Reproduction Is An Illusion

By Leo Gura - January 15, 2020 | 2 Comments

What if biological reproduction was an fiction?

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Yvonne says:

Hi Leo

I think it may be easier for men to feel fine about not reproducing and instead finding fulfillment in their work or life purpose. I also don’t believe women have children just because it’s expected of them; there is a biological urge too, although in today’s fast paced world many women do not notice it until it’s too late.

I remember reading something Joseph Campbell said about women who had never had children still being fulfilled if they had some highly creative aspect to their life, such as being involved in the Arts in some way. I believe he and his wife were childless and that she was a dancer perhaps. This is of course what you are saying in your video but – whether or not reproduction is an illusion – I think the reality is that the population of this planet will continue to grow

Hope you have a good break and look forward to watching more videos.

Spenser says:

I do not think your suggestions of ‘the human race being symbolically pure children, or anything is our child’ gets at the cusp of the reason people want to have their own biological children as described by terror management theory.

Antinatalist arguments show pretty conclusively all reproduction is morally bad and fundamentally selfish.

People want to have their own children because the child having half your Gene’s is the strongest possible representation of your immortality (in an abstract but also real sense) as you have some of the strongest possible ability to make it like you and the raising of which is also the strongest possible daily reminder of immortality and therefore the best at managing your terror of mortality. Which of course isn’t enough as is and is why we care about so many performative & result driven actions on the world around us especially as it relates to our legacy.

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