30 Ways Society Fucks You In The Ass

By Leo Gura - December 7, 2015 | 142 Comments

A rant about how modern society and business distracts you.

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Leo Gura says:


I’m noticing that a lot of folks are resonating with the message in this video, but also are left puzzled as to what it all means and what to do about it.

Are you confused?

Good! That’s part of the path. You should be confused. This is deep stuff. This is what drives philosophers to sit and think for hours and hours on end. This is why I told you to take a week off to just sit and think. You can’t expect to understand all the ramifications of such a shift in worldview in 10 minutes. You’ve probably never sat down and seriously contemplated life before. Welcome to the self-actualized way of life — where things are uncertain and there are no ready-made solutions.

Here are some tips for how to interpret this video:

1) Allow the confusion. Allow the uncertainty. Be open to new possibilities. Don’t need answers so fast.

2) Don’t fall into the trap of black & white thinking. I didn’t tell you to divorce the love of your life, abandon your kids, or stop watching Game of Thrones. I merely made you more aware of how you do these things largely mechanically and unconsciously. I did NOT say that this stuff is evil or bad or must never be done again. No action or behavior, by itself, is necessarily bad or unhealthy. It’s how the behavior fits into the bigger picture of your life that’s of most importance. Are you using this behavior to distract yourself from finding yourself or seeking out truth? Yes? Then just notice that. Don’t overreact.

3) It is not practical to think that you can just ditch the entire matrix of your life in one go. Nor is that usually necessary. What you can do is make a commit to clean up your life. This would be a long-term, gradual project. You might start by watching less TV or quitting weed, and continue along this routine year after year, slowly pruning the most low-consciousness habits from your life. And also adding healthy ones like meditation or more green veggies. This is basically the process of personal growth. It happens over the course of years and decades.

4) The most important action step I’d like you to take is simply to be mindful of your chimp behaviors as they happen. You can notice how you shop for useless things, or eat junky food, or binge-watch Netflix. Also notice the chimpery all around you. Notice the advertisements on Youtube, the kind of stuff you’re being marketed, the way your friends gossip to one another, etc. Awareness alone is helpful.

5) Don’t start blaming society or the CEOs or politicians. They are chimps, just like you. Notice that blaming is part of the chimp game.

6) If this video stirred you from your sleep, and you know deep down in your heart that some choice right now that you’ve been pondering is right and healthy for you, then go ahead and take action on it.

7) Watch some of my Spiritual Enlightenment videos if you haven’t already. This is the most direct way of finding your true self: http /www.actualized.org/articles/spiritual-enlightenment-intro

Check out my life purpose course. It’s over 25 hours of detailed, practical, how-to guidance for how to find your authentic values and passions, and how to align your career with that.

Jack says:

I think I hate you Leo!!!
I’m still not 100% on this but its definitely not lookin good.

Alan Travers says:

I’m glad you wrote that segment afterward as things did need clearing up. I know in all your videos you are just trying to make us aware of all these truthful facts and not take them so seriously but it doesn’t always come across in the video, certainly not this one!

I think for the most people, going cold turkey from mainstream society would be too much of a shock for someone and probably unhealthy for them. As I assess myself on your statements I realise there are a lot of things I never have to worry about feeding my inner chimp I have always been aware of the threat of bold advertisements and the effect that mass marketing can have on certain individuals and groups.

In all honesty though I still enjoy watching sport and the odd episode of Game of Thrones it doesn’t mean I disagree with what you say about them in fact I agree completely. When it comes to these things though I don’t feel they have had a massively negative impact on my life. I’m not one to waste hours of my life researching the backstory of westeros or saving up to buy all the merchandise! I don’t wear my favourite football teams shirt and linger around pubs chanting there songs, winding up others and crying if they lose although it can get me down for a short period of time. I try to out weigh these things with more high conscious activities and values though so that I am happier at the end of the day.

What I’m trying say is surely if you can be fully aware of the negative effects mainstream culture can have on your life you can still enjoy these things without them becoming an obsession, a major addiction or a way of life. A main example being Facebook. I know many low conscious shy individuals who have managed to fabricate a brand new digital life through it without having to leave the house, it’s what keeps them going but it doesn’t make them happy and they certainly wouldn’t know what to do without it. Whereas others simply use it to network, publish themselves or anything else that could be productive and have a positive impact on their life. Is that society feeding their inner chimp?

Sorry for the huge reply, it’s my first and just wanna say a big thank you for all the time and effort you have put into these vids. They have really helped shape my life for the better this year!

Niklas says:

Yes that is true. You just need to be aware of it as you wrote.
Now i know that it’s chimpery so i will spend less time on things but i won’t cut everything out of my life.

Rajavanya says:


Your life is not good enough – fear
Its all low consciousness shit – insecurity, pride
more blah.. blah..

Buy my life purpose course – marketing is chimpery, but buy my life purpose course

P.S. I love your content, definitely this video was fin. but I can’t help but notice you are doing the same thing. How do we draw the line? I’m working in a different country, I want to stay here, I have to work and make money. Or I have to go back to my third world country.

What kind of business would you consider non-chimpery then? Yours? Can everyone really just become self-help gurus?

Leo Gura says:

Finding your life purpose is NOT chimpery. Learn to make finer distinctions. I did NOT say everything was chimpery.

Elton says:

Actualized.org is a buiseness that helps people like me, overcome many many many problems in Life like understanding it in the first place, understanding society the opposite sex, money, productivity, and most importantly the self, helps us be more peaceful, calm, grounded all this for free, no gimmicks, no adds on the website nothing this is not chimpary but divine human nature.

Pat Cue says:

You must be a chimp!

Marjorie says:

Listening is part of growing up. The mind’s interpretation can be open or closed, you really must learn “to see inside the information a master is giving on having a true authentic lifestyle”.

The voice inside your head leads you down the wrong path, if you find yourself being a strong critic, all because you never really understood the video. You may think you understood, but it’s clear you did not.

You probably go around labeling people, with nonsense. Sit alone more often and contemplate on finding testimony on who is your true self.

Leave alone the gossip, the critic, the melancholy, and learn to live.

Norman albano says:

So when I come across content I think is bullshit I most certainly don’t continue watching I just move on

But yet you were compelled to watch in entirety and even to comment on something you feel is nonsense?

you did so because on a deeper level you know you are just a chimp jerking off in your cage and you resent Leo for bringing that fact to conscious awareness

Go have another banana lol – and buy his self-help course because it was made for monkeys just like you

Shole says:

Hi Leo,

I think you described what I always wanted to describe very very well.
specially the “weird” term that easily comes from others.
It’s hard for the people to even imagine that being occupied with family and kids is a distraction which might make us very disconnected from ourselves.

Thanks for the effort you make,

David says:

Hi , Leo

First i’d like to say that what you’re doing with Actualized.org and the videos is so awesome for I have learned plenty not just from you but from others as well thanks to the internet. Now Leo , I do understand that people don’t always act like” actualized” because of the monkey aspect of the brain that they’re trapped into and well , I aint going to lie , I do find myself stuck there from time to time but it doesn’t stop me from becoming the person I want to become…Is there any correlation between the “monkey brain and the lizard brain” that people operate in? And to divert from the main topic, what your thoughts on Martial arts as a tool for actualizing oneself? I suppose it is because it teaches self-discipline( well.. at least some of them lol )

BekaJak says:

Go ahead and slam capitalism – but go easy on the chimps!
I think it is an insult to chimpanzees to compare our lower selves to their natural behaviors. They do not fight wars nor do they destroy their habitat!
And I think that to be truly “actualized” or “enlightened” does not necessitate that we must divorce ourselves from having fun or from love even from our dysfunctional families. To be truly the “bigger person” mustn’t we be able to embrace all with a centered core and with mindfulness?

Leo I love you brother

check out my shit if you want

hey Leo if you haven’t come across Jiddu Krishnamurti yet I think you would be interested.

This chimp talk reminds me of his talks

also I don’t have a website currently but my youtube channel is my name

norman albano

Doug says:

Despite the continual trend of raising choice high on its pedestal of navigating the path of life-change, self-improvement, and learning truth…

Choice itself is an illusion, from which stems control ideation (and as fitting to this forum, “chimpery”). You literally have no choice, and yet choosing is pretty much all you (we) do, day in and day out. And yet, none of that is real (i.e.-permanent and constant or faithful).

In short, one cannot “choose” to be peace. They already are peace.

“Choosing to choose” (as mentioned by Walt) does speak directly to the problem behind what we think of as problems. We rely upon choice and believe strongly in the duality in which that concept flourishes. Discovery of self however, does not arise from “choice” or from “choosing to choose”, nor yet from “commitment”. It arises from the willingness to relax these tenets of our energetic system. That may seem to be a choice because our choice-driven thought patterns are ignorant of anything beyond choice and its choice objects. But not choosing is not choice.

So while it can be a great thing to run off somewhere for a week, and offer oneself the opportunity to have self-encounter…and while one might make lifestyle altering choices thereafter…it is important to simply relax our energetic cycling.

BEING is not cycling. BEING is not choosing. BEING is not commitment.

