How To Avoid Getting Scammed, Cheated, Exploited, Conned, and Screwed In Life

By Leo Gura - April 28, 2022 | 4 Comments

The psychology of con artistry and how to inoculate yourself against it

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a lemon sometimes is green says:

have you ever been scammed by a blue/red person into believing he understands anything about turquoise?

Max Raoy Gron says:

I’m not too trusting of blue and purple people in spiral dynamics, and I’m not all that trusting of green either. Green is the war of resources, coercing me into loving love, peace, drugs, and the environment when it should be systems thinking, strategic thinking, changing the structure, spirit, and consciousness, it’s so, it’s so because I’m not making an assumption but it’s true that blue people con me, they con me into rules which may work for them, but it’s coercion, it’s not religion of individual choice, it’s a forced religion. And what if I don’t want to follow their rules? What if Christians are making holy wars of my very system? It can happen, despite counter-attacks of the contrary, I think Leo’s correct what he says, he’s right, no one in the world is going to convince me he’s wrong, he’s not! I should accept it, it’s not just a faith, and it’s not just a religion. I’m very right in the way I live my life, e.g. I’m awakened, I’m conscious of the truth, to get to the point even further I want your advice: do you or do you not agree that blue people are at war with me and conning me, and what can I do about it?

KuboF Hromoslav says:

The link to mp3 download is wrong.

Max the shithead says:

Lemons are brown, not yellow, it faded from its green colour. Let me be the first to say I’m not some fool, being duped into lies and deceptions, I think it’s very justified to have the same boring beliefs, once that’s done there will be no more extra confusion as to what I believe, it’s all been screwed up by painting me in a corner as an arsehole, but I can’t be taken in by this, my beliefs is Puritanism, anti-Australianism and Kierkegaardian teaching, I’m extreme, but that’s not the idea even though it’s the reality, the idea is being conned into another belief that I don’t agree with, why would anyone con a belief? To rip you off with their money, in the case of my housemate it’s failure to accept the belief as it is, if therefore I’m doing curfew at dad’s house it doesn’t need to be liked, or changed, evil is precisely what the con is about, you don’t know that, that’s because you don’t know what evil is, evil is wickedness, moral bad, the baleful, however it’s defined in mum’s Oxford dictionary, or boding ill, evil isn’t about the good people mistake it with, it’s precisely about being evil, people intend good with it because they don’t know what evil is. This in this problem addressed on the evil is being conned, scammed, and fooled. I looked up fool in such a dictionary, it can be as simple as just being a dupe. If I’m duped into lies over my beliefs I’ll never be the same, of all the conning of beliefs and conning into money for the lies about me I don’t agree, I’m not easily duped into wrong things, and cons can happen over what you believe in, it requires not just with belief but the clinging to things as they are and clinging even more, making it stronger, the frauds are a fake, false, lying, not real behaviour, therefore I can’t trust it, it’s a sin to lie.

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