Quantum Mechanics Debunks Materialism - Part 2

By Leo Gura - March 12, 2018 | 18 Comments

Quotations from the founding fathers of quantum mechanics in support of mysticism.

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Mayur says:

But leo, you are trying to distract me from distraction !

Robert says:


Robert says:

One objection though, at 1:17:50 you say there is no perception, no mind stuff…that seems right but also you say no consciousness. Without consciousness how are you aware of that undefinable being or the “right now”?

Vito says:

Good questiion

Martin says:

“(…)The world is to be understood, not in the dualistic terms of atoms (things of one kind) that move in the framework and container of space and time (another quite different kind of thing), but in terms of more fundamental entities that fuse space and matter into single notion of a possible arrangement, or configuration, of the entire universe(…)
Space and time in their previous role as the stage of the world are redundant. There is no container. The world does not contain things, it is things. These things are Nows that, so to speak, hover in nothing. Newtonian physics, Einstein’s relativity and quantum mechanics will all be seen to do different things with the Nows(…)”

from Julian Barbour’s ‘The end of time – The next revolution in physics’ – the must read book

Ebbot says:

Some questions keeps coming up for me here: Why is it the right direction for us to seize our existence as human beings and become infinite? Why is the ultimate goal to become aware of this in our limited human life if we are this ultimate infinity anyway?

When I try to answer these questions for myself I cant seem to come up with a non egoistic answer (but I do accept being egoistic).

Given that the delusion of materialism is necessary for the human experience, what makes the paradigm shift you speak about likely. And why is it the right way forward? The obvious answers to that one seem moralizing because we have to say that the world should be in some different, better way. More than that the direction of our science and academics seem completely insignificant in an infinite perspective. Maybe that explains why people who experience absolute infinity don’t really care to make a display of it or changes in human society.

Love your talks. These were true eye openers. Hearing the words of some of our greatest scientists really highlighted the significance of your work and made the delusive nature of our current paradigm more apparent.

michael abitbol says:

excellent man, you’re putting out great shit

Vik says:

Is this broken?
How do I post a message here?
All I get is: Invalid Message: Special Characters Not Allowed

Vik says:

Namaste Leo Gura
At the age of 16 (circa 1975) a friend and I awakened in a series of conversations and the implications have weighed upon us ever since. My tech career is complete and I have retired to full time contemplation. I came across your work and am stunned by your progress in non-duality. I am delighted with the correlation of mysticism and physics. Like myself you are unable to escape the dualistic distinctions in presenting the ineffable. “We cannot talk about the fundamental aspects of reality without contradiction ourselves” (but yet we just did; but yet we understand being caught in the logical loop). “Paradox is not a bug it’s a feature”. The distinction between dualism and non-dualism is itself an example of dualism and we cannot escape this logical loop. The only path to the equivalence of self and universe is to begin with such a distinction in the first place. We understand the semantic impossibility of expressing non-dualism directly. Of particular appeal is the correspondence of QM interpretations with experience in general. The quest for the theory of everything leads to the mystical ontology you present. It has been my life passion to reconcile the mystical experience with science, philosophy, and theology. My experience of unity denies such compartmentalized view of reality. I have a great deal to add to your conversation. I am willing to donate some of my research to your effort. Perhaps you would consider a brief essay contribution. Example topics: Physics as mindcraft. What your math teacher didn’t tell you. Cognitive evolution. The mystique of empirical science. Circles in epistemology. Or whatever topic you would find useful to the research at hand. Consider this offer prayerfully. Vik.

Pablo says:

Im not sure its valid to use quantum mechanics in our scale the effects do exist but are insignifican so yes we can wallow in the myer of quantum weirdness but that is probably not the reality we live in I do think conscious is an illusion of our biological evolved brain but more because of the way Dr Michael Graciano explains it in his Atention Schema theory its information so its not a thing By seeing this through introspection do we get to something more thats were IM stuck

Outlandish says:

This is excellent, I can’t begin to imagine how many hours of research went into this presentation. The epic quote from Albert Einstein was literally jaw-dropping for me, and I was especially excited to hear David Bohm quoted, whose writing I’ve found to be very profound and mind-expanding.