Choice is the primal creator of duality, that system of energetic systems in which choice becomes elevated as the key subject, as the protector of all, and much more. The cycling of choice is the repetitive memorization and regurgitation of mental imagery (at many levels), as the continuation scheme of the energetic system of choice. Choice is denial of oneness…of wholeness…of indivisible infinite repose (or BEING). Thinking and using thought processes to encumber and distract the mind is a systematic perpetuator of primal, duality-generating denial, and its seemingly infinitely layered levels of descending mental divisions of the natural vision of oneness.

Commitment is a fear-based process within the energetic system. Belief is founded partly in commitment in that it is locked in place by fear. No one would commit to anything if they could have or be what they want without entering into commitment. “Make this commitment…or suffer the consequences of being non-committed.”, etc. Commitment is bondage. We formulate an idea, and then bind ourselves to it. This fundamental process is taught to us from the cradle up by imposing belief-oriented behavioral constraints in place of nurturing in terms of natural development. “You there…young one. Commit yourself to these ideals and instructions or suffer.”

Have you ever wished this burden was not there? BEING is free of such burden. Peace knows nothing of such burden. Peace knows nothing of commitment.

Nevertheless, to utilize choosing and making commitments as a tool providing a series of palatable stepping stones along the pathway of life makes good sense (such as what I’ve seen in your videos so far). And those stepping stones have one and only one purpose (in order to be stepping stones within the primal cycle of duality)…to offer one the variable-looking and repetitive opportunity to simply pause and look at the reality of one’s own self. Without any of the typical methodologies found springing up from every quarter, meditation that is simply this (unbiased noticing of self), evokes glimpses of whole remembrance that transcends all learning and self-improvement goals and commitments.

Notice (without your beliefs, feelings and judgments in tow).
Allow insights to arise naturally, and let them pass on by.

Like the Jedi mind trick (“Move along. These are not the ones you want”), insights generated during meditation are not what you need to notice (even though many of them may be very worthy of exploration). These are, just as their predecessors were, memorized mental imagery, restructured in a way that is perhaps more open and free.

It is YOU that you need to notice. And “noticing” you does not mean reviewing thoughts or feelings about you. In typical terms of how we usually notice things, there is nothing (no thing) there to notice. But the guarantee is eternally extant, that…

If the will is applied to noticing the only reality (the finite whole of you), you will see it (you)…even if it seems to perception that you are not seeing anything at all.

And to the extent that you proffer this quiet attention (for attention itself is neither energetic nor focused/bound/constrained) to yourself, your UNDERSTANDING (that which underlies all experience, or “stands under” it so to speak) will be opened to (and yet will seem to have increased…which is utterly impossible).

And as understanding arises, it guides. This is YOU (as BEING) governing naturally within whatever duality constraints you currently find yourself immersed in. And this shift in reliance is in lieu of your thinking, feeling and judging habit always driving the truck.

What are the results of this? I offer you no promises than the above. If you go there, you will discover your own experience shifting. To enter into willingness to notice YOU, is its own reward. To enter into it with a poorly constructed choice-object as motivator (such as a goal of any kind other than to see what you’re looking at), also has its own reward. I merely suggest the former.

Michael says:

Absolutely brilliant – again Leo – thanks!

Katy says:

I want to start off by saying I do like watching your videos, so I’m not writing to trash talk or anything, but I have to disagree about game of thrones and disregarding certain shows bc they seem shallow. I refused to watch game of thrones for a long time. When I finally did I realized beyond the surface level of murder and politics I feel it really is trying to show and expose the way people have and still view power and different things people do to get it. There’s many other topics as well such as the way woman are treated. Lots more just dont feel like reviewing it all.

There’s a scene where lord Varys talks to Tyrian and he gives him a riddle that is basically summed up as Power is where you believe it is, but it is really just an illusion.
There’s many interesting themes in my opinion that if we look close enough can learn from.

I do agree there is a lot of sad stuff out there that are trying to get your attention for their own gain, but I think if we do tap into our inner self we will see differently. I am by no means an example of a perfect me, but I’m trying to connect.
I guess if we’re too closed up though and assume certain things are shit we may miss something. The movie, ad, WHATEVER may just speak to you in a unique way that the medium you experienced wasn’t even meaning to convey to anyone. Yet since you let your guard down it oddly spoke to you.
It’s all a gamble though and all you can do is decide to believe it or not.

Katy says:

Sorry, I didn’t read your comment bc it never showed up when I went to comment. It showed up after?

Zane Chesivoir says:

Leo, this is one of your best videos and I’ve been contemplating society as well. I strongly agree with your views on how flawed the modern education system is and how it over-focuses on standardized testing and grades. Professional sports is highly overrated and is the modern equivalent to the Gladiator Games in Ancient Rome. I deliberately try to avoid sitcoms and reality shows. I heavily value the performing arts, the literary arts, and the fine arts and I love watching your videos. I realize that I’m in the process of discovering my life purpose because I heavily value uniqueness, creativity, beauty, storytelling, and being an explorer who loves discovering new experiences. Thank you so much for this video! Have a great holiday season!

Jens says:

Spot on! It’s so easy to keep sleeping.
I haven’t watch the news for 6 years now, and I haven’t got any television.
Even though I’ve been working in the media for 25 years. Stopped two yeas ago.
So what you say Leo, get so obvious when you start observing your self in it.


You maniac! You’re on the list now for sure. What list?
The list made by the man getting Intel on all the individuals “brainwashing” the masses into waking up.

Nice work!

Emile Jarreau

Magenta says:

good awareness for all those that follow you, Leo. I bet most have not even heard of this before. Good work.

Magenta says:

Adding to above comment:

Leo is guiding people to examine their life in PLATO’S CAVE. because we are living in it, today more than ever.

Ron says:

HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHAH, Leo amazing video you made me literally crying with laughter!!! Growing up I always more and more realized how much vain all society was and I always wondered why I felt like to be the only one to notice it!! You’re the man Leo, I like people with balls, the world needs now more than ever people like us
now sorry if I change topic a little bit: when I feel physically tired, I do really struggle to become conscious / stop judging reality / live the moment, is this normal (and so I have to learn to do the right things in order for me to get maximum fitness) or is it because of a my negative belief about physical tiredness (which I have to become aware of)? It would be super important for me if you could answer me on this, thank you and thanks for turn on passion for truth in people

Ron says:

Please Leo answer me on this if you can, I’ve done ridicously improvement in putting myself back in the present moment (whenever I caught myself denying it in one way or another following thoughts and emotions) and finding motivation by just being, but that’s something I don’t manage to do when I don’t feel in a state of fitness. I feel like this is one of the last obstacles I have to overcome because by now really I notice that if I feel physically fit there is no thought or emotion that can upset me, so really it’s very important for me if you can answer.

scott says:

Hey Leo,

How ya doing man? I have been following you for a few years now I think. I enjoy your unfiltered look and presentation of things and also see growth in you as time passes. I really enjoyed this video and found my self laughing out loud through much of it talking about chimpery. So funny and true and I see things this way as well so it resonates and confirms which is nice.
Question: Sometime ago you had a great video I wanted to send to my “very Christian sister” and somewhere towards the end, you threw in something unrelated to the subject (at least to me) about “making chicks orgasm” or something like that which made it unusuable for me to send to her. No biggie, just what it is. On some other video you talked sex, orgasm, and how you wanted to drive fast cars, fuck lots of chicks and make millions of dollars…..
In your own personal development, I am curious as to whether in your perception, you have since evolved and reflect on that as total chimpery looking back and you were addicted then or if you are trying to say you want all things and can experience all those (outward) things but manage to actualize at the same time in some balanced way or you have grown away from those addictions?
I will enjoy your response because I believe you are transparent and open.

Leo Gura says:

I never said I want to drive fast cars. That has never held appeal for me. You’re miss-remembering that one.

My views on sex and orgasms is quite “spiritual”. I don’t treat sex as a low consciousness activity as much as most people do. I also have it quite rarely so it’s never caused me any distraction from my higher aims in life. In fact sex fuels me up to be more creative and alive.

My views on money are also different than how most people think about money. I never cared much about money in the sense that I get to live a cushy lifestyle. I live economically. Money to be is important only insofar as I use it as a resource that enables me to fulfill my creative aims, self-actualize, and impact other people without having to sell out.

So the point with all this is: it’s not the activity which is bad. It’s how you use it and what your motives are behind it.

That said, yes, I have matured even more since shooting that video. The priorities of money and sex have dropped lower than they already were, and I expect that trend to continue.

John says:

Amazing video Leo. I agree 100%. But some things/traps that you mentioned are too difficult to stop them completely. For example tv shows i don’t want to stop watching my favorite series. But i see your point because at some point i spent simply too much time from my life trying to escape. What are your thoughts about moderation?

Leo Gura says:

Of all the stuff on that list, TV shows are one of the easiest things to drop.

It becomes easy when the rest of your life becomes more meaningful.

Human Being says:

Hi Leo,
You may find the BBC’s documentary on the Century of Self interesting. It’s a four part documentary that talks to how the consumer has been influenced over the past 100 years. You really get a feeling of the sheep mentality and the historical context.

Leo Gura says:

I’ve seen it. It’s a good one. Although it made me feel kinda depressed and disgusted because it didn’t offer any hope. It was very one-sided. I guess this video of mine is too. But I think it’s balanced out by my other videos which are generally hopeful.

