You're Not Happy Because You Don't Really Want To Be

By Leo Gura - July 18, 2016 | 83 Comments

How your twisted mind is tricking you out of happiness.

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Lynn says:

I look forward to watching your videos on a weekly basis but this one I could not finish for one reason. Your example of a human being happy while the daughter is being raped or tortured is off the mark. We don’t bully ourselves to react if that happens. We instinctively react because we want to protect her and hurt the person that caused her harm. No one is happy in that situation and no one should be. Human suffering should not bring joy. Someone else’s pain is to be empathized because within that moment we are in touch with our own humanity and that can propel the desire to change the situation. My daughter being raped will have an affect on my demeanor because I don’t rejoice in her pain. To a certain degree we are in control of our emotions, but another area of the brain is activated when we witness a loved one being tortured. That part does not produce happiness for the people I know.

akeli says:

Lynn, you suck the sweet nectar of Leo’s labor and genius. Then, when his made-up, worse-case-scenario gives you heebes, you shut him down, and use that same time to write him a “What for” letter??
If you would have kept watching you would have, probably, been appeased by his additional remarks by the end.
Oh the frustration Leo must feel sometimes!?
You don’t deserve nice things! LOL! Just kidding, you do!
All the Best to you Lynn!

DCOW says:

You may be confusing happiness and joy. He didn’t meant that you should ENJOY suffering, he meant that even in the worst case scenario, your inner peace shouldn’t die (inner peace = happiness). Of course you’d be furious if someone raped your child, and you’d feel destroyed for a moment. But your inner happiness should easily come up again and prevent you from losing your mind. I repeat, it doesn’t mean to enjoy suffering. It’s about coping with it, not letting it control your whole life. Just give that horrible case the importance it deserves, but not more than that.

Mike Foy says:

The insights of clarity in my mind are small but are growing. With more work they will connect and become a fuller picture.

It’s great to be on this journey with you.

Naseem says:

Im a bit lost if i let go of wanting it i will just sit there …
and may never have drive to go after it
if i do let go how long will it take to kick bavck in ?

Leo Gura says:

That’s the wrong question.

You have to face the possibility that it will NEVER kick back in. Otherwise you’re just under the spell of your fear.

Sabina says:

Hi Leo,
Why didn’t you give an answer to lynn’s reply ?
She expresses exactly what i felt, watching the first part of your video.

Leo Gura says:

Those are her rules for happiness, which she refuses to relinquish.

Tanya LeRose says:

Hi Leo,

I appreciate your ability to verbalize clearly many things that our tricky minds concoct . This one made me laugh out loud when reading the title alone.

Thank you for speaking the inner truth ,


Tanya LeRose says:

After a year now of watching your videos and seeking out a deeper understanding of myself ( still seeking , but enjoying the journey ) there is something I have struggled with, which is how to better communicate my own thoughts & feelings, any advice would be helpful.


Leo Gura says:

Communicate to whom?

Claus says:

exactly – it is irrelevant to commnunicate on this level.

toomas says:

hi leo,
how can you be happy if there is no unhappiness? do they not exist only in relation to each other? if not, what is your definition of happiness?
happiness is a condition, so how can it be unconditional?

Leo Gura says:

You can be content no matter what.

toomas says:

is that your answer to all four questions i asked?

Leo Gura says:

See my other videos about happiness which explains the basics you’re asking about. I didn’t bother rehashing the basics here because you guys already complain that my videos are too long.

If you want to understand profound things, you have to be willing to invest the time to study & practice them.

dan says:

hey leo you build up to a climax a few pearls of wisdom over and over and over again , only to scold your viewers leaving some of us with to little to be enthused about your rants , perhaps its time for a more positive tact my humble opinion ….good speed leo

Leo Gura says:

This was extremely positive stuff!

You were given the key to unconditional happiness, and all you focus on is how to protect your ego structures?

WingWizard says:

This whole concept makes perfect sense on a personal psychological as well as a logical level. Of course why wouldn’t I want to be happy consistently all the time. That’s perfection! But is that possible? Is it possible to be happy when my family is being burned alive in front of me? I it possible to be happy when there is absolute dystopia and anarchy in the world? Is it possible to be happy no matter how dark a case?

