Quantum Mechanics Debunks Materialism - Part 2

By Leo Gura - March 12, 2018 | 6 Comments

Quotations from the founding fathers of quantum mechanics in support of mysticism.

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Mayur says:

But leo, you are trying to distract me from distraction !

Robert says:


Robert says:

One objection though, at 1:17:50 you say there is no perception, no mind stuff…that seems right but also you say no consciousness. Without consciousness how are you aware of that undefinable being or the “right now”?

Vito says:

Good questiion

Martin says:

“(…)The world is to be understood, not in the dualistic terms of atoms (things of one kind) that move in the framework and container of space and time (another quite different kind of thing), but in terms of more fundamental entities that fuse space and matter into single notion of a possible arrangement, or configuration, of the entire universe(…)
Space and time in their previous role as the stage of the world are redundant. There is no container. The world does not contain things, it is things. These things are Nows that, so to speak, hover in nothing. Newtonian physics, Einstein’s relativity and quantum mechanics will all be seen to do different things with the Nows(…)”

from Julian Barbour’s ‘The end of time – The next revolution in physics’ – the must read book

Ebbot says:

Some questions keeps coming up for me here: Why is it the right direction for us to seize our existence as human beings and become infinite? Why is the ultimate goal to become aware of this in our limited human life if we are this ultimate infinity anyway?

When I try to answer these questions for myself I cant seem to come up with a non egoistic answer (but I do accept being egoistic).

Given that the delusion of materialism is necessary for the human experience, what makes the paradigm shift you speak about likely. And why is it the right way forward? The obvious answers to that one seem moralizing because we have to say that the world should be in some different, better way. More than that the direction of our science and academics seem completely insignificant in an infinite perspective. Maybe that explains why people who experience absolute infinity don’t really care to make a display of it or changes in human society.

Love your talks. These were true eye openers. Hearing the words of some of our greatest scientists really highlighted the significance of your work and made the delusive nature of our current paradigm more apparent.

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