Gregor says:

Thanks Leo! You didn’t mentioned art and music. Thats a complex one I guess…or just entertainment and distraction?

Leo Gura says:

Art is actually quite safe. Chimps usually don’t make good art.

Music, yes, it’s largely chimpery. Part of the mainstream entertainment and pop-culture category.

Zane Chesivoir says:

Leo, when you say that music is chimpery, I strongly agree that this heavily applies to mainstream pop music and mainstream rap. Pop and rap are very low-consciousness and have the sole purpose of being catchy and making a profit. The greatest music in human history is classical music, and jazz music because when you listen to classical music, it feels like you’re absorbed in a flow state and you’re in awe of how powerful classical music is. Jazz is so energetic and creative because jazz musicians are able to improvise pieces and their passion for their music rubs off on you. Pop music and rap music is background music! However, not all pop music is bad and there is some great pop music out there and there is great hip-hop.

Levi Connors says:

Your amazing Leo in every way and I will continue to use your info to better my life!!

Dominick says:

Leo, whats the difference between art and music in terms of chimpery? Are you referring to all music? In general, music is an art form, an ancient healing art form, one that is universal, has no boundaries and unites people. Art in its forms of painting, sculpting, architecture have many of the same qualities, it’s only visual. Its degree of chimpery depends on how it is used, right? Advertisements and TV shows are art, but it is mostly mainstream brainwashing bullshit and attracts your lower self like some dumbing down magnet. Same thing with mainstream music. What society listens to is simply mass produced electronic talent-less, heavily auto tuned nonsense that appeals only to the lower self. Lyrics that tell you to fuck hoes get money, fast cars, get fucked up, paired with videos of girls twerking, with celebrities dressed up in fancy clothes, gold chains around their necks with money falling on their asses is pure chimpdom and stupidity. It replicates again and again. It’s absolutely everywhere, it’s pollution at best. But there are also real musicians, who don’t give a fuck about any of that. Who don’t give a fuck about the fame, the fortune, the pussy, and some don’t even care about recognition or approval. A good musician only wants the same thing you do, to change peoples live positively, that’s what they’re driven by, or should be. They see its potential to improve the world. Many sing about the same wisdom you speak of. Being a musician is being an artist. That means being a creator, which in practice brings expertise, which means being in the flow state. That is a quality of self actualization. When you get into that flow state with other musicians, holy shit man its better than sex, and is certainly as spiritual. For many, music is life purpose and hopefully they can distinguish between the real music and the low consciousness BS that everyone around me and you identifies with. I can go much deeper about this but I’ll stop here. I’m fairly new to your website but have been wondering what your take on music was, and this comment is the first I’ve heard your opinion on the matter.

Great video Leo. I am grateful for your hard work, dedication and your contributions to make our lives and this world a better place. I discovered you a few weeks ago and the truth and wisdom you share has meant a lot. It’s gold. I have a lot of fucking work to do, and am very very excited.

Walt says:

I don’t watch Game of Thrones or very little TV for that matter. I enjoy documentaries, some nostalgia TV like Mad Men, but generally the less, the better. I am addicted to the us vs them aspect of politics including the name-calling, etc. So, thanks Leo for that wake-up call. Saying it out loud and consciously is an action for the good.

One of the daunting things about any spiritual/awareness program is the sheer immensity of ego. If society were more conscious that program would be easier but the opposite is true. We are being driven insane by distraction, and worse, it feeds the delusions of one’s ego. As Buddha supposedly said, we don’t have all the time in the world. Death will be here sooner than we like.

Awareness has to be a moment-by-moment choice that we make simply and naturally. It could almost be phrased “choosing to choose”. How wonderful to know this site exists and that there are fellow pilgrims struggling with this existential imperative. We are asleep, but we can awake.

Jan says:

choosing to choose… well said!

Rosemary says:

Thought provoking video. For me, I think baby steps is a practical way to go here. I am becoming much more aware in that I just attended a wonderful Mindfullness Summit(online) which was extremely inspiring and has led to some great reading material. I exercise daily and do yoga. Also I visit seniors who live alone and enjoy the companionship. My diet is now made up of fruits, vegetables and healthy grains. And I retired from a job that had a toxic environment. I’d say this is a pretty good start.

edward jean says:

Leo, All true, all true! I’ve been pretty disgusted by mainstream living for some time now, and have actually found and watched many of your videos, by trying to dig deeper inside of myself to the things that really matter. Truth,love, being a good productive honest person, finding the greater me. It can leave you a bit alienated at times, but i enjoy the time i have to myself to grow, explore the truth, look at life from a much different perspective than I was used to. I’m a lifelong musician/songwriter, and i find a lot of my music message orientated, not so much pushing people into anything, because they simply won’t get it, or listen. I mainly write for my own enjoyment anyway, so I’m not overly concerned about it. Good job laying it on the line, keep it coming!! E. Jean

Gregory says:

Great blog loved the content and made total sense but what I want to know is why they want to do this to us why do they want to keep us from the truth.What’s in it for them except the power over us is it a conspiracy. I think that we are totally asleep and we need to wake up to the truth. We have been lied to all our lives but for what purpose can anyone tell me. Life is just so weird sometimes and it doesn’t make any sense. Hope someone can give me the answers actually Leo did a pretty good job of it but it’s but it’s kinda like we live in the matrix and some people say we do that we are just living in a dream waiting to wake up to the real truth that we are truth realized.

Leo Gura says:

They don’t do it you so much as you do it to yourself. It’s just ignorance plain and simple.

Lee says:

Hi Leo. You hit that one clean out the ball park, sports reference intended lol.
I am shocked at how easily I have been fooled and manipulated over the years and have fallen into almost all of those well camouflaged traps, luckily religion never appealed to me thank god, whoops I did it again. But once a thing is seen it cannot be unseen, so thank you for that. I shall tread carefully from here on. Keep up the awesome work

Galyna says:

Leo, I would share it on my FB as I usually do, but I can not due to my spouse’s family is very religious (Nashville, TN). I am from Ukraine and I do consider that consumerism is very proliferated here in America. My mom resides is Vienna, Austria, my dad is in Moscow. I love America, but still, people in Europe is a bit different about consuming things, pattern is the same, though. I am with you at every point you have explicitly exhibited in this video. I really loved it. You made me laugh a lot.

Thank you a lot!

Marie says:

Thank you Leo! I love how brutally honest you are!

George says:

“We often applaud an imitation and hiss the real thing.” -Aesop, The Book of Not Knowing, Chapter 3: The Cultural Matrix

Lyle says:

Hi Leo, have you ever thought about making an entire video focusing mainly on the monkey/chimp part of our minds? Like, an in-depth explanation of how this part of our mind came to be and how it works? I thing that would be really helpful to a lot of people, especially as a complement for this video.

Great video by the way, one of your best works yet.

Bob says:

I’ve seen many of your videos but I have to say this is probably the most important one. I can also admit I haven’t always accepted some of your stuff but this particular one says it all. I especially like the last half which is worth listening to more than once. Thanks.

Yvan says:


A thousand times congratulations for this new video ! I am just at the 10th minute, and cannot believe how profound it is, and how just are your criticisms and how perspicacious you are in your analysis of the realities of our Western Society ! Moreover, you still talk very composedly, in a very professional and champion manner ! Say, I have two questions for you : do you not apprehend measures against you by the people on the top of the industries which you are talking of in ill part ? And would you make it optional for we, who faithfully watch your videos, to buy the content of your videos ?

Yvanosos says:

You see, I should like to conserve all this for good discussions with friends and/lovers. Thank you in advance, and have a satisfying day ! (Following of my message; to you, Leo.)

Leo Gura says:

Why on Earth do you want to buy what’s already free?

If you want to contribute to Actualized.org financially, buy one of the products in the Actualized.org store or click on the donations button.


Hasan says:

Thanks Leo for this video.

After watching your other videos and thinking about them, I had realized many of points you talked in this video, so I fully resonated with it. The practical strategy I came up with is that we cannot and should not necessarily fight with the society. In many cases, what we have to do is to be mindful about what’s going on. But, we have to play the same game in the society. For instance, if you get an interview for job in a tech company, you are supposed to admit that you are a team worker and other shits even though if you are not, mainly because you are not able to change the establishment. However, I guess we all have to be mindful about it.

Heyy this is Pascal,

The fitness industry could be an add to the list, lots of chimpery going on at the gym and even yoga classes aswell I found.

Maybe that vegan-meat debate as part of the food industry

Leo Gura says:

Well… at least those folks are trying to doing something healthy.

joyce says:

ive watched your videos for a while,i havent watched TV in years,i like your videos but this one made me feel not so strange lol,i feel like you are a soul mate!! thank you Leo!!!

Jonathan says:

Hey Leo, awesome video! I really got an awakening. I have a question about life purpose. Is it possible to have more than 1 life purpose?

Leo Gura says:

Anything is possible. But the point of the life purpose is to self-limit down to one chief, central mission in life. The power comes from making a selection and saying No to all the other options.