The structure of the society and it’s working are constructed as such that existing and surviving in it are inevitably going to cause us suffering. To be in the regular scheme of things, we have to suffer. And to not do that and yet function in the construct of the world would require a sleep of reason. Misery and pain are as attached to living as the our very existence.

What you are suggesting is a completely different model than the one we have come to live in. It’s utopian.
And not functional, at least in our given case.

Leo Gura says:

It’s not utopian at all. You’ve just gotten mired in mediocrity and can’t see beyond it.

If you don’t take action on the things I say, none of my advanced videos will make sense to you.

Your mind is too closed and too underdeveloped to grasp the deepest truths of life. After 5 or 10 years of work, maybe you’ll get it.

Until then, all your mind can do is label me as silly, because that’s the only option you have left yourself. Your mind isn’t flexible enough to actually integrate what was said. It’s too painful for you emotionally, so you come up with labels like “utopian” to make your rigidity justified and project the problem onto me.

It’s all about you. I am just the messenger telling you shit you never wanted to hear.

WingWizard says:

I don’t think I could be happy if my child got kidnapped and tortured.

I’d rather not have a kid than to have one, know him suffer in the above mentioned manner and yet be happy.

I want to be permanently happy but not at the price of insanity, is the point I’m making.

Leo Gura says:

That’s your problem right there: you think what you think matters, when it really doesn’t.

You’re already paying the price of insanity. Your current position is insane. You’ve actually convinced yourself that good & bad are real. That is insane.

The only reason you can maintain your insanity is because everyone you know around you is equally insane. And you have no reference points for true sanity. I gave you a reference point, and you — in your insanity — called it insane. So now you’re really stuck.

Erlend says:

Awesome, Leo.

Look at yourselves, people! Take a real look.

Roz says:

Hi Leo, I love all your videos and your posts have been a revelation to me.

I have a question about this topic: What about pain being a biological reaction to threat to the continuance of the species? A kind of genetic imprint that is natural, I think people cant cope with the idea of being happy when your family (tribe member) is murdered because it is a biological thing.

Leo Gura says:

That’s factually false. Pain is actually a construct of the mind. It is possible to become so conscious that pain literally stops existing. I’m talking about raw physical pain, like getting your tooth pulled out with pliers. Or ripping your toes nails out of your flesh.

Something like reacting emotionally to a family member dying is obviously a construct of the mind, and it’s not by any means necessary or “biological”.

Imagine the possibility that someone rips your tooth out with pliers, and you actually have a smile on your face. This is actually possible. I know people who’ve done it.

The lesson here is not to underestimate how much of what we call “reality” is a mental construct.

Raffaella says:

For very very painful situations, when being happy seems unmanegeable, could we think of ‘accepting ‘ , saying welcome to that situation instead?

Leo Gura says:

I suppose, if that makes it easier for you to swallow.

But notice that you are still resisting life. You simply refuse to be happy.

Gillian says:

I have a problem with the word happy as it’s nature is so transient and conditional that l don’t really trust it. The motivational force for me is peace. When l have that peace all is well. Is that what you mean?

Kevin says:

Great video once again. One thing I’ve noticed (and it’s not just an act), Leo you have an enormous ego. You project an all knowing image when we all know better. You said your audience is mostly people that are lost and need a slap in the face. Lol, look in the mirror. You would have us believe that your approach is intentional, to get to us, and motivate us. I call bullshit. You’re just as lost or you wouldn’t keep searching for enlightenment. Once you’ve found the truth of oneness-you will see that a lot of your projections are just as counterproductive. But, thank you. You are innocent and work very hard.

Leo Gura says:

Don’t forget that it’s a performance for your benefit.

I don’t take myself as seriously as you think. Because I’m aware of my ego, unlike some folks here.

Kevin says:

You somewhat passed my test lol..

