodayna says:

leo im in desperate need of information about negative mind pops that are out of my control , so if you could please tell me all that you know about them , thank you , keep inspiring us.

Brian says:

The way I see the direct experience vs theory thing, is that everything you learnt because someone told you is built in your belief system on top of trust in that person. If the credibility or trust in that person is lost, all the beliefs can collapse or dissolve. If you build a belief on direct experience then it’s much harder for it to dissolve, because you will say, “I know this is true, I’ve seen or experienced it.”
Although I understand this, I am still having trouble finding time to meditate, so I don’t have a lot of the direct experience. But I swear that just the knowledge does also help immeasurably, otherwise I wouldn’t still be here.

Alice says:

You have a great point! So many people just pick somebody or something they look up to and they do their best to go the same route.

Sure we all have our personal heros but IMHO and from my personal experience it has to be direct like if you don’t have faith it’s all on you, you only rely on your own learning experience and your own strength. And when you have faith it’s directly between you and your creator. You do everything ofcourse but if you keep the covenant he will also do his part and guide you directly.

Every individual from what I read and see is scared to be alone. Being alone is a great thing and we are never alone really because there’s always something or somebody around Even if people don’t work and state they are alone like independent homeless people they are surrounded by so many people who would not let them starve or die unless they draw back claiming themselves as a victim. Leo has a great point we are 100% responsible for what happens to us.
I found these videos because… Well honestly it was “sent” to me while I was not not making a good choice in life and it was a reminder that when we think nobody’s watching/cares, well our Creator always does and sure I don’t agree with everything Leo has discovered for himself but there’s a lot of increadible goodness here.

Milos says:

Hi Leo!! Can you please tall me what you think about Silva Method ?

Dan says:

It’s funny you offer such a beautiful rose yet people pick from the peddles till there’s no more. Great Job Leo, You’re video’s inspire me. Not just random sound bytes.

Alice says:

Thank you for another great video Leo. What you call a newbie in enlightment is definately a newbie IMHO in personal developement. It is huge how you pointed it out, you are a very smart man.

A lot of people are looking for wisdom. Discovering life so far I realized that as you mentioned reading and watching and even practicing is not enough. Meditation is huge and also when people want to go even deeper there’s pondering.

I’m not sure about your suggestion on phycodelics because there’s is a spiritual guidence I discovered by reasearch and practice that invites higher power of our Creator, or the Universe how some people call him – the power of the holy ghost.
Our body is created so wisely that we don’t need any substance to discover things of feel very good. It’s as simple as the way you live- the way you feel

I had many friends back in Kiev who were doing things like you are describing – they are extremely smart but it seams like wisdom is complicated to them.

As you mentioned the truth is very simple. Could not agree more!

And when we practice that simplicity hard things become easy

I wish people would not devide themselves by their differences but simply long for one common simple truth and our divine origin.

With love,

Logan says:

Hey Leo, perhaps you could seperate the beginner from the more advanced videos for the newbies. It might keep them from using their armchair ideology as you say and not scare them away with more advanced topics.

Judy says:

I listened to three or four videos this weekend. I really needed to rest up after a hard week and being able to listen to the material that you are presenting was super helpful to me. My body was resting up, but my mind was being intrigued. I was hoping to be further along on my personal goals in life by now, and I’m not there.
I have listened to a few different presenters and teachers and I really like what you are teaching and the way in which you are opening the door for people to come in to your teaching. As you are describing different principles I am making some mental connections to lots of different things in my life. It is sort of taking shape in my mind. What you are teaching has so much substance to it. I like to use affirmations, but there is so much more than affirmations that I would like to learn and experience.
Thank you for sharing. I will continue listening and trying out some of your suggestions. Each video contains so much information that I will need to take some notes, and think over and implement your ideas and suggestions.

Uldis says:

This is normal that newbies can’t understand advanced stuff, but frequently I see that advanced folks seems to not understand newbies. Did they forgot or never knew how it is to be a newbie ?

Armando says:

I definitely fell into the trap of trying to fill my head with more advice in order to avoid taking action. I’ve done this for several months.

Much needed video.
Thank you

David says:

I am definitely a newbie! I started watching your videos in December 2014! And I thought I was advancing up the levels. The first one was ” How to not care what other people think of you”.

But it turns out I’m still a newbie 2 years later, because I’ve just been watching more videos and covering stuff up with new information.

I know now that if i want to grow, I need to ground your teachings into my realitity with 100s-1000s of hours of practise. Before I can advance!

This video has been the biggest eye opener for me out of ALL of the videos I have watched so far on as I’ve been wasting the last 2 years of what you have taught me.

In the new year I’m going to buy your book list and start reading a book a month!
And actually grounding the wisdom i learn into my realitity.
Thanks for making this one Leo! I know we can all benefit from this one a lot!

Carol says:

I really enjoyed your thoughts about newbies and masters. I find myself somewhere in between. Some things you mentioned lets me know that I still have work to do to move forward. I haven’t checked out all of your videos yet, I actually just found you….. and I want to continue to listen to at least one a week since they really seem to be long but very informative. I don’t know if you have done a video on taking action, but I think I really need to take more action on what I have learned. Please keep them coming.
Thanks a lot.

Ram says:


Thanks for great video, this has clarified many doubts about personal development and stresses the importance of action. I have been inundated with so many personal development theories and concepts and didn’t take action steps to work on these great concepts..I am also a member of your life purpose course and would like to fix basic issues before getting into life purpose and advanced topics. One request.. can you categorized each of your videos as newbie or advanced, so that, it would be easy for a newbie like me?

Thanks in advance, Ram

Alicia says:

Hey Leo,
I have just started my journey on self-actualization and meditation. What are your thoughts on the app headspace to learn mindfulness?

Brandon B says:

After 5 years, I’m 20 now, I realize I’m only an advanced noob, I think.

Max Gron says:

I understand either of four ways to think required of this work or alongside this work: I can be ignorant and stick to my beliefs not being obedient to beliefs I’m told to have, or the lack thereof, by Leo, or I can change the structure or the system of my beliefs mixing different religions etc to make that change, or I can simply adopt religions or beliefs based on what’s true, or I can drop all my self-bias, beliefs and ideologies altogether to do the techniques of Leo, self-bias being mentioned a very few times but still mentioned by Leo in some of his videos. I’m not to demonise religion or money. Transcendental Meditation and Leo’s meditation techniques together with his version of introspection, there’s very very few videos left for me to watch, now I’m to do the work, I say I’m at the intermediate level. But what I think I want is to mix religions for the sake of changing the structure, this might have truth in it since in leading one to disbelief Leo’s contradicting himself, only one of these things is true, when perhaps I should drop my puritanical religion and get into philosophy. I’m willing to make some changes to my identity, to my beliefs, thus the adjustment of beliefs until I reach the “authentic” level. That’s all that needs to be said.

Max Gron says:

I’m still intermediate and I wasn’t wrong in above comment, without skepticism/pessimistic thought/lawyering thrown into it, just the realist thinking as it is, as I couldn’t make up my mind. It’s reduced to a simple thing: my three beliefs, not being a secular person, without disliking or changing a thing of me, with loving myself, in order to practice what was alluded to my life purpose for my extraordinary life, and not stuff I already know. The bottom line is just that I’m deep orange in my value systems, meaning I’m not needing the spirituality part but the thinking & feeling and self-esteem part of these teachings.

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