Assumption Is The Mother Of All Fuck-ups

By Leo Gura - November 2, 2021 | 5 Comments

How assumptions create epistemic error and self-deception

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Max Gron says:

What about the assumption that religion’s objective and not subjective, or the assumption that your Christianity or Buddhism is true, the assumption that all of it is false, the assumption that you should be religious or should be spiritual, or the assumption that because it seems or sounds true, or because it uses real words and phrases, and that you have evidence of its power to convince you you should live that life, that it’s true?

soul is ism says:

there is no meaning in discussing solipsism with a solipsist, a solipsist will never give up on solipsism because solipsism does not fulfill any other purpose than self fulfilling purpose, meaning an end in itself. solipsism has the same meaning as a self fulfilling prophesy. if self does not include other, other would not be self inclusive, language would not be self inclusive or inclusive of other. it is the inability of changing perspective, which makes a solipsist a solipsist, it is the ism which makes it indisputable, not the phenomenon.

of course this is deleted says:

to clarify what is meant with this, is: not pointing to a phenomenon but a person with a solipsistic cult who deletes a video which reveals his solipsism, just to delete it again because that gives him the selfdeclared right to never explain the phenomenon of him being a solipsist again, to an online community who is stupid enough, to celebrate even that, at least not really questioning the intend. its a scheme like all other schemes he pulls to not take responsibility, for people getting depressed, or getting maniac, psychotic induced by the techniques used in his videos and even not for suicides related to his videos and forum.

Max Gron says:

Solipsism isn’t your own invention, a philosopher invented it, therefore solipsism exists. We’re in Leo’s imagination anyway. It’s a piece of shit being happy without money, it’s evil. Next time I see a frowning derelict I will go “aaaah, I see, he’s in a shitty state” while whopping a woman’s arse with a golf club just for her to have fun enjoying it, it’s actually pleasant if it’s touching the genital area, I can imagine what it’s like to have a, ahem, but I’m not going there, one should enjoy some money spent on overpriced sports gear and not assume that I love being stuck in Australia’s bullshit politics all my life, do you think I wanna take over Australia and be king? No, I want to go to a better place like in Victoria and spend the day drinking Red Eye drinks.

Max Gron says:

How can this silly old man of a young man know the truth of things? If you don’t know then you don’t know the truth and you’re not omniscient. It’s simple what the truth is, the truth is everything I believe.

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