Is Gender A Social Construct?

By Leo Gura - May 3, 2021 | 5 Comments

What is gender? Does gender actually exist?

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josh Ruloff says:

I like it! real scary but liked it! u know my psychology u save my life and every ones else! thank u from a far! virgina beach with love!

Jim Feiling says:

Remember the Hanson Brothers i remember being attracted to them as a kid and they looked like girls lol. I always love your whole video Leo keep it up

Brennan says:

This video is fascinating, and it is very thought provoking. I agree with Leo when at the end when he talks about making more accessible, I have been pursuing enlightenment for the past 9 years and I recently for unrelated reasons I have run into some monetary issues because I am 19 and I need to start making money, and Leos older more stage orange oriented videos from more around actualized.orgs start have been very helpful for me in my pursuit for financial freedom.

Jim Feiling says:

Another awesome video very informative too i just worry about peoples attitude towards meditation sometimes one may ask where all these wealth of insights comes from poof there it is. Leo my heart is grateful for all your videos I share em n talk about em and listen to the clips and the whole video

Josh rulofff says:

Self pity and judgment

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