Mankind Is The Bullshitting Animal

By Leo Gura - October 15, 2018 | 8 Comments

How the mind is always bullshitting while denying that it does so

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Daniel says:

I can’t wait for your video on shadow work.

steph says:

Bentinho Massaro wrote an article about this a year ago. You might enjoy it:

Robert says:

you’re nuts Leo , 267 times used full of shit only in the enumeration! if one counts how many times you used shit in one our there is a chance to get in guiness book.

Andrew says:

That could be rap song

Brian says:

Notice, when we play a musical instrument, that’s not full of shit?

Mayur says:

Leo talks shit.

Recontextualization – the shit is really deep

So if language is full of shit your full of shit and im especially full of shit does that mean (human) language COULD literally create reality?!

ary says:

I love the map analogy you use at the end of the clip – That really worked for me to explain what you are doing in I also love and salute how personal and direct and (as far as I can tell) nakedly honest you make your videos – and have delighted in watching over time (in somewhat condensed form – I only came upon the site fairly recently) how your interpretations morph over time and the resutant changes in opinion. This really works with the map idea – topo map with some crossings out and changes to landforms (after a couple of earthquakes a few landmarks have toppled and river changed course).
self inquiry using a rane of lenses, perspectives and maps.

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