Craig says:

Sounds like you’re saying, don’t have fun… no thanks

Charlie says:

Hello Leo,

I am adding my self to the list of congratulators for a job greatly done in this video. In fact, I was just thinking about this today. Having watched, as a recent follower, just a few videos, mainly implementing the rules of nurturing your EQ, not living in someone else’s mind, and accepting the responsibility for my own happiness, I had been having less sex, cooking more, doing more, appreciating positive influences in my life more, complaining less, judging less, and even enjoying my sports (the ones I practice) more. I have also realized that the corporate game is not a bad game to play, as long as you know, and you remind yourself why you’re playing it, to what extend I should be willing to play it, what I wish to get out of it, and what my ultimate outcome should be, which is not a position of power or a certain monetary value assigned to my work, yet growth, because I have everything I need, so it’s about what I want.
It goes hand in hand with clearly the most common misconception of Economics taught at Centers of Learning everywhere: “The study of combining limited resources with unlimited needs.” It’s unlimited desires, and material desires at such. Perhaps that notion could now just be changed to “Chimp desires”, let’s see if that makes it into the textbooks.
Yet oh well, just wanted to express my gratitude, I realize it’s ok to demand your chunk of life and allow yourself to be happy, even if you’re the odd one out, there’s nothing wrong with that. So this dubbed “crazy” will continue his encouraged path to staying true, while creating.
Thank you! Thank you very mucho! And yes, please continue to shed light on everything! Toi, toi, toi! (which is German for encouragement )

P.S. I might be misinterpreting some of the things you say, yet am only at the beginning of my journey.

Shelly says:

I agree with most of this, and I’m glad you clarified that these things aren’t evil and we don’t have to stop doing them, because like you said, you can’t just get a divorce and disown your kids and live in the woods isolated from society forever. Also, it is a completely different story to be single and childfree (which I am), so it helps that all my time is mine and I can focus more on personal development. But I know people whose lives are taken over by their kids and they literally have to devote 100% of their time to them (such as single mothers with handicapped children). I feel for them that they can never have free time to themselves.

Also I just want to make a comment about Big Bang Theory, lol You mentioned this along with the other tv shows…I quit watching tv about 5 years ago but keep watching BBT because I feel like it’s different, it’s educational (because the characters are scientists and physicists) and it teaches people that you can be loved even if you are an awkward social misfit science nerd, lol But other than that show, I only watch documentaries and YouTube videos like yours, other educational personal development type videos. I feel like you are right about social media/websites being chimpery BUT it also depends on how you use it, I don’t mindlessly sit on YouTube for hours just for entertainment, I have it playing a documentary or educational video while I am doing household chores, etc.

BTW…the parts about sports and politics, THANK YOU! Those are the 2 main aspects of society that I cannot stand and I am so glad someone else feels the same way about them!

Tony says:

This is a great video, as usual. I’ve reached this point myself recently and have been contemplating this very issue a lot. I’ve become aware of how pretentious, petty, shallow and egotistical the human species is and have started to ask myself what all this shit is that we are all engaging in within society. I look around me and, just like you say, all I see are chimps doing chimp shit that has no real meaning and only leads to varying degrees of chronic suffering. It’s all so fake and neurotic.

For years I’ve had the feeling that something isn’t right, that there’s more to all of this than just what we see. Actualized.org has helped to give me the clarity to really see reality for what it is. The only problem now is that I’m not sure what it all means for me. I feel like I want to leave the ‘party’ now but to go where exactly? You’re right, once we leave it all behind we become ‘weird’ to everyone else. As though we outcast ourselves.

It is difficult to break way from all this chimp shit while still living with it all around us. I almost feel as though I’d like to live on an island somewhere away from it all. Just live a life in pure reality without all the pretention, pettiness and neurotic behaviours. Without the suffering that it brings. I need to spend a lot of time contemplating where to go from here.

Keep up the good work Leo.

Nadia says:

Dear Leo,

This is very clear! Many Thanks!

Rubye says:

Hi, and thanks sooo much for the info. Thought it was just me and the things that I have been seeing have brought me to an awareness that others don’t under stand. When I try to mildly voice my opinion about things and I say mildly because they do not see the things that I do. Everyone thinks I am crazy or that I am being difficult and this has been going on or some time so I thank you for this particular video for now I have confirmation about my own true thoughts. I haven’t had a week to myself, but will place a do not disturb sign on my door, go to the park, feed the birds or try to spend my time on things that I enjoy the most which is sewing, crochet and other crafts (people enjoy my work), as well as helping someone out when I can.
I have always limited myself to a lot of common things and have noticed for years that I awake without an alarm clock pretty much at the same time everyday and enjoy the silence before the day begins.

Thank you Leo!

Leo, I would like to ask you something. What, exactly, do you mean by finding your true self ?? This video was very eye opening however I feel like you haven’t really explained this point (not in this segment at least, right?).

Enlightenment? Finding a life purpose? Finding your top values? Discovering your thought patterns? Observing your emotions? Understanding your, let’s say, personality?

You did a good job with this video.

Spor la lucru,
Cu drag,

Chantal says:

Hey Leo Great video…in fact we have to become addiction free. …by listening to our inner voice. …where the only truth exists….and finally sets us free

Thanks for the inspiration

Rick Carroll says:

First off, your comment box doesn’t allow for long email addresses.
I’ve spent a lifetime trying not to be cloned. What you call chimps, I call clones. I love this video because it’s hard core reality and people often hate truth.

Like many people I do at times get caught up in it all. It’s hard to separate when you are surrounded by it. I keep coming back to one thing though and that is to not give any power to anything that is outside of me. I am who I choose to be and my abilities and my power are mine alone to control.

Thanks Leo….

Curious says:

as I was following the spiritual enlightenment videos and books you have listed, I came up with some questions (so I am a bit off topic, or not so as everything is linked, anyway), especially after seeing your video on your own experience of spiritual enlightenment (took some time to mature in my head though) :

– if you reach a development of the self where the self is not just the body, not just the mind but the whole reality, is the self the only thing that exist ?

– if you are the whole reality, you then identify with everything you ever experience, and so you perceive everything as “me”, and so you are very compassionate to everything. But isn’t it a bit “ugly/selfish” ? in the sense that you deny the identity of “other” by imposing yourself on everything, and you are not nice to “others” but to your ownself.

– how can you ever conceive of “other” if you are “everything” ? (and it clashes with the idea that you identify as a “I” thanks to a “non-I”)

– how can that lead to extreme peace and happiness ? I mean you are all alone in that “I am godlike” view, that is quite depressing.

Once again, thank you for all those ressources, free and not-free.
It just that, it leads to so much questions.
I know that ultimately, each one of us has to answer for him/herself, but if there is no interaction with “others” than that is so hard, so depressing.
You’re left on your own answering all those questions, that is why I am always looking for your new videos everyweek, makes me feel less lonely in those existential questions (can’t talk to anybody about that otherwise you are looked as “weird”).

Leo Gura says:

1) What exists is what exists. Whether you choose to label it “self” or not isn’t so important. It is all you though

2) The distinction between self/other is simply a fiction. The meaning your mind assigns to breaking this fiction, is another fiction. “Ugly” is a judgment. Another fiction. So is “Nice”. Another fiction.

3) You can’t! Other is inconceivable when you see what’s really true.

4) Not alone, but 100% connected to everything. The false distinction between self/other is what disconnects and alienates you. Right now you are all alone living in a bubble of self-concern. Again, watch out for the negative meanings your mind assigns to aspects of enlightenment. It’s only possible to feel alone when you believe you exist as a “you”. Really think about that.

Curious says:

Thank you so much for replying.
I would like to say that it helped clarifying the thing, but obviously it didn’t, it help clarifying the path to understand the thing.

I am sorry but I got so many questions still

1) About qualia :

After re-watching your “good vs evil” video, I can see that I have a specific perspective, defining what I prefer. So, to me that explained qualia. Each of us live its own subjective reality with its own set of qualia.
I can’t expect everyone to have the same perspective as mine. In fact only myself can have my perspective. It sounds really obvious said like this.

– By being everything, do you mean you take the perspective of everyone alltogether ?

For example :
To me having a nice car and taking care of it has no meaning at all, it is really pointless. But maybe to somebody else it has some meaning.
Though, I can’t understand why this specific thing could have any meaning to it. To really understand it would mean to have the perspective of a person that gives a meaning to it. Which I don’t have.

– So, by being “everything” do you take all the perspectives and understand the meaning of all of them ?

2) But then all those perspective clashes, I can’t at the same time have the perspective “taking care of a car almost like I am in love with it is meaningful” and “taking care of a car almost like I am in love with it is not meaningful”. In a sense I choose what I want to be, what I put meaning on.

– But I just don’t really feel like I am making any choice, I just happen to don’t like it. Moreover, I might change my opinion about it, and like it in the future.
So I just don’t understand, am I the one making the choice or not ?!

3) About language :

To me all those words pretty much mean something. But it is not like I have put any meaning on them, I have taken the meaning that society puts on them, and always re-evaluate “my meaning” with “the meaning of society” and update my meaning to fit the one of society.
Sure I could deny it all and make my own language , but ultimately I want to be a part of society.

– Does it mean that I have to shredd all of that too ?

– And if so, how can I even be functional in society and in reasoning ?

4) About the “middle path”:
That raises to me another question :

– How can I follow this middle path you advised in “What to do next after learning about enlightenment” when I am thinking about it all day long ?

5) With all this questioning in my head, a lot of memories of my life (especially of childhood) and memories of dreams I had started to pop in my awareness, I believe much more frequently than usual.

