Low Quality vs High Quality Consciousness

By Leo Gura - October 3, 2016 | 33 Comments

How to measure your level of consciousness

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Sevi says:

This is a very significant tool and a scale to seize every single day and even every single instant! And to measure exactly where we are at life.. Thank you for forming and simplifying the complexity of life and creating ‘practical’ tools for us to live it. Your contribution to the world is remarkable.

Ryan says:

I couldn’t agree with you more. Well said my friend

David says:


Patrick says:

Hello Leo –

Thank you so much for your astounding efforts in learning what you have and having the ability to communicate it to so many others. I just discovered you on my own accord 2 weeks ago and have been listening as much as I can. You’re pushing me to have the best life I can have. Please know that there are people like me who’s lives you are truly changing.


Neo says:

Loved the Freudian slip at 33 minutes. hehehe

Leo says:

Thank you so much Leo for all you do so passionately.
I am such a great fan of your work such that by just hearing the tone of your voice I am deeply inspired.
My wish is to have similar impact on other people.

Mayur says:

Hmm… Ya absolutely right , my mind , it blows up when I come back , because I see you with something amazing as previous or more than that .
My question is how do you create such amazing stuff and come up with solution and practical application of such profound topics .
Tell me leo how do you do that

Path says:

What is the difference in meaning between awareness, consciousness and mindfulness, if any?

Nancy says:

A specific way to calculate the quality of our consciousness, what a concept! That is what a like most about your videos. It’s no “fluff” b.s. Lots of nuts and bolts which leads me to take copious notes! You have given me much to think about and strive for. Bless you!

Galyna says:

Thank you for the nice video, practicing this long time ago but you mention something all the time.
I wish you can arrange for us a weekend seminar in the place where you live ,guess it was Vegas. Like a Consciousness Convention.
We could pay you in advance with PayPal for seminar and place for renting. I wish we all can meet each other and talk to you in person.
How nice would be it. I am sure for many people you became a part of their lives.
Thank you for your work.
Do you think it is possible for this to happen sometimes in the future when you feel like it?

Nandish says:

Great insights …. I have been following your videos since last year and they have been very helpful to change the perspective that I look towards life and world… Thank u very much !!

Sophie says:

Leo, I feel like I’m low in some areas and high in others, can you comment on this and how that may cause conflict

Nora M says:

Great things you say. I really enjoy ur lectures and I am trying my best to implement the wisdom of this knowledge .
Like you as a person as well. Wish to meet you in person.
Thank you.

With warm thoughts,

Annie says:


I usually listen to these videos via podcast through the iPhone. The last two weeks vids have not been uploaded there. I was wondering if this is something you aren’t supporting anymore, or if you’re aware it’s not showing up there.

I will log in and grab the MP3 for now.
Thanks, this looks like one I’ll enjoy thoroughly.

Leo Gura says:

Oops! There was a bug in the iTunes submission. I’ve fixed it now. Thanks!


Thanks for your job Leo, Im inspired by your currage and I really appreciate that you are sharing your knowledge with us. From the heart, N.G.

Lou says:

Finally a way to combine the Feminine and masculine as David Deita describes them.
Feel like I can finally ground myself in something.
So much respect for you bro.

James says:

Leo, as I’m taking this seriously I’ve bought every single book on your book list regarding enlightenment. Every day I do an hour of meditation, then self inquiry work and then reading. My question though is about retreats.

You must get asked this a lot (and I’ve tried searching through the forum) but can you recommend a top level enlightenment retreat please?

I live in Brazil (though I’m not Brazilian) and can travel to pretty much anywhere but I’d like the retreat to be serious and high quality as I don’t want to waste time.

Can you please offer any direct suggestions for actual retreats, or if not, some guidelines on finding a good one?

Thank you.

Elaine says:

Good morning James:
Look into Omega Institute in Rhinebeck,NY. It would be quite a treck for you from Brazil, but if you go to their website you can explore the workshops, see photos of the campus, etc. and asses whether or not this would fill your expectations.

Cov says:

Hey peeps, I’ve got a question about this experience I’ve run across while meditating.
It’s only happened a few times usually when I’m quite sleepy about 45mins into a determination sit, but it happened again today listening to Leo’s enlightenment guided inquiry vid.

So it goes like this,
I’m sitting still, eyes closed, wondering what I am and I start to label anything that comes into my awareness as sensations.
Slowly I feel less and less like any of the sensations in awareness are ‘me’ and as I stop ‘identifying’ what they are, it’s like I lose track of ‘where’ ‘I’ am.
So this is when something different happens than my usual meditation.
I start to feel like consciousness is being literally stretched out and up, and the sensations start to feel really intense. So intense its quite panicky. Every breath feels like a huge wave smashing through me, anything I’m listening to almost sounds like shouting, but not loud shouting, just really intense.
I can only describe it as super super intense sensations amidst a field of nothingness where I’m scrambling to label something as ‘me’.
The granite bowling ball Leo mentions comes to mind as a feeling of rock solid intensity.

