What Real Balance Looks Like

By Leo Gura - February 6, 2017

Following up on my video The Role Of Balance In Personal Development, I wanted to clarify what real balance looks like.

So I drew this little diagram:


So in this case what the diagram represents are the possible ways to balance the issue of science vs mysticism. This is just one facet — out of dozens — that you’ll have to balance in your life. Look at this like a spectrum. On the far left you’ve got the hard-nosed science position. On the far right you’ve got the very religious/mystical position.

Most people have a naive notion of balance. They think of balance as depicted by the green dotted lines above. Balance to them either means going straight down the middle on an issue, or down one of the sides.

But real balance looks more like the purple line above. It’s jagged and nuanced. Drawing that jagged line requires a real exploration of the issue. It takes work. How much easier to be an ideologue and draw one of the dotted lines.

Of course this applies to all the other facets of life:

  • Career vs family
  • Personal development vs pursuit of enlightenment
  • Being an asshole vs being too nice
  • Theory vs practice
  • Pragmatism vs idealism
  • Art vs marketing
  • Chasing money vs neglecting money
  • Doing vs being
  • Expressing emotions vs suppressing emotions
  • Capitalism vs communism
  • Privacy rights vs defending against terrorism
  • Etc.

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