Is A Cult?

By Leo Gura - April 2, 2021 | 2 Comments

Answering common doubts and confusions about teachings

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Dosta says:

But Leo, can you give an update on how your 14 day fast went?

clem says:

Thanks for the clarification on cultism. As a former cult member that has done the work of extracting myself from the “molasses of indoctrination,” I can attest to the correctness of the perspective you present because it is verified by my experience. One of the truth tests that I often use to challenge those who have yet to arrive at a the “meta” level is to simply state the obvious and see how others process the information. There is no ownership attached to the statements of my opinion. My descriptive words are the same as yours, and many others who have come to the same conclusions, but that unified opinion does not make us all members of the same cult.

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