So the question is if this is the start of breaking through or its the wrong track?

Hengame says:

Great, to me one of the best of your best Videos, it wacked my eyes and clicked in my head that not even listening and reading is enough but as you explained every minute we should apply. Thank you Leo.

stephanie says:

Love the video! Very “hands-on”. Thank you for the awesome tips.

bade says:

Thanks. useful.practical. giving high consciousness act. made so much difference to they way I have been thinking and my prospect. Great work. best teacher

Bernardo says:

I would love to see a video of a balancing life. Saw this concept on scott peck’s book the road less traveled, with your indication by the way. Great book, but still i would appreciate your vison on this concept since you pratice it on your life. cheers

I have been asking the question, “Emotions are given to us for a reason–what is the reason?” This video seems to have some answers to that. How do you see this working when a person has chemical imbalance and do you even believe in such a thing? (HA-BELIEFS!!! Low Quality Consciousness?)

Thanks Leo in advance for your kindred reply.

kyle says:

i do not really feel fear really i feel angry all the time i got a question do u know why i feel no love i just feel angry i am a guy who cant even cry everyone and everything pisses me off even u piss me off i do not know why i am so angry i just am i wake up i am pissed off from night to day i do even know why i feel like my heads in fire cuz of the anger u said if something pisses me off i should be happy how can i feel happy when i never felt how is to be happy what is happy leo tell me i am aware of what u are saying i meditate i notice the only time when i do my angry subsides but then when i come out of it i have like 10 mints before i feel like i am pissed off its not that i hate life i could be i hate people i do not know what u think man i never ever felt truly happy i am angry what do u do when that all u really feel only i do not fear i do not love things i do not let people see that i am angry it sits here i tried sitting town quiet and feeling the anger but then i had a rage attack i really do not know why i am like this what do u think i should do if i am like this yeah some of your videos helped me out a lot if it was life that pissed me off i would be probably out there doing something with out knowing i tried to look i thought it over but i feel angry man there angry and then there mad angry just sits mad is full blown rage attacks i cant breath to lost of the time i feel like i only have one feeling it is anger i hope u can answer my question

Cristina says:

Leo,I simply LOVE you. I cant’ tell how much you feed my soul and how grateful I am. You’re my age and already reached such a high level of consciousness. I think your default state of mind is contemplation and the rest of your everyday activities and routine are just little necessary distractions.

I can only imagine how evolved you’ll be in 20- 30 years, you might get to be the happiest, most fulfilled person on Earth! it’s not even funny

I wish you the best and hope I’ll be able to keep up with your pace on your journey. I already feel I’m losing track and need to upgrade to your recent insights.

Ryan says:

Leo, your level of consciousness is profound. I’m very grateful to have discovered your videos. The level of new thoughts and awareness in my life from just this video alone brings me great joy, which is turn will bring others great joy. Keep rocking brotha!

Oyvind says:

This teaching is so profound. I have now seen this video for the third time and my mind is still blown to space by this concept. The purpose of having this concept embodied in full scale throughout society and culture, is the most exciting and meaningful work for a anyone. Imagine how the world would look like, if this was prime directive of schools, kindergartens, parents and people in general. Speaking of a solution to all the worlds problems. Great job communicating as well, thanks for all the awesome content!

Dannie says:

It was so enlightening to watch this video. A lot of times life is spent focusing on selfish things and having selfish motivations. Changing all my motivations is not something that’s going to be easy but simply taking notice of each driving force to every decision will help tremendously. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge on high quality consciousness

demetrio says:

I’ve been able to keep an open “eye” for the past 72 hrs after the awakening.
Been on my deep search for 8 yrs.
I actually wrote out all my thoughts in quotes as it happened these past few weeks. I came up a way to speed up this process also.

Thanks for helping me leo

Amit Chavan says:

It’s amazing and simple way to explain through videos.
I have never been to any website that have more than 300 videos.
Very awesome and cool.

Low Quality Consciousness often manifests as a scattered and reactive state of mind. In this mode, individuals may find themselves easily distracted, unable to concentrate, and prone to impulsive reactions. Their perspective tends to be limited, with a narrow view of situations and a tendency to engage in shallow thinking.

On the other hand, High Quality Consciousness reflects a state of heightened awareness and clarity. Those with high-quality consciousness tend to be more focused and present in the moment. They possess a greater capacity for deep thinking, open-mindedness, and a broader perspective. They are often more in tune with their inner selves and the world around them, leading to a richer and more fulfilling experience of life.

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