– Is this a sign of an ego defense mechanism ? Kind of like trying to perpetuate the memories of the self about the self to perpetuate the self ?

6)About life purpose :

I am following your life purpose course. I am doing my best but all this questioning on spiritual enlightenment is, I believe, letting me in a state of “I can’t choose what the fuck I should value/do” kind of mode.

– Is it possible to do both at the same time ?
I mean, both are path to find yourself that seem quite opposites (but should lead to the same place). It really sounds like I have to be and not be at the same time.

Leo Gura says:

You are overthinking it. Enlightenment is not philosophy. You MUST sit down and do the self-inquiry work. Everything else is a distraction if you want to get enlightened.

As far as life purpose vs enlightenment. It will be very difficult to do both seriously at the same time. Choose one or the other to focus on.

You can also do enlightenment work gradually while you’re focused on your career. Just spend about 1 hour per day on enlightenment, 10 hours per day on your career.

But if you’re going after enlightenment hardcore, like 4+ hours per day. You won’t have time to develop a new career. You mind will be melted from the work.

Kate says:

Wow!!! Best video ever Leo, thank you!!

Lerena says:

Wow!! So much truth in this. I’ve already downloaded the audio version. I’m going to listen to this over and over again. So that it’s stuck in the forefront of my mind. Thanks for the insight Leo. Spoken like a God

cia says:

Essentially, I agree with this powerful rant, Leo. So I’m responding because I feel of all your videos this subject matter was the most poignant – which is saying a lot! I really get we are hooked on the commonness of “society” functioning soullessly. All of us get through most of our lives via addictions, unconsciously taking the long path to enlightenment. Fortunately, some get to their destination. However, the error in your message here is that you make the assumption that our society is a “them” virus “us”, when in fact, we are all part of the whole. No separation exists between mindless human beings and the enlightened. Being enlightened is about recognizing beauty, love, the God (power) in us all and discovering peace through non judgement. Ridding oneself of negative thoughts isn’t easy, but cluttering up our minds with negativity is the alternative and keeps us from creativity and freedom. Since I discovered your work, I have been thrilled to hear most of my own feelings about self growth and improvement spelled out through your voice. Thank you! One suggestion: because you called this last video a rant, I understand the anger displayed throughout it (fuck this, fuck that) yet, I challenge you to re-film it. A far less emotional tone would benefit your viewers immensely.

aiwlys says:

What a fantastic video! And it is funny too. It is exaclty as i see the society since I have ‘woken up’ arround 3 years ago. I am nowhere near where I want to be yet, it is a constant proces. The lonelyness is quite hard, and finding people who understand me. Besides, most people who live the ‘normal’ life are so boring, there problems are so unreal for me sometimes. And I am weird for them too – as you have said.

But then again – I am building my own bussiness and I actually need to sell my services to them.. So it might be even dangerous to move away to far from the society as I might loose the understanding what sells and so on. Not sure if you can achieve the full enlighment while selling products based on the fashion and trends in the ‘chimp’ society. I find this a massive contradiction. What is your view on that?

And from the other side, maybe all that ‘chimpery’ is a good news actually… People who got it, they develop and make a use of those who are to lazy to grow or even to stop watch telly. Why not? I never share your videos, I am keeping them all to myself

Tony says:

I totally relate to your comment about other people’s problems being unreeal to you. I listen to people and all I hear is the selfish petiness of it. I just wish I could tell them to wake the heck up and see and appreciate reality for what it really is!

Likewise, too, can feel lonely being ‘out of the matrix’.

Hengame says:

Hi Leo, this is the 2nd time watching this video great all you say is true. Thank you for all ur efforts warm greeting from cold Germany

Michael says:

Hey Leo, this is one of your best videos ever – congratulations!
I was expecting lots of negative comments from people but it looks like you hit the right button

Lucinda says:

Leo, I really get this, but I have to admit I am a chimp, because I won’t give up my coffee, everything else, TV, porn, drinks, smoke are all easy to let go of.

Fabio says:

Hi Leo,

Thank you for the amazing video! I’m part of the weird ones, and i’m proud of it. I had many problems when I first realized I could not fit in, but I understood that being who you are, very often equals being on your own.
If you haven’t read any of Haruki Murakami’s books I suggest you to have a look at them, they’re illuminating.
Thanks, from Malta!

Darren says:

One has to be ODD to be number one! Avoiding main steam can be difficult but it comes with huge rewards. I do not consider myself weird, I call myself a 1 percenter.

When are you going to host a retreat for the 1%ers?


I says:

Chimp title & presentation Leo,

There are two rivers, identify me and consciousness. You’ve definitely found the first.

Your authentic self isn’t waiting to be found, you just need to give it some space from your chimp like behaviour to be able to unfold into your life. You should feel fresh & light from the new outlook when your love unfolds – that’s authentic, definitely pure.

I’m going to graduate you from IDIOT Class 101 – keep going there’s a lot more yet.

emelyn says:

Leo your lecture is very funny but 99.99 % true.

emelyn says:

Leo your lecture is so obvious and true.
I have a question for you, what is your opinion about eternal life,God ,judgement day, ,creation and about the idea that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that he died for our sins,and that only the righteous and member of the Church of Christ will be save. Thanks, and I wait for your response.

JAMES says:

Leo did not answer your question about eternity, judgement day or God because he does not know the answer. He is just an ordinary man with limited understanding.

bridget says:

Hi Leo

Thank you for all those generous videos once more, I do follow them and this one was quite special to me because I have always tried to be authentic, never in agreement with most of the lies out there that you mentioned and
I have always thought that I did not fit in this society, that there was something wrong with me!! I understand now that I am the one who sees clearly by keeping to the essential and trying to remember to stay close to nature, staying authentic.
It is getting worse out there but I hear many people waking up!!
I am determined to find the chore of who I am.
Brigdet for France

Julian says:

I have noticed some of those things before. Not all of them. But in the last few weeks I contemplated a lot on family life and how my father affects me. I don’t like being controlled by him. He’s a chimpy business guy. He really cares about status a lot. Now I’m planning to write a letter to tell him that I am taking control over my life and that he should keep himself out of it. Perhaps it doesn’t have to do anything with the topic. It’s just that I noticed him and others being fake a lot and it feels weird to be around those people. I feel fake too.

The idea to sit in a quiet space just by myself is something I often thought about. I will be looking forward to do it.

Ryan Fisler says:

It’s hard out here for a chimp

Unfolder says:

Excellent rant, thanks Leo!!
It’s actually hilarious how normal everybody thinks society is.

har says:

Hi Leo,

Thanks for a beautiful way of touching a very sensitive and important topic of Life/reality. I liked it very much and thinking how to take an action? My Mind is totally programmed with modern society and ask myself number of questions:
How to take action being a Family Head and responsible of apparent everyday needs. I will appreciate it heavily to hear from you about practical steps to take action in a cold country. Mind is full of distractions to struggling to leave the comfort zone of modern life.

Thanks a lot.

With best regards


Alex says:

But what about those videos about sex and relationships that you uploaded? Isn’t that chimpery too? Also you once mentioned about the struggles you went through to get the girl you wanted. Are you implying that even though its just futility, its fine not to get rid of all this chimp stuff?

Leo Gura says:

This is personal development! You’re not going to get rid of all the chimp stuff even if you work on yourself 8 hours per day for the next 40 years! You improve what you can and don’t be too neurotic about it.

What is it with all this black & white thinking? Geez…

Alex says:

Its weird, i am not able to reason it otherwise. You put your words very well. The act of arguing will either leave you in the black or white region. So you put a new condition and called it a trap and you alerted us not to fall into it ergo disabling everyone to argue anything. So if anyone tries to argue he is eventually gonna fall into the trap and those who fall into pit even after being made aware of it are just idiots.

Jan says:

Just had a quick discussion with myself here and both my selves agree the most healthy thing for a man is to progressively become one with everything (-: I meditate quite seriously and I want more.

What I keep asking every day though is how can one live a deeply spiritual life in the western society (and actually anywhere) without getting his or her hands dirty by participating in the chimp game you talk about in this video Leo. We gotta make money in order to survive, and for the vast majority of us this mans a 9-5 job that is most likely based around this game, participating in which is not healthy for neither mind or karma. Correct?

As a programmer I personally feel really stuck and burned out for this very reason. I ceased to love, like, tolerate my job, because in the long run it’s a pointless work in a pointless game. And most of the wholesome jobs that actually help humanity are paid so miserably! Yet for me this seems to be the only acceptable step to take – to learn to be extremely modest (which luckily happens naturally once we chop off our attachments), pick a less paid yet wholesome job and devote most of the time to spiritual growth.

As always – thank you Leo, every video you release helps me move a little further.
With gratitude,

Sunil says:


Leo, very nice video.
I have to say that you talk like saint.
Its very amazing to know yourself form inside.Everyone talks about that but no one want to get over from distractions.

Path is more hard as it looks.

I am from India.So there are so many saints who talk about inner peace or inner knowing yourself.They talk about real truth of life.LIVE LIFE AS SIMPLE AS YOU CAN.

All that truth when we hear about it. It feels amazing.After some times they are back to their routine life.

But what the real truth is that saint and gurus have all that information.But they don’t implement on them self also. They show their clean,simple image to their devote.

People trust them even follow them and then what happened ?


