Not Everything Can Be Explained Simply

By Leo Gura - June 14, 2021 | 1 Comments

Why explaining reality is more difficult than people appreciate

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Max Gron says:

Of things that aren’t easily explained, it’s plain to see that Muslims indoctrinate other people in Islam in Muslim countries and if not following that branch of Islam or not following Islam full stop, and by women not wearing the headscarves in Muslim countries they’ll get killed, as for things, circumstances in life, it only adds more truth to my ultrapessimism, that there’s no help for pain, no light, love, certitude, joy, or peace, and armies clash at night, given all this that’s actually bad, it’s really a complicated thing but life’s evil, not to be endured, that if I express my pleasure it’s only in getting my way, so as with the above teaching on that video above, I need a life worth enjoying but that’s a pipe dream, it’s always a disaster except for science, which is wonderful, there’s a lot of war over certain identities, it could be something ridiculous like a door, not letting me close it, the truth hurts and in my life I need a break around Victor Harbour.

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