Developing Introspection

By Leo Gura - October 2, 2020 | 3 Comments

The solution to the problem of self-deception

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Leo Gura says:

From girl in England”You’re one of most selfless influential men I ever took advice
from since i became 10 years old” I love how open minded,brave,wise,intelligent,
healthy,thrift,thoughtful,relatable,modest yet worthy of infinite praise every life!I
meditate almost ever school day in school thanks to your unparallelled
advice including overcoming addictions I am more emotionally free from all my
emotional problems I love you for who you are leo
we really need more emotionally mature intelligent unpredictable men like you!

Tim says:

Sadly Leo dont practice is what he teaches. He became, or always been maybe, a narrow-minded leftist, a low information voter, a crazy woke person, judgemental and uninteresting. Sad because he used to have interesting videos , not any more.

Cris says:

I loved this! Looking back I realize I’ve created my own life from day 1!
You’re so right! I know it because it’s already in me!
I am alone. I created all the shit in my life for being so disconnected from me, from the TRUTH.

I reached a level where I can see how I manifest within hours!!!
I see into the future because I create it as I go. Can’t tell how I’m doing it. It’s not thought nor feeling or anxiety, I just know what’s coming, it’s some sort of guessing but being certain about it and then the confirmation. It’s like saying I want that on there and then it manifests but I’m not sure I like it or it really matters. It’s just there.
I realize I have to be careful not to manifest from a space of fear or negativity cause fears also manifest.

Little things that happen in ordinary everyday life that I create. I know I’m gonna meet a person I’m thinking about in the exact place I imagined it. it’s like a stupid meaningless thought you put aside and then boom, the next day it’s in front of you. I have to journal so that I can remember. It’s very scary because I know I can manifest shit to )

It’s scary just thinking I can do this with little unimportant everyday things.
I can only imagine how I created a whole life. What a mess it was. And then the cleaning of the mess, cutting relationships, radical changing, collapse, diet, crisis, pain(I went through a twin flames separation and spiritual crisis)… Had to change radically just to make space to remain with myself in the pain, to rest and contemplate, and now this….

I am afraid to admit to myself that I created it all from the very start, so much misery I now consider pointless, the amnesia, the nightmare, how long it took me to clean the shit and find some peace only to realize it was ME all the time, when I used to demonize people and call them karma.

It’s just a tiny light fragment I can grasp and remember, observe and realize I create it. It’s silly everyday things but it’s TRUE! I am responsible for all my suffering my whole life and everything. I wish I could have full control on all the things that are really significant in my life and I could manipulate reality. So far I don’t know how I’m doing it. The most valuable thing I’ve got so far is realizing that I can finally RELAX. I know I’m safe no matter what. I know I’m in control even if I don’t remember how I’m doing it.

Being responsible for your own shit is very painful. You can’t play victim anymore. You can’t blame anyone, but maybe your own amnesia and unconsciousness. You didn’t know any better, right?

I don’t know where this realization will take me, but one thing is for sure, I rely on my intuition and exercise it, sharpen it more and more until I can expand my control on reality and can manifest only what I want.

I also feel some sort of nostalgia which would translate to pain addiction. Realizing you’re not a victim, makes you responsible for all your pain and now when you find it unnecessary you kinda miss it. it’s stupid but that’s the dream trance, the illusion attachment. You love the drama, you wanna be the victim, you wanna solve the nightmare, you want the happy ending even though you know it wasn’t real.

I won’t let go of this tiny beacon and will exercise my intuition more and more and reality will confirm it to me. I can do this consciously by journaling so I can remember and being more observant of the reality. I want to expand it to the point of manipulating my reality.
I can’t rely on anything outside me. I read a lot, learned a lot, it was just a confirmation that I’m not crazy when I was going through the dark night of the soul. But after the tornado, comes the peace and space to connect with yourself and trust your SOUL. Some call it ego death. I still have an ego and it’s damn tricky, but I also have that clean peaceful space within that the tornado left behind. There’s where I am allowed to connect and sharpen my KNOWING.

Leo I really hope you become like Osho only so that you get the recognition and millions you deserve. I wish you the best in life. I’ve followed you on your journey, cried with you and mirrored my soul in you. I manifested you so I can remember. I thank myself, I thank you
You are God. I am God. We’re going Home.
I love you for WHAT YOU ARE!!! My own soul.

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