Why Brains Do Not Exist

By Leo Gura - November 27, 2017 | 17 Comments

A look at how materialist metaphysics is self-defeating and confused.

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Galyna says:

Wow, Leo!

Thank you so much, in this video you have explicitly explained everything I was asking you in my comment two weeks ago about the existence of other people. I feel like this video was made exclusively for ME. LOL. I would have never realize the things I did, hadn’t you appeared in my reality.
Thank you a lot.

I still have to re-watch it couple of times to comprehend better. If we are to combine this video with your other one where you were saying that time does not exist, it can really create a powerful effect on the psyche.

Lots of hugs,

Love ya.


clem says:

Thank you Leo!
This is the most profound presentation that you have communicated. I see it as the evolutionary extension of all the information gathered from your past research. There is no doubt that contemplation of the topic will help many of us to break free of our fundamentalist, first person perspective grounded in the physical.
The neuroscience is slowly catching up to the general public as demonstrated by Anil Seth’s Ted talk. While he still uses the “brain” as a prop, the concept of us experiencing an “organized hallucination” is a small step out of the box.
Be well

Gaz says:

Hey leo, i been following u for some time now and ur videos and techniques are great. They have helped me so much in my life, whilst at my lowest point. and I will continue to strive towards enlightenment. I forgot which of ur videos it is in, but u speak of not knowing if u will stop actualized.org or not! I hope not! Because since I stumbled on one of ur vids on youtube your site has been for me, a drastic help. So, will u stop, if so will u make another site, perhaps outside of self help, as u say urself u are evolving, ( so hell knows what that would be lol) or will u still have some form of communication for ur followers, like email, the odd youtube vid etc etc. My apologies if u already been asked and answered this somewhere else and I missed it.

Marcel says:

Great Video Leo, many thanks for sharing!
And yes, I like your “stuff”!
I am growing with you. Your videos help me a lot. They are opening new doors, behind there is something I really cant wait to explore………………………….


Albert says:

Hi Leo,
Your content is the best of all that we can find on the internet. Just read ‘corrupting the youth’ & ‘mainstream conversation about god’. Amazing stuff. But i think that there is a scope of making it even better. Shouldn’t we actually not criticize the society, the PUAs, the moralists,the popular culture, the religious fanatics for behaving in unconscious ways. Rather than being critical, we can see their unconsciousness with compassion. They behave in such ways because they know not what they do. Compassion allows to influence the unconscious person in an easy way.

Leo Gura says:

Of course. All criticism is untenable. Reality is absolutely perfect.

Michael says:

Nice one Leo.

There is a theological concept called kenosis, and I am wondering if you could comment on it.

Kenosis is the act of Self emptying or Self forgetting. God forgetting that God is God as a way of simultaneously being and experiencing itself. Nothing has, will, or ever will exist outside of the Self, and kenosis only results in the appearance of disintegration. The deepest way to experience this is to be a subjective little self over here, with an objective reality, or God, outside over there somewhere. And the whole point is to eventually go through the terrifying and blissful process of remembering you are God. It is like the ultimate waking up early to go to work but then realizing you forgot it is the weekend.

I think this concept offers some explanatory power for why there appears to be these rules governing hallucinations. Without the appearance of consistent rules then this apparent subject object distinction starts to lose its stability.

Leo Gura says:

Sure, kenosis is just enlightenment.

Michael says:

Fair enough. If we were to explain it in terms of duality then enlightenment and kenosis are opposing ends of the same dichotomy. But in this work being lost is the same exact thing as being found right?. Its like looking for yourself in the cosmological lost and found box but when you look inside it is empty.
God damn fucking mind shattering weird ass existence.

Elton says:

The subconscious mind?!?! What about that?

Leo Gura says:

Mind is a concept invented by humans. There is no such thing as “a mind”.

clem says:

Hey Leo,
The feedback on this topic is very interesting and intellectually stimulating. Thank you fellow readers.
I appreciate the way you handle the monkey mind chatter of the critics by directing them to verify the truthfulness of your words by engaging in their own self-directed experiences. Taking this council to heart, I applied the information to my own research utilizing the tools of a Restricted Environmental Stimulus Tank and psilocybin. I began REST float therapy 25 weeks ago seeking relief from my chronic back pain issues. I discovered that 2hrs in the sensory isolation tank provided a perfect environment for meditation. Directing my awareness internally allowed me to relax and let go of some bodily tensions. Once this had been addressed my mind chatter could be observed and released allowing me to experience the reality of “timelessness.” However, the depth of this experience was still limited, grounded to my concept of being a “suffering self;” as a body/brain entity. Two sessions ago I applied your council, “the brain doesn’t exist,” with a couple of mushrooms. This was the catalyst for a “break through” allowing for a profound separation of consciousness from our group hallucination we call physical human reality. It was a little frightening at first to accept that what I believed to be “me” didn’t exist. However, disconnecting from my pain, even for a short time was enlightening and blissful. This shift in my perspective has opened new doors of understanding and new pathways of exploration.
Be well,

Pat says:


Finally got to finishing the last 15 minutes this morning. I’ve been following you since the beginning and listen faithfully (as dessert) as they come out. I enjoyed your closing remarks and hearing you acknowledge your own growth. It is apparent as a viewer namely your pacing and excitability is more honed in.

Excited for the future content and to follow you on this journey!

-Your student, Pat

Yann says:

you’re making very good points evoking the old substrates of light, etc. Now light exist by itself, so why not reality, yes

Lauren says:

I’m beginning to feel like I am just God’s puppet.

Lauren says:

Hi Leo,
Do you still believe in the information you’ve provided before your profound awakenings? I think it was the episode when you described your 5MEO trip, or maybe it was the episode regarding What is Infinity or What is God that you said “I’m going to have to change my material…” I imagine you find your earlier self-help episodes helpful and relevant still, otherwise you’d probably take them down…

I also wonder, is it a wise use of my time to invest in self-help for human life success (i.e. career, money, manifesting, building confidence, healthy relationships etc.) if I am feeling more drawn to pursuing enlightenment? Will the conventional success come with enlightenment or will it just not matter once enlightened?

I have so much gratitude for you and being able to access your work and your wisdom.

Steven says:

When I was tripping on LSD the universe told me that “the essence of form is emptiness”. It also showed me that the theory of the big bang is just the expression of an unconsciousness phylogenetic memory of the exact moment our own material existence began… at the moment of orgasm.

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