Josiah says:

First, awesome video as always. Second, at least for me and my personal development, the egoic nature of your videos is not helpful in the slightest. Its difficult to take your advice seriously when at times it feels like you’re just a hypoprcitical, judgemental asshole. Obviously in an ideal world that wouldn’t matter at all, and it honestly matters to me way less than it used to. But i remember you saying at some point that part of the reason for the vlog style that you use is that through it you can see your own personal development over the years. How can you see that development if you refuse to let it manifest in your videos? At least for me, I dont want some fake persona, some acting job where you hide/alter who you really are just to get more likes or views or whatever, or even because you think it will help is develop faster. I want the real you, i want to see the progress you’ve made and the level of development you’ve reached. Nothing would help me develop faster than to see the progress you’ve made, and to see whats possible with a little focus on the right things. No more acting, no more performances, no more bullshit. I want to see a raw, honest, unfiltered Leo. If we cant see the developmemt you’ve made, we won’t see the point in attempting to develop ourselves. I draw a massive amount of motivation from the progress I’ve already made. But seeing deeper progress in someone else just adds more feul to the fire. Keep up the awesome work.

Mr Gleeson says:

Hey Leo, what’s up?

So this period of loss and confusion I am going through lately will sub-side then over time?

I am 19 and recently I gave up my whole appartement and all my furniture and possesions I gave away to charity.

So that I could go and live in a tent in the woods, best decision I have ever made, I love this new nauture Life-style.

My family does’nt understand and are always negative and always guilt me so I decided to stop talking to them altogether.

I have meditated every day for a month now.

Why am I not happy though? hmm, curious.

I mean somtimes I am but there’s fears, anxiety, loneliness ect ect too..perhaps, I am just underdeveloped.

I am trying to discover what it is I really want now and I am getting closer to true desires, but why do I feel empty? somtimes I feel like I am going crazy or feel guilty for leaving my family. But that life was SHIT, that appartement was a prison to me and being around my family meant I couldn’t grow the way I wanted to as they are too neurotic so I it was the right choice?

Leo? would you be happy with my life? I am just curious, living in a tent in the Woods?

Thank you kindly!, Mr. G

Leo Gura says:

Now the real work begins!

As you sit there in the woods for months or years, you will have to introspect and slowly spiritually purify yourself of all your needs, loneliness, guilty, anger, fear, and a bunch of other stuff.

Meditation works, but it doesn’t give you significant changes in just a few months. It takes years.

Don’t expect a change of setting to make you happy. The truth is, you could have been totally happy living in that apartment. You ran away from it thinking you can run away from your mind. But the only thing you really did was isolate yourself from distractions. That is good. BUT! That alone doesn’t give you happiness. Now you have to work on the mind (which is the sole problem). Now the real work begins!

So enjoy the woods and remember why you’re there: to do the deep inner work. It will be hell at first. That’s the path you’ve chosen.

Buy yourself a bunch of deep books on non-duality and consciousness, and start studying them and working to embody them every day. Give yourself at least 6 months of solid daily practice until you start expecting some results.

toomast says:

leo is right – you can’t run away from your mind because that is the only you that is there.

you had everything your body needs in that appartement of yours. is that all, you asked yourself. you needed more stimulation so you tricked yourself into a tent.

reading a bunch of “deep” books as leo suggested, will not solve your problem because you are not really interested in that. the problems will be reinforeced, modified but remain. problems are what keep the “you” in tact and going.

for all practical purposes happiness does not exist, all there is the pursuit of it.

Mr Gleeson says:


what’s up Leo, thanks for the advice, just in the nick of time, Homeostasis & Backsliding was just starting to drag me down today, had a crappy half hour meditation session in the tent today but now I am back on that track!!

& I now remember what I am doing this for….True life right??

Not that shit I thought was ‘Life’ before ahaha LOL!!that’s funny how I believed that was life and it controlled me and that really I am in control of my destiny but in a way not in control (free will and all)

That’s true, oh man….that the environment won’t change my inner psychology but at least the distractions aren’t there now right?? Neurotic family & all

sooooo, overall of my journey begins, England is a free country so nothing is stopping me right?? (;

You’re Awesome Leo, keep up the inspiring work pleaaaase!!

The only carnal addiction I want to have is you’re videos!!

I will be on track with them a lot every Sunday from my Laptop in the Woods!! freakin Spiders!! D:

Leo Gura says:

You’re doing awesome work man! A true Buddha in the making. Keep at it! It will all be worth it.

