The Deep Problem Of Marketing

By Leo Gura - December 25, 2017 | 10 Comments

How modern marketing doesn’t just sell you stuff, but shapes your reality.

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Elisabeth says:

Congratulations Leo! Great stuff, how right You are! I will watch it again and again.

saurabh jadhav says:

hi leo,i have been watching your videos for almost two years question is that do you provide any concession/discount for book list or life purpose course for students,specifically for college students. thanks!

Leo Gura says:

The system isn’t set up for that.

Xenia says:

Hi Leo,

I have been watching your videos for over a year and reading books on your book list, these have been an enormous help form me to cope with the challenges of my life. Thank you!
I completely agree on your thoughts on marketing. I have always avoided buying stuff that is advertised and when I think about the mass production of most products, brands advertised and consumed all over the world it comes to my mind that soo huge amount of people are using unhealthy ones eg. creams, food and clothes made of polyester. These are spread all over the world and people are just buying and buying.

Pat says:

Leo, what are your thoughts on vaccines? For my child, it’s difficult for me to cut through benefit from business agenda

Leo Gura says:

I don’t know.

Pat says:

Understand , thanks

Mayur says:

A video on True Love, please !

Jeremie says:

Each time you make research to grow intellectually yourself, do you read books randomly or you research information about the books you could read ?

Joe says:

Great video thanks for sharing Leo your work has had a massive influence on my life and my ways of thinking and I couldn’t be more grateful. Quick question maybe you spoke of this before but I haven’t heard but would like to hear your perspective on social media like facebook and snapchat as examples. Just curious do you partake in it or do you find it useful or a hindrance when it comes to trying to live a higher conscious life?

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