I am not pointing all are bad but there are very very good ones also.

You made very nice video but the main part is DO PEOPLE REALLY WANT TO CHANGE THERE LIFE OR NOT.

Even I don’t want to give up on some desires. I know they are good one.


Elijah Connel says:

Leo I have a question not related specifically to this video.

In your older videos you had transcripts of the entire video. These helped me quite a lot as I could print them and dissect them further and faster than re-watching the videos time and time again. (I usually watch your videos at least 3 times when I begin to ponder). So my question is, would it be possible to have transcripts in any of your future videos?

Even if not, thank you for the absolutely invaluable content.

Leo Gura says:

My transcriptionist quit, so I gotta find a new one. Transcripts requires many hours of work to make.

Hopeful says:

I’ll be your transcriptionist

Phil Ryan says:

Its a brave and great explanation to looking at your inner self. I didn’t think it complex at all – the basic message is that so many people can be very easily destracted at looking at themselves through everyday life and those fickle things are a very easy option to take. It may be that people want to look more inwardly but its a very freightening prospect so they “destract” themselves by wondering through life. I get it and I am working on it as a purpose in life and journey of self discovery is an exciting prospect. Unfortunately for society not all take that view.

Edward Fyffe says:


I am teaching in the same direction as you to folks, except in the area of law. My teachings can be found on Talkshoe.com at pin # 90413 if you are interested. I also talk about things you talk about in my archives. I really appreciate your approach and feelings you show towards people. I am acutely aware that most folks will not get much out of what you say, but you can be sure I have and I am 62 years old! I learned long ago to listen to all people because there might be just one diamond I pick up from listening. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to your next vid on “dirty talk” This one will be a real gas for me I am sure lol

bryon says:

ads take up real estate in my mind. They try to get me to exchange monetary value for false values.
Desparity is there favorite to exploit.
The wall street trap has tought me a lot about phsycology. I learn to deal with discomfort, uncertainty, fear,greed, authority, ego, confidence, anxiety, herd mentality, every day.
good rant! My ass herts less already.

Keso says:

My family is dysfunctional, lots of fights and stupidity, but does that mean that I should ignore that as it is more beneficial for me and my purpose?

Tony says:

I think the sentiment of this video comes as a natural progression of personal development. As we become more conscious and less egotistical we become more aware of how the rest of society is still stuck in ‘chimpdom’, low consciousness and driven by petty egos, hedonic pursuits and easy comfort.

The question is, how do we develop and self-actualize while still surrounded by all this chimpery. I know we don’t have to let go of everything and become reclusive monks living in a cave, but on the other hand once we become aware of the futile ego-driven behaviour and nonsense that we partake in, it is hard to continue engaging in it and even harder to accept it all around us.

Enlightenment and development are supposed to make us more accepting of reality yet it also brings us in to a state of mind that is outside that of the rest of society and an awarenes of how meaningless and valueless it all is. There must be some sort of functional overlap that we can pursue, but I’m yet to work out what it is.

All I know is that I have reached the same conclusion as conveyed by this video. One of the most important videos yet.

Zaid says:

Hey Leo,

Brave and well said, the world need more people like you.
The truth is so evident and it doesn’t require explanation, what you have said might sound hurtful at the beginning, you scratched many egos with that video, the ego doesn’t like to be threatned or to be undistracted. Bitter Truth, Virtuous Suffering are egos No.1 Enemy.

I have been watching your videos for months now and my life is improving.

Thank you.

David says:

We have gone sick by following a path of untrammelled rationalism, male dominance, attention to the visible surface of things, practicality, bottom-line-ism. We have gone very, very sick. And the body politic, like any body, when it feels itself to be sick, it begins to produce antibodies, or strategies for overcoming the condition of dis-ease. And the 20th century is an enormous effort at self-healing. Phenomena as diverse as surrealism, body piercing, psychedelic drug use, sexual permissiveness, jazz, experimental dance, rave culture, tattooing, the list is endless. What do all these things have in common? They represent various styles of rejection of linear values. The society is trying to cure itself by an archaic revival, by a reversion to archaic values. So when I see people manifesting sexual ambiguity, or scarifying themselves, or showing a lot of flesh, or dancing to syncopated music, or getting loaded, or violating ordinary canons of sexual behaviour, I applaud all of this; because it’s an impulse to return to what is felt by the body — what is authentic, what is archaic — and when you tease apart these archaic impulses, at the very centre of all these impulses is the desire to return to a world of magical empowerment of feeling.

And at the centre of that impulse is the shaman: stoned, intoxicated on plants, speaking with the spirit helpers, dancing in the moonlight, and vivifying and invoking a world of conscious, living mystery. That’s what the world is. The world is not an unsolved problem for scientists or sociologists. The world is a living mystery: our birth, our death, our being in the moment — these are mysteries. They are doorways opening on to unimaginable vistas of self-exploration, empowerment and hope for the human enterprise. And our culture has killed that, taken it away from us, made us consumers of shoddy products and shoddier ideals. We have to get away from that; and the way to get away from it is by a return to the authentic experience of the body — and that means sexually empowering ourselves, and it means getting loaded, exploring the mind as a tool for personal and social transformation.

The hour is late; the clock is ticking; we will be judged very harshly if we fumble the ball. We are the inheritors of millions and millions of years of successfully lived lives and successful adaptations to changing conditions in the natural world. Now the challenge passes to us, the living, that the yet-to-be-born may have a place to put their feet and a sky to walk under; and that’s what the psychedelic experience is about, is caring for, empowering, and building a future that honours the past, honours the planet and honours the power of the human imagination. There is nothing as powerful, as capable of transforming itself and the planet, as the human imagination. Let’s not sell it straight. Let’s not whore ourselves to nitwit ideologies. Let’s not give our control over to the least among us. Rather, you know, claim your place in the sun and go forward into the light. The tools are there; the path is known; you simply have to turn your back on a culture that has gone sterile and dead, and get with the programme of a living world and a re-empowerment of the imagination. Thank you very, very much.
Terence McKenna, The Archaic Revival

Alice says:

The correct word you’re looking for isn’t chimpery. It is the reptilian part of the brain that most advertising targets in humans. Chimpery is a word than some bullshit artist makes up because they haven’t done enough research on the subject, yet they con money out of people too naive to know that life coach was the best business idea this hack could come up with.

Angel Aguayo says:

I think this video supports what you want to expose

K Day says:

I totally agree with you!

Pas says:

Since I started my self development journey earlier this year, and partly inspired by some of your videos, I have cancelled my tv license, got rid of my ‘chimp’ friendships, deactivated my FB account (never had Twitter or any other social media app), i don’t read the news/magazines, decided to stay solo, started to cook my own food from scratch (lost so much weight just doing that!), take a friend’s dog for a walk every night, and my happiness has increased to levels I never imagined possible.

Highly recommend getting rid of the chimpery in your life if you want to experience personal freedom

Pas says:

Forgot to mention (how could i!): I also quit drinking, completely during the week and a couple of glasses during a regular lunch meet up with a friend on saturdays (i avoid parties altogether too these days). I still have a couple of things I need to quit (well, only smoking come to think of it) which will come when I decide it’s time (with all the changes I have made, I figured I’d leave that one last, once I knew the other changes were for keeps).

Leo Gura says:

Great work!

Teagan says:

Another great video.

Mary says:

I love this video!

Shopping and advertisement just get your eyeball. Marriage and romance and family are dysfunctional when you stop personal development and use these to hope your problem going away. Politics, shows, Wall Street guys, are ego lower self and sports professional sports the commercial exploit your life! It allows you to let you and make you lose your ambition and true self
All these commercials materialism will not make you happy!!!!

Jill says:

I’ve just recently discovered your web site, and I believe your insights are profound if not brilliant. I’ve been listening to different videos every day and each provides crazy wonderful food for thought. A rare gift. I can’t stop thinking about them!

This latest about society is no exception…I believe we are all chimps, buying into the distractions that take us away from who we really are. I have no problem seeing tv shows, advertisements, nice cars, etc., as nothing more than a distraction, but pause at the notion that family is taking us away from who we really are. As a mother of three, I feel that yes, we do indeed need to look within, but we also need to escape the prison of self, which we do in large part by loving others, imperfect though they, and we, may be. Some of my most transcendent moments have hinged on connection, camaraderie, and connection to the friends and family I love. It takes me out of my self-centered reverie.

Just something for me to ponder. I’d welcome your comments.

Mr. Leo,
WOW!!! I am sooooooo glad I watched this video! I really genuinely need to wake up in my mind and instead of catering to the numbers cater to the quality!!! I needed this I really did!! I just launched my online business and I love helping out the community but I need to open up my eyes to what I am doing in order to begin to create my wealth! WOW!!! What you say is so true! I ignorantly sent out a coupon with a picture of a woman wearing a nice dress with her cleavage showing, not realizing that what I was doing was appealing to that sexual drive in people!!! I sent one out with a dress covering the female and I did not realize “as you say” we do this unconsciously!

What you are talking about with love really nailed it for what my reality was when I was busy falling in love and I desired love so much I was willing to be comfortable and addicted with the “idea” of it! So I was in my chimping mind going out in the club to find that “love” and in reality I was at my lower chimp mind!!!