Unfortunately my mp3 player choked on the file around 1hr so I have to stream the remainder from video at some later time to complete this.

Question for Leo: did you keep a list of references for these quotes? I would be interested to read the sources of some of these, in particular the work that the Einstein one came from.

Lion says:

I am a native Hebrew speaker and can add the following:

Jehovah is the holiest name of God in Judaism and the holiest word in Hebrew.

(unfortunately, I cannot type here any Hebrew text)

In Hebrew, it means “the one that was, is and will be”. It’s a good word to say eternity in a verbal form (“the one that eternates”). Religous people are actually afraid to say this word, so whenever it’s written in the Bible they read it as Lord or God. Those who are hard-core religious say “the name”

The root of this word is “be”. So what God actually is: infinitely being.

When God first got revealed to Moses in order to send him to instruct the Hebrew slaves in ancient Egypt to submit to God, Moses asks but what should I say if they ask me for the name of the God for whom I am speaking. God replies:

(Hebrew text I could not type here)

Which literally means “I will be what I will be”. That’s the ACTUAL answer from God to Moshes for “what is your name?”!

I never found THIS explanation i.e. it’s as simple as it’s written.

It’s like answering “so when and where can I find you?” with “whenever or wherever you would look for me, then and there I will be”.

John Quelch says:

I have looked for years for such an accessible, coherent and comprehensive, non dual perspective on Quantum physics. Your brilliant synthesis here, Leo, is simply stunning. It is almost earth shattering in its impact. I had to laugh though as you stumbled through some of those long winded ‘fathers’. All power to you Leo, your enlightenment work has renewed the hope and enthusiasm of this old boy who has struggled for decades with this whole non dual reality. You’ve helped more than you’ll ever know to renew the quest. I suspect I’ll never be able to fully repay you. Thank you

Yaakov says:

Greatest video ever!

Reminds me a lot of this one: hashem.com/can-quantum-physics-proves-hashem

Max Gron says:

I can’t believe in any mysticism, spirituality (as spirit outside of religion), or faith (belief held with strong conviction, especially without proof), or any of the mythological stuff, it’s nonsense. This is an eccentric reality and I was never introduced to such a weird, unfamiliar reality. I tried the experiment with individualism, and it’s spooky, it changes how I see the world, and what I learned is that reality is just a mundane, ordinary existence, constructed by my thoughts of myself and experiences, since I’m not an anti-realist and refuse to think “reality” is all imaginary, that that’s all that there is, no, reality’s not like that, matter exists, it’s just that the only way to know an object is from direct knowledge of ideas and sensations and not abstractions such as matter, and that ideas can be perceived for their very existence. Reality is only a specific imagination, there’s a difference between what you call “reality” and what’s the unreality, reality is the external subject conceived of, it’s your imagination but it’s real existence and it’s not just subjectivity even though it’s not objective, that’s my discovery. Reality and real things aren’t a concept or idea inside your head, but are real, whether you believe it or not, and is capable of being outside of your mind and even not in your imagination, that’s why I reject anti-realism, matter is real, it exists. Exist means to be, have being, or be found and occur, or live, or survive, therefore things exist. Reality isn’t one, you exist, we’re not one, we’re billions, reality isn’t infinite, it’s not paradox, it’s not irrational or illogical, it’s not necessarily an experience, it’s not reflections to study what the truth is, reality is discovered simply by seeing it, knowing and understanding it and accepting it for what it is, not these lies Leo believes in, it’s a fantasy world, it’s not reality, I’m afraid to say this but Leo is wrong, he’s delusional, I refuse to believe in Leo, I refuse to accept any of this as the truth, I only accept the quantum mechanics and not his spin on it, it’s science, Leo’s interpretation of science, which is an abuse, is pseudoscience. Wake up and face reality, now I see that people are full of shit.