If you want to email me for some advice and tips, you’re welcome to. Select Tech Support from the contact page and indicate that you’re the guy in the woods. I love to see this level of action-taking.

Mr Gleeson says:

What’s up?? Man of the Woods here!! Hey Leo?, I sent that mail but it sent back to me saying ‘failed to send’….

The email I did it on was [email removed] cool! Hope it makes it to you somehow Mr Gura

scott smith says:

other useful things:a sketch pad, a musical instruments drum sticks, flute, guitar etc. (voice works as well) journal, cookbook, night sky, wildlife, whittling & throwing knife, cold bathing (clears ur mind & body of BS fast), dance, Tai chi, a kite…u have a body to be mindful of. take breaks (helps long term memory)
Marathon Monks, hard over meditation, See Leo’s Video
Bravo n the gods speed

Elton says:

Leo, I can’t allow myself to feel happiness all I know about is pleasure, it seems impossible to feel happiness I am sure its because of all the rules I’ve imposed but what do I do? Meditation is also not giving me happiness,infact I’m going unconscious in my meditation sessions now a days I don’t even know what is happiness and don’t even remember when I last felt it.I tried being non needy for it was one of the golden nuggets to attract girls more than 15 months ago but that was just an illusion I was needy and still I’m needy maybe not for girls but for success and other things i just cannot let go of unconditional unhappiness.
Is awareness of unhappiness alone curitive? But I should atleast be able to let go and welcome happiness for 1 minute? Why can’t I do that too? Just 1 minute?

Leo Gura says:

Awareness is curative, but a deep emotional deficiency like that will require massive amounts of awareness. YEARS of it.

So you should probably also pursue some success and meet some of your needs just so you stop caring about them.

If you’re a newbie to this work, start with getting some basic level of success. You can even ignore my advanced videos which talk about spirituality, consciousness, and enlightenment. Because you are too weak to handle them, let alone put them into practice.

Elton says:

I am week but I will still pursue awareness work and also success.

Uldis says:

This video was deep. Foundational.

Jim says:

Excellent, most enjoyable

Kian says:

This video is super advanced and it is out of my awareness. It really made me sad for one day and drilled into my emotions. As the radical open mindedness suggest, it will be neither accepted nor denied. The issue I am dealing with is the contradiction between this video and many other videos that insist on the non-existence of the ego and such videos as “How to love yourself” or “Affirmations” which insist on confirming and accepting the ego. It gives you the feeling that the exercises in the later videos (Let say: “Talking about the lower self”) are exactly in the opposite direction of the first videos (Let say: “Talking about the higher self”). Is it the matter of low-level psyche to deal with the contradiction? Or maybe is it the matter of low-awareness? How these exercises should be prioritized or make some strategy about them?

Many thanks for your super, outstanding videos!

Leo Gura says:

You are right, it is an advanced notion.

It all depends on where you are in your maturity and development on this path. If you’re a newbie, you might want to ignore this video entirely because you cannot fathom it and you need to work on more basic things like paying your bills or curing your depression.

But if you’re a more advanced student, so you gotta struggle to integrate this into your worldview and then ground it in your direct experience of life. Start noticing how what I said is playing itself out every day in your life, and how much suffering it causes you. And then start questioning your rules.

Key says:

Leo a most honest question. Is it my ego that would lead me to want to do something right? For example. I work in an environment where the ADDIE design model is used. Of course this model is a basic creative design model-similar to the many problem solving or creative models. It is absolute truth and as an intelligent/enlightened (using that term loosely) person, I know there is a right way to use the creative model. To insert human will, versus trusting the creative process to reveal truth is to corrupt the process and expose the human ego’s lack of surrender to the process.

My problem is, I know the truth. And I’m around zombies. I see the process as divine. But everyone else doesn’t.

My question is this. As I become emotionally involved, and deeply want others to trust the process, I find myself suffering. I can’t make people see the truth but my vocation requires it. Do I go with the flow or stand up for the truth?

Leo Gura says:

If you have a higher creative purpose, that’s probably NOT ego. But how you go about achieving it or embodying it is probably hindered by ego. Wanting to change others can be egotistical, unless it’s done in a loose way.

If you’re such a creative and conscious person, why aren’t you taking charge and running your own show?