I really need to pay attention to following the Chimp self!! WOW!! It is all around us!!! This is so true!!! I have contributed in many ways!!! I will from here on out try to be aware of what I am doing in my chimp mind! In order to create quality within my life I realize that there is soooooo much more work that I need to do in creating clarity within myself!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! Thank you so much for this video!!!

I am not a religious fanatic, I attend a non denominational church because of a lot of the chimp mentality inside of so much “Religion”. I am a God fearing woman and trying to create an empire with a man in the same mind as me so that I can help the community within the prosperity that I am working towards!!

To me marriage is way more than the Chimp mind and that is why after realizing my worth I am now understanding in a clear mind what I genuinely need in my life!! Why I am so picky because there are so many people who think of marriage that way!!! I really do need to be aware of these exploitations within my mind!

Considering I have been experiencing celibacy for two years, I have been able to be aware of so much more than the average person has not!!! It has clarified my mind with a lot! My eyes are wide open to a lot of what you are speaking about!!! This is so true!!! I really will be even more aware of it than I have!!! Thank you for this video!!!

My aims are being genuine!!! Yes this is true! I think I need to incorporate more within my business like, a percentage given to the community and cutting back on the sexual adds, maybe even bringing a yoga line in my store and cycling entity in, maybe bring some healthy nutritious snacks into my store. I really do have a lot of work to do!!! Wow!!! I do need to be true to myself and Dig a bit more into my video work the work I came here to do in the first place, also focus on my nonprofit in giving back to the young and helping them to find success!! WOW!! !!! Thank You!! Yes there is a balance and I need to balance what I have going on inside and out!!! Yes thank you!! You really hit this on the nose!!

Danke says:

OMG YES! I have so much to say I don’t know where to begin. Last year sometime during the first part of the year I got really high and watched your intro to enlightenment video that shattered my perception of reality. But really, I was tripping the fuck out. Since then I decided to pursue an “empirical investigation” and HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I haven’t watched all your videos since but I’ve read some of the books that you have suggested through this site and done all sorts of blah blah blah blah blah. I’ve made some real fucking progress and watching this video just made me so ah angry, because what the fuck is all this bullshit. It’s a real fucking problem, and it’s so damn insane. I agree with almost everything you said in this rant of yours and have previously had the same feelings towards the subject. I won’t really say much about the parts I didn’t completely agree with because from watching the video it is aimed at individuals completely stuck in this vortex of a fucking fuck. I’m sure you know there are exceptions to some of the things you mentioned. But for the most part 99% of the things you said was chimpery(from my experience) is. I heard you mention evolution and that we have some primitive idk what the fuck somewhere. I’d say evolution is another fucking chimpery, if anything people would be less chimpy back in the day(like way back). But let’s not go there because I don’t like talking about bullshit. I’d like to thank you for getting me on the track to a more fulfilling life. I’m already more content you can say with in my life than I have ever been. It’s not because things are going well for me or if they’re not because that’s all bull shit. It’s all perception I guess you can say and I don’t think I’ll ever be back in a state where I think/feel things are going bad for me without knowing it’s my “chimp” mind fucking with me. I create my experience. I have a decent job at a bank in fraud prevention. I’ve been promoted twice in the past 1.5 years and have gotten 4 or 5 raises in the last 2 years. And I can give a fuck. I’m still there because I’m still figuring all this out I’ve had less than a year since I started working on this. People always tell me about what a great job I have, what amazing benefits, pay, and bullshit to get bullshit and live a shitty life. I know I have it better than others but, when you’re comparing shit is either really better? lol. I also haven’t had a gf in a while because I see where 9/10 that shit leads you, said it best yourself. Like you, I also would like to help people try and steer away from all this damn crap but it’s difficult! Maybe I still need to do more work on mysefl(and by maybe I mean definitely tehe). I applaud you for what you’ve created. This is a damn good site! people need to watch these videos and drop all their oh so strongly held beliefs and assumptions of how things are once they hit play. EVERYTHING. Then maybe some progress can be made. I don’t have all the answers and don’t claim to I’m just writing this to say thank you!!!! I can tell you really fucking care man.

Leo Gura says:

My pleasure

Lauren says:

As I am listening to you I notice you are doing exactly what you are speaking on. There is an ad on your video, you want an eyeball on your video. I haven’t seen all of your videos so I don’t know why you do what you do. I hear what you are saying. Yes this life we live is a stolen life. Especially people of color. I often wonder what my life would be like had our lives not been stolen from us. I completely disagree with the way this world is set up, however it is what it is at this moment in time so all I can do is make the best of it and do what makes me happy. It sucks that you can’t go spend a whole month doing something that you really want to do or you’re interested in because you have to punch the clock and or whatever because you have to keep those bills being paid! LOL! Yes it’s a hot ass mess!

Lauren says:

As I am listening to you I notice you are doing exactly what you are speaking on. There is an ad on your video, you want an eyeball on your video. I haven’t seen all of your videos so I don’t know why you do what you do. I hear what you are saying. Yes this life we live is a stolen life. Especially people of color. I often wonder what my life would be like had our lives not been stolen from us. I completely disagree with the way this world is set up, however it is what it is at this moment in time so all I can do is make the best of it and do what makes me happy. It sucks that you can’t go spend a whole month doing something that you really want to do or you’re interested in because you have to punch the clock or whatever because you have to keep those bills being paid! LOL! Yes it’s a hot ass mess! You can choose to be free from it all however there will be large consequences simply because of the way the world is currently set up.

MIKE says:

hi Joe
very well articulated ; and still i liked to ensure that i’m understanding you correctly,” Food isn’t the first GMOs”

MIKE says:

HI Leo.
i didn’t meant to call you Joe- no disrespect.

Neil says:

Hi, Leo,

First of all I have to say a huge ‘Thank you’ for that video.
I’m not sure I could show it to my parents or friends though because of the title! haha

The odd thing is, is that I was trying to mentally ‘tick the boxes’ of the 30 things you mentioned, and, ‘weirdly’ I turns out that i have hardly fallen into any of those ‘chimpery traps’. I don’t like porn, I have no TV, I use an Ad-blocker on the internet, i’m not into fashion, I don’t have a fancy car (In fact i don’t own one at all anymore, though I wish I did), also I don’t buy ‘useless showy shit’, either. Not a gadget fan, don’t drink or take drugs, I consider myself an Atheist, therefore no religion, I hate politics, and I absolutely loathe sports mostly, –(though I’ll watch the Winter olympics mostly, but I don’t follow my home teams, or indeed any teams) and also have never understood why people seem to be ‘impressed’ about what town or city in which they were born in, as if they had any control over that in the first place (obviously, they didn’t) so the loyalty -imho- is totally bogus.

Of course, I do have the odd vice though (no one’s perfect right?!); I like coffee and am trying to quit smoking as I write this, and play the odd computer/video game and USED to read a lot of Sci-Fi, nowadays it’s mostly factual stuff, and even then, mostly on the internet, though I have recently quit facebook et al, as realised what you and others have in that it IS just chimpery.
(as an aside; (have you ever seen the Sci-Fi film ‘They Live’? It pretty much encapsulates more or less what you said here haha!)

I am also not ambitions in anyway shape or form, and I am pretty disgusted with most things that ”today’s people’ think is ‘normal’ (here a fair few think nothing of going to the pub every night, or at least once per week).

Therefore I can safely say now after watching your video that I am definitely ‘Not running with the herd’ so to speak.

Right after saying all that, I find that yes, I DO think I’m weird, however – and maybe it’s all the chimps and their behaviour’s fault , or at least some of their actions are- that since i don’t seem to fit in with everyone else, it’s caused me more anguish and depression that anything else, and it seems to me is BECAUSE I don’t fit in (even though I’ve tried to).
I’m now at the point where I don’t even want to go to work anymore (I’m unemployed anyway), or even leave the house. It’s not that I’m lazy, (although I could be, as you’ve said previously; we all subconsciously try to go the easy route, I definitely have) as I’ve worked 3 sometimes even 4 or 5 jobs at the same time in the past and worked with one Government Dept for just under 25 years, I just can’t see the point anymore.
I feel like my life has no purpose and I’m just a waste of space. Yes, i could go off and find the ‘real me’ as it were, but to what end? I really can’t see any good coming out of this for some; you need a little more I believe than that to have a better life; having some imagination for example would also go a long way, ditto a decent memory haha.

I’ll be 54 in June, my health, whilst not exactly crippling, is starting to go as you would expect, and after watching this talk by you, am left wondering how exactly contemplating even more about myself will help any of that as this is something I’ve been doing all my life (I just think I’m selfish, but not in a good way, i don’t try to be, i just find this life and all this hypocrisy, disturbing and unreal…I’m genuinely contemplating that we’re living in some kind of artificial reality as has been posited by some theologians/scientists)
So, where do I go now?
What should I do?
(genuine question, none of what I’ve written here is to be taken as a criticism, it’s the complete opposite, if anything) as I’m genuinely confused about where I should be heading in life, late though it is for me.
I really don’t need a week off to go somewhere; where I live is just fine; no friends or family call around, and neither does anyone else!HA!

