The Next Evolution Of Teachings

By Leo Gura - July 11, 2022 | 7 Comments

How Leo will upgrade his teaching style in the years to come

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David Fernando Castro Valerio says:

Thanks for everything leo!

David Morin says:

Hey Leo. This is going to sound strange maybe. You’re trying to figure out how to evolve your teaching. Personally, I feel that we are living through a very strange time where things are happening very quickly, but there are trends that are unmistakable. Traditional religion is in fierce retreat. People aren’t buying it anymore, and rightly so. But then, materialism doesn’t adequately replace that part of our being that craves spiritual understanding. Sam Harris and Hitchens and all those guys, they make some compelling arguments, but mostly serve to indict old order religion but then leave a gaping hole of depressing materialism. So something is on the horizon here. A new spirituality that is centered around psychedelic metaphysics and direct gnostic experience. I think you could grow the community into something bigger, a community that is face to face, instead of online seekers. Perhaps you could work on building a community that gathers in person, like church, but not church. I wish I’d found you years ago, and I hope I find like minded individuals out here in the darkness.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Speaking of corruption and Leo doesn’t have corrupt intentions, nor sinister or cold-blooded intentions, and definitely no evil intentions, altruism, that is selflessness of giving up your life for the wrongly so-called “greater good”, is very corrupt. My selflessness should be other people, never myself, but without a single self-sacrifice, something people didn’t get, I had selfish intentions, I thought of myself as very selfish, on purpose, not everyone has selfless intentions and not all unselfish people don’t care about themselves, of course they care about themselves, it’s a duty to care about yourself, why should that mean they’re selfish?
Further down the line selflessness is the requirement of this non-profit, even if selfishness is up to me, Leo pointed that out. I don’t have a huge ego but I have an identity, I think tomorrow’s evolution of Leo’s teachings are to change the world, one by one, into a superspiritual, supposedly true group of wise men, most of you aren’t wise, but listening to this and forgetting it is the mainstream’s fools.

evo says:

evolution is not the next big thing, its rather the past big thing, its what remains for better or worse, like extinction. per definition evolution is not sth you apply to a teaching, or men can claim to be source of – it constantly happens. its a natural process which even may rid anything of sensemaking ability for minor survival reasons.
evolution is a pretty broad topic to claim to be the source of as well as actualization is – might be evolution and actualization means evolvement away from actual progress or evolved beingness, if labled as it or not.
its why shutting down criticism is such a stupid move from the beginning.
the title does not make sense, there is no next evolution. evolution might be a chance for better sensemaking, not in all cases it also then really is.

Stephanie says:

Leo, I had disappeared for some time, swallowed by darkness now stepping back into the light. The timing is perfect for our paths to align again. I am excited about your future plans, I can hear you change already it it feels so good speaking from the heart. Thank you for wanting to guide this new path.

Jim Feiling says:

Leo may the one whos least full of shit win.
Your criticizing criticizing that makes you the one criticizing
Therefore untenable like your bullshitting not being full of shit that makes you full of shit? Right?

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