Don’t let fools be your leaders. Either become the leader yourself or find leaders you respect and are happy to follow.

See my video: How To Realize Your Ambition
And also: How To Be A Leader

I think you are selling yourself short by not taking a more leadership role. When I was in a similar creative situation as you, I quit my entire career and started by own business within 6 months. Now I have the luxury to basically do and say whatever the fuck my muse tells me. And that’s no accident. I strategized for YEARS to enable that. Because I value my creativity and I will not allow it to be in the hands of fools. Why do you? How much do you really value creativity? Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? Are you willing to face your deepest inner demons in the service of the divine?

Marcos B says:

Hi Leo,

Please tell me, how would you act or resolve the following situation:

Two men (45-48 yo) who have known each other since childhood. Man X is even godfather of man Y’s son. So they get involved into politics and eventually man Y betrays X. Let’s say another political party buys Y. You are X so how would you treat Y when Y is even a neighbour of yours. Few suggestions you can perhaps humiliate him or simply ignore him BTW Y has lost his reputation because everyone knows what he has done.

That’s a real story. Y is not a stupid person in fact he is well-educated but struggles financially. So this is a moral dilemma would you betray a friend and get some cash or stick to tour friend?

Y has betrayed you and he has sold himself to the opposing party. So you would forgive him ? In addition he has spoken behind your back and said bad things and lies about you to others. Well obviously Y values money more than your friendship so why would you give him a second chance ? A friend but turned out to be a toxic person. In this case you value your friend more than you value yourself because you put him before your principles.

Politics and even business can test friendships.

So would you ignore him, talk to him, ask him to apologise pr kick his A–?


Leo Gura says:

I think you’re getting too lost in the details of the situation.

Why aren’t you more focused on being the creator of your own destiny? Of working hard on your life purpose?

It sounds like you’re wrapped up in politics and competition and the social sphere. But all of that is a distraction from your purpose. Remember to keep your eye on the ball. Don’t let yourself get distracted when someone else around you misbehaves or does you wrong. Let it go and get back to being a creator. Let go of the need for things to be fair. You are a creator! That means you don’t have the luxury to sit around an whine about fairness.

Dave Seymour says:

Great video Leo. I think its more enquirey for me as I have some strange spiritual ideas like I cant be happy if I dont meditate enough or pray enough. Thanks for the pointers

Cristina says:

you see people who have gone through unimaginable challenges in life, they faced the hell and somehow reached the wisdom of letting it be. they just gave up or got tired of it and stopped fight it. Always wondered how these people can be happy after all the trauma they went through, now I think I have the answer. I thought they just lowered their standards,gave up, but it’s not resignation, it really is happiness. It’s so damn hard to accept things as they are. What screws you up is not life, but the picture in your head of how it’s supposed to be. This is so hard to wrap your head around, since we live in our heads, not in reality.

Thabane says:

Great video Leo every time when I first listen to your videos like this one I get a clear picture of what you saying and immediately start implementing that and for a few days it feels nice but after a week or so that seems to fade away this happened with the how to meditate video when I first watched I started meditating that day but after a few months I no longer enjoy meditating it hard?

Leo Gura says:

Yeah, welcome to WORK.

Sustaining long-term motivation is the key to all success. Watch my video called Mastery.

Lisa van Baar says:

Hi Leo,

Thank you for the great work you’re doing!



Tom says:

So profound

Ron says:

Hey Leo, I just wanna ask you for an advice and sorry if I exude from the topic. I want to make my sister enter in my world namely the world of personal development of all of us fellas here My intention is to introduce her from the life’s purpose side of the coin, so not from the enlightenment. I thought of giving her your Life’s Purpose Course of course but she has loaaaads of resistance you know so I would like something a little bit more slow for now. So my idea was just to give her a book and then let consciousness do the rest of the work So Leo what’s the best Life’s Purpose book in your opinion I could give her? She just graduated and she is starting now looking for work, unfortunately unconsciously. I’m pretty sure it’s the right time now for her to start making some real decisions in her life. Thank you!

