Money Psychology

By Leo Gura - November 14, 2016 | 20 Comments

The inner game of mastering money


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Elton says:

Thanks a million.

ken fraley says:

Leo I’m going to do the work sheet , I spent years searching philosopher’s stone for money or hard fast rules. There is a multitude of myths about money and I,m convinced that they can be debunked and that awareness is the key. You are right you have to read the books and do the work. It takes time and also learning from skills can be learned.

Mr Bumble says:

Isn’t seeking your true life’s purpose ultimately a function of the ego?

iKaryn says:

ahhhh wonderful here it is!

I asked the universe for guidance in this area because I struggle with the mindset installed by my upbringing that I just can’t seem to overcome.

It’s like the final nemesis on the hero’s journey and know Leo will take it by the horns!

I can’t wait to watch this one, thank you thank you!

Alexandra says:

It is funny how the universe works, just when I decide for real to deal with my finances, all this money stuff comes my way. I’m good with money but I definitely want to take it to the next level. Lear all there is to know about money, all the psychological aspects and all there is to know about investing etc.

Thanks Leo, great video. I’m going to do the work sheet now.

Sevi says:

These resent videos with worksheets are very generous of you, thank you.

Jamie says:

Hi Leo,

so what are your sources of income. Is your main and only business or you run other businesses?

I don’t understand monetization process. You seem to sell only the life purpose course, which you claim to have sold little over 1000 and the book list. I guess you should be selling 1000 PER YEAR, to make a solid 6 figures.
You don’t seem to do product placement or any other income generating activity (aside from youtube money which is little).

Is coaching your other main occupation? I would also like to bring to your attention that if I google it I found a page with your services and rates, but by searching within your website I can’t find any link to that page. Wondering if that’s still active.


Carrie says:

Omg, Leo! This video was exactly what I needed! And I almost died laughing from your hilarious auto response comment from donating to your tip jar. You are too funny.

Anyways, your video gave me a reality check that I needed to hear about starting my own business. I kept putting everything off and kept coming up with excuses, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks on why I was not getting anywhere. I have a down right phobia of being in front of a camera. I’ve been told countless times from several people that I need to create YouTube videos to attract clients to my website. It’s like I stand in front of a camera and I go completely blank, even with a Telepromter! The worksheet gave me a lot of insight and direction as well. I realized because of my past experiences from being on the news and being bashed by my dad for the last video I did it caused me to come to a complete hault of production with my business. I need to forgive myself, others and just let go of all of that. Now I know what I need to do. Thanks Again!

marian says:

Hi Leo

I have just noticed your tip jar – not sure how long it has been there – are you testing us? or is this a portent of things to come? I am wondering how long it would take me to go through all your videos/bits of advice/blogs etc and copy& paste and will it be a race against time?…………are you going to give us a chance to do this before you start charging or can you reassure us that all your freebies will remain so?

Much love

Diego says:

Some people currently live moneyless, like Daniel Suelo and Mark Boyle, or Diogenes or the Buddha in the past. What do you think about them, Leo?

Linsey says:

Listened 4 times!!!

Cristina says:

Reading the comments I now see you have a tip jar, you should definitely lock your videos in change for a fee cause people might not see it. You offer such high quality information that’s unfair to be free. There are so lower quality books out there that sell for high prices.

I’ve learned one thing about money, when you want it you have to offer high quality services/products. You’re already there so sharing for free SHOULD NOT be an option for you.

When I realized this, I understood that I have to work so much more for my final product in order to get the money I want and that made me a perfectionist and I fell in this trap – my major psychological problem – PROCRASTINATION – I’m trapped in my own emotional jail.

My parents think money is bad, they educated me according to their limited beliefs ( I remember a short episode in my childhood, one morning I was going to school and found a bunch of money on the pavement,there was enough to buy a new car and I didn’t touch it not because of some moral principle but because I really thought money was dirty and bad )
Later when I started to earn my own money I understood it was so beneficial and positive and I became shortly independent. My parents have struggled with money all their life and still they’re so ignorant they don’t even wanna listen to any financial advice, they know better.

My major emotional problem as I said is procrastination not only in my work, in everything. I hate this so much about myself, because it not only affects my financial life but also my self-confidence, self-image and self trust. I really don’t trust myself when it comes to deadlines, I always get to the last critical minute when I need to finish my work. I always say it’s the last time that’ll happen. I’m weak and instead of giving my best as I wish (being a perfectionist) I offer a poor quality final product . It’s also a writing emotional problem I’ve read a lot about, but still it’s about my psychology issues, I can’t blame it on my profession which I love.

Again, you should definitely stop offering your services for free. I can see there’s a lot of work behind it. I read a lot of financial education books, some have helped me with new information and knowledge, but none got so deep into my mind. I’m sure that after you read those books you reflect deeply and filter the information in such a wise way that it goes deep. Your insights go deep like a worm in my brain making their own way to the essence. I already have all that inside my mind you just come and show it to me. You’re amazing by doing this through your deep understanding and the connections and mechanism of your brain, you make it look so simple. I can’t thank you enough, Leo.

rod says:

I can’t find your worksheet from your video ” the inner game of mastering money.”

brian says:

always enjoy your thought provoking videos.
I have some subconscious conflicts with moralizing monetary perversions. What i mean by that is greedy and sadistic. I will work on that. I bought the euro dollar this evening risking $7 to possibly make 50 or 100. Forex maybe isn’t my purpose but it can be fun.

henry says:

There is an inescapable 1-2-3 formula for money.
However, there are as many ways to fill in the blanks as there are people in the world.

Money In = Money Stored + Money Out

Money is one of those areas of life where we are often our own worst enemies.

EBA says:

Thanks Leo, I am very aware that I have deep limiting believes about money, but I struggle to recognize them. I do not have any economic problems but money is something that deeply worries me at this time. Your video and your worksheet is bringing me some lights on this issue. Thank you, thank you thank you

Kirk says:

Classic video! The best insight and wisdom on the planet earth on this MONEY issue!!!!

Listen to it over and over again

Ayet says:

Thanks. its informative. would you please give the points in written in the video. ( List of some mistakes we do).
May Be it will help us more.

Hani says:

Thank you so much!!

Spencer Grant says:

Thank you Leo

This video also touched on many important points regarding the inner work that has to be done in all areas of life. Feel like this was exactly what i was missing. Could almost replace the Money with Health or relationships and this video still holds a lot.of valuable insights. It seems so obvious now, i think things are finally gelling in my mind! Thanks for the big! xxx

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