Max Gron says:

The you yourself you keep hating, that you hate so much about your life and yourself, of course it’s not separate from your reality, reality is scary, it’s very hateful, and absence of money is everything to cry about, but that doesn’t make it only what to cry about. I admit there’s a me I keep hating, tweaking my beliefs as I do all the time, the essential nature of autism is a man who doesn’t hate themselves but loves themselves for what they are and is very unwilling to change their beliefs. It’s more complicated with me, but my discovery of reality is very simple, it’s not complicated, it just is that which is the external subject conceived of. The problem is reality you or somebody you know can’t accept, it is the way it is whether you like it or not, but the trick is to not look for perfect, just to accept the less desirable original for what it is with yourself accepting everything you do. It’s that simple, I know what Leo’s pointing to, but it all points to uncomfortable ways of living, I don’t want it, without comfortableness there’s no ease, without ease it doesn’t feel good, I think spirituality very much teaches you to hate yourself, with no respect and no honour for yourself, screw that, I’ll just ignore all discomfort and make myself comfortable.

Max Gron says:

How can I be such a fool as to believe this incomprehensible gobbledigook about God? That you can’t symbolise it? If you can’t symbolise it, if it’s nothing, literally nothing, then it’s nothing, it’s not even God, and therefore it doesn’t exist. God is a man that exists, I believe he literally exists, he’s found and occurs. Leo’s work doesn’t work therefore it’s not true, nothing he says is true because it’s not my beliefs, truth is only belief, beliefs are what’s true, if it’s not my beliefs, it’s not true, because if you can’t recognise it as true there’s no reason to call it as the truth. You don’t tell the truth, it’s not even belief. I only believe in belief. It’s simple, truth is what I think, it’s not what anything or your finger is pointing to, it’s existence whether it’s pointed to or not, and if you point to it you’re probably pointing to lies and falsehood. I’ll apply this quantum mechanics but I refuse to accept as true what Leo points to, reality isn’t pointed to, reality doesn’t conform to what you say or tell me I should believe, reality is only what I think, reality is old-fashioned, reality is the Christian God and what I see based on the Bible, it’s king’s rule, it’s what works, it’s ideas and sensations you know directly without knowledge of matter and it’s ideas, it’s individualism, it’s anti-Australianism, it’s imperfection, it’s aesthetically the despising of men and avenging myself upon them together with lack of need for endurance of life and the love of certain things with Biblical reading and thinking of God, it’s authenticity and it’s Christology, that’s all that reality is, it’s not anything remotely different from any of these eleven beliefs.

Max Gron says:

I don’t do dualism or nonduality, I’m not sceptical of Leo, and I’m not cynical of him, and haven’t been for a long time, I gave up my scepticism as from Leo, I had the equipment for finding out the truth and found it already, and from my experience I know I should do what I want without a considerable amount of manipulating of my behaviour. I know none of this is illusion, cults that contradict your beliefs and what you consider the truth is are what start wars. I’m no longer tied into any culture, I found out the normalisation of the things most people believe/accept/take seriously deviates from the truth, it’s just popular belief, normalisation isn’t reality, it’s just an authority formulated by doctors to fix you from not conforming, so you can take it in the rear from society, f’k em. It’s not that confusing as to what’s real, 39 years of not getting it what the truth is isn’t funny, the truth is very obscure. To eliminate the mystery of life and obscurity of the truth, I’ll just believe what I believe whether it’s got proof or whether it can be believed or not and whether I like it or not, it’s as simple as that, and I’ll cling to it even stronger, for a lifetime. You can’t know truth until you cling to beliefs and when they challenge you grab onto it even harder and be more of a believer, f’k everybody else, just be a defender and crusader for what you believe in.

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