The chimps out there of course are ‘telling me’ that I’m not living a life, and I’m not normal and of course, because of this they think of me as being ‘depressed’ when i really don’t feel that way…not that it’s stopped them prescribing me anti-depressants of course!
Anyway, suffice to say, Thank you again for all your videos which you’ve done, especially this one; they’ve really helped, (despite me suffering from ‘Black & White thinking’ as my Cognitive Behavioural Therapist once put it!), I do still get a lot from them.

Thank you even more so for reading this far (if you did, well done; sorry for the length, once I started I couldn’t stop!)



Leo Gura says:

You maybe aren’t running with the herd is the most obvious ways, but there are many very deep ways in which your entire mind has been infected and rotted by the herd’s low level of consciousness. If you ever realize the extent of this, it will totally blow you away. It’s hard for me to even communicate it because it’s so subtle and cloaked with defense mechanisms.

Most of your ideas, beliefs, desires, aversions, habits, ways of speaking, and ways of thinking have all been injected into you like a virus by society. And they’re all highly dysfunctional, leading to unhappiness and frustration with life.

This conditioning goes so deep, that you wouldn’t believe me if I enumerated all of it. Your mind would just shut down and block it out.

Neil says:

Thank you for replying to me…and so quickly, too!
Other than watching all of your videos, is there any other way I could find information about these ,insidious ways in which we’re being ‘brain damaged’ (as it were) that you know of, Leo?
(the only one I can’t think of is, aptly enough, swear/cuss words; they’re just a sound or a word which generally mean nothing, yet people are ‘conditioned’ to find them offensive, especially so here in the U.K. and the States.
Oddly enough, Sweden (I’ve been there) think our swear words are ‘mild’, yet there’s are all heavily influenced by religion. I.e. Their version of ‘fuck off’ is dra Ut Helevete; literally go to hell! LOL

But yes, ‘unhappiness and frustration with life’ is where I am today.
(Is there really any point to it other than providing a way for DNA to procreate and spread, because ultimately, that’s all were are; carriers for the gene and its offspring? Even if we have considered ourselves at the end to have led a ‘good/interesting/fun life’ it’s not like after a holiday were one can look back and say ‘Oh, I had a great time’….death doesn’t work that way unfortunately, there IS no looking back.
Such is death….says no one ever!

Anyway, thanks again, really enjoy your talks!


Neil (The weirdo)

Leo Gura says:

Start studying and practicing non-duality. You’ll slowly see for yourself just how screwed up society is and how it has warped your mind.

Carl says:

LOVE Game of Thrones.

Thomas says:

I know a lot of people watch it, but Game of Thrones is not 100% about the violence and sex. What makes Games of Thrones great, is the culture. The craftsmanship of the leather sigils during the opening, the demonstration of an ever changing yet rigid environment when you see the gears spinning on the castles, how we can appreciate our reality as opposed to the harshness of the middle ages and antiquity, Daenary’s quest for freedom and slavery abolishment leading to new challenges. The complexity of a horse tribe who does not understand or deal in money (within the group) The lack of conclusion (Stannis does not die in the books), the wonders of engineering that build the Wall. The exploration of the folly of religions.

It is art, GRR Martin spent has spent decades writing the stories, and it all came from his life purpose. The series is a beautifully done demonstration.

Just thought I’d point that out Leo, but I really enjoyed your video and completely understand the point you made about GOT!

Thanks for the gifts you give,


Blake says:

Well, I completely agree with you on this one. And I’m really pissed off at society too. But this world is NOT going to change if we let them get to us, as I noticed they got to you when you did this video. I feel alone, too. But I try not to put my frustrations on somebody else, though.

This is really what they want to achieve. Because this is how you conquer the world. Make them fearsome, frustrated, angry at each other. “Divide and conquer”… I know you’re trying to open eyes here, but seriously. The majority of people watching your videos didn’t just land here. We’re people just like you. Pissed off at society. Trying to find ourselves and rescue ourselves from this giant pile of crap we live in. And what do you do? You lecture us for something we don’t believe in. And you have a tendency to assume you’re the master of it all and your readers and watchers are only chimps. Take a chill pill and realize you’re not the only one.

And, even worse. If a chimp landed here somehow, you lecture him. You lecture the crap out of him. So he’s going to do what every sensible chimp does and never give a shit about your opinions. You’re not going to change the world if you do not fight with their arms. That is, exploit the chimp for his better good, without him realizing what you’re actually doing. You seem an intelligent person, so outsmart them.

I think that pretty much sums it up. I would love to hear your thoughts on my comment, though.

Dianne says:

Everything you say resonates with me, and have felt this way since a young

One could argue that this is all part of a “Divine Plan”; we are disconnected
from our higher self and start functioning more from our “reptilian” brain,
in order to know that ultimately we will suffer from such disconnection.

My own personal experience has been feeling seriously disconnected from
source/higher power or whatever name you give it, suffering as a result and
then beginning the long journey back to re-connection.

I do feel the universe is designed for this purpose.

Martin says:

I have been alone for a significant portion of my life and have pondered much of the “bad news” and have come to the same conclusions as Leo in that much of it is just chimpery and ego-fueled behaviour. Nonetheless, it is quite refreshing each time I discover people who share my views and opinions. Thanks Leo!!

Amunptah says:

i appreciate this site , and is wonderful & inspiring to share with those of similar disposition ,imho knowledge of myself-mental state & physiology ,studying & researching history; allows me to accept i am accountable for what happens to me, if mom & dad made mistakes and more often than not blatantly lied to us, only a dysfunctional side of the left brain would/could inspire us to put confidence in a system,institution, corporation and fantasize, we are safe from being skewed by an idea that sees us as energy to be used; we are still living under Imperial Rome ideology on steroids(transplanted from rome to braitain through-out europe to america), & some may call it an historical coincidence. here is another idea-study if there validity of “secret weapons of silent wars” imagine it may shed light some light on those who we allow to rule by secrecy & fear. Just imagine?????????????????????????????????????????

Martin says:

Dude, lay off the crack pipe!! WTF is all this shit about mom and dad? Energy to be used? Left brain? Imperial Rome? Faith in an institution and fantasize? Man, you’re jumping from topic to topic in an inconsistent and incoherant, poorly written manner.

Kingdoms still exist, just in a modernized way. Illusion of choice. Illusion of democracy. Corruption is rampant in every, and I mean EVERY facet of life, from schools, to the workplace to the government to organized religion, all corrupt with no tolerance of the real truth. Let me ask you this, people believe in a “man in the sky” and all that stuff but are not labelled as insane. Why? Because many people believe the same thing. You have the odd “insane” person ranting and raving about topics which are not the norm and they are labelled as “insane”. Who is really insane? I’ve been struggling with sanity or lackthereof for a long, long time.

Let me just tell you this last little bit, judge not lest ye be judged. NOBODY has the authority to judge and decide the outcome of another person’s life but JESUS CHRIST.

Martin says:

Furthermore, I highly doubt that a mentally-incapacitated individual can be made accountable for their words and actions, to sort of respond to your “mom and dad” bit. A human raised by wolves may as well be a wolf themself, so to speak.

Amunptah says:

WTF is that ur insane & suffering from insignificance,in short ur an idiot keep taking the medication=lambeculo
a wannabe that never will be!

Amunptah says:

BTW; as far as you & jesus christ- GET OFF YOUR KNEES AND TAKE THE CROSS OUT YOUR A&&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle says:

I agree with you. It’s completely true….thank you for what you are doing for us!

Venus says:

An of course, the entire capitalist system is chimpery.

To know what I mean, watch the documentary Zeitgeist: Moving Forward. It will help you get rid of cultural baggage and conventional, dysfunctional beliefs.

Manshuk says:

Thank You Leo for your website. I am following you last 2 months and it helped me to see myself and others, my problems totally in different light. I am grateful to have an access to watch your videos and able to understand myself deeper. I am still learning about How to be Aware (Conscious) about my quick 5-10cek. reactions and I only realize it after I done the action (watching porn, movies, drinking coffee, being emotional about small matters etc.). It happens so fast, I have no control..

Lenore says:

I think my cat has all this self-actualizad stuff pretty well locked up, except that he does seem to need a lot of affection, especially for a cat.

But seriously, thank you, Leo. Your teachings are life-changing.

Daniel says:

I’m going to sound WERID but…., you complete me!

Max Gron says:

I’m trying not to do popular things, popular beliefs, it’s irrational! Being different, well to be honest I don’t give a shit about you, and I don’t give a shit about being different. I can’t accept Leo’s teachings because he said so, I only have my own authority. And yes I do get it, if all humans think that I don’t think that. I don’t believe popular things!!! People think something is true because a religion said so!!! It’s faith. I’m not going to believe like everyone else if some freak is telling us it’s true, it’s false!

Max Raoy Gron says:

Of restructuring my sentences that requires absolutely that I don’t project my issues on anybody or even the teacher. I think it’s a great idea to take back my life and cut out some of the things from my life and not be a chimp all my life, doing being, not the doing of a chimp. I think very much I haven’t grown on that episode of society screwing me in the rectum if I’m doubting it and attacking on and demonising it, all that stuff is how you unlearn teachings which may work in your favour, I decided to go in a different direction, accept the teachings, and do the work instead of seeing them from deficiency cognition perspectives. That’s all there is to life, perspective, by which, in careful selection to what’s in my direct experience, I would probably need that video on spirituality vs religion, to get the full picture, much like reading a whole book in order to understand it.

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