Leo Gura says:

There are many great books recommended in the course. It all depends on where she’s at and what she’s into. I also have audio reviews of the best books as part of the course bonus. Those audios might be a good place for her to get her feet wet.

tracy says:

this is an amazing video. it’s really interesting what your trying to do for people.pretty freaking amazing stuff your talking about.incredibly helpful.
it’s really cool of you to do what you do-regardless of all the resistance you probably get from “us”.

Shannon says:

Hi Leo-
Love this video! I think I have watched/listened to most of your videos for the last 6 months-8 months. I have made some serious life changes that have been awesome! Thank you for the inspiration. Your videos have helped me be a creator of my own life and not a victim. Quick question on your enlightenment self inquiry video. Please excuse my poor wording but see if you can get the essence of my question. Do you think in our vast field of nothingness of self awareness that is eternal when we die physically we are still self aware?
Thanks in advance-

Ryna says:

Hello Leo Gura

I listen to your videos each week and I feel so grateful to receive this incredible knowlege, all for free.
You inspire me amazingly
And i love your dynamic energy and love to hear you tell us how fucken stupid and ignorante we are.
It’a a real wake up call.

Opok says:

This stuff might work for a male, because this is how he reacts. The female’s reflection would be different – she needs to be unhappy in order to survive.”there is truth, and there is statistics”

Jordan says:

here is where my thoughts have led to over the past few days after a new technique I have tried. If you ever see this please reply with any critique of my thought process or technique. First I’ll explain my technique and why I am using it. My technique is relatively simple: I started off by having 2 hours of not using my computer or television and simply absorbing my surroundings either inside or outdoors. Every day I would add an hour and I currently reached 7 hours of alone time. My friends (I have 3) are very clearly neurotic and have gotten frustrated that I don’t play video games with them. I have many doubts that I will remain friends with them by the end of this year however I can’t say I’ll feel too sad about it. My goal was really to embrace being rather than requiring a constant state of doing. I consider myself able to watch the more advanced videos without crumbling, but I am at a critical state in my meditation thought process. I attempted to have an 8 hour routine today, but during my 1 hour meditation period I began thinking about whether or not doing counteracts being and the other way around. At the end my thought process was that being and doing can coexist, and that as long as I don’t cling to either and I continue to meditate that I can break neurosis and reach enlightenment. I began to think about this more and more and I eventually decided that I didn’t have to go without doing all day, an I went back to video games with my friends (although I still doubt they’ll be my friends in the future) I have regrets for this decision and I already am leaving that train of thought, but I want to know your thoughts on my actions, as I haven’t quite wrapped my head around the reason and consequences of my action today.

Gary K says:

Completely dug the dentist chair in that way too.. I begin to actualize thankfulness at those times, and others.. Sometimes making a special call just to tell people “thank you”.. But the dentist chair is such a spot on example.. Where else are you completely at the whim of those you trust, sacrificing your physical abilities in the moment for a more true good..

Maybe those that cannot understand the “Happy while Child is raped”, could attempt to view it from the opposite side.. A financially broke, and mostly toothless guy once laughed and told me “no point in worrying over what you can’t change”.. Even tho the lesson was desperate in nature, it may sooth those in the afore example.. If you can’t change the situation, being upset wont help you find opportunity.. You may attain fight or flight, which may save the day.. Or it might get you killed as well..

The presence of mind to be observant (not unhappy) allows more proper diagnosis..

Jake says:

Hey Leo!

Fantastic video!My personal development is currently developing through a stage where i have realised how negatively motivated i was to pursue what i actually pursue. As a result of this realisation i have started to drop activities that i was negatively motivated to do. Strangely, what i thought was my biggest passion in life (self actualisation) seemed to slowly disappear off my radar.

My question is this: during this transition period between negative and positive motivation, am i better off to stumble around feeling aimless (with no negative motivation) or am i better off still doing the activities that i do and just trying to be aware of when i negatively motivate myself. I fear that if i drop all of the negative motivation, that i will fall off the path and not come back

Thanks, and would love to hear from you!

Leo Gura says:

That’s a judgment call only you can make. Both ways can works.

If you’re negatively motivated to do self-actualization, then you just haven’t gotten in touch with the positive motivation for it. It is there. You are human after all. Your deepest desire is to be fully and freely human. You just haven’t connected with that desire yet because you’ve been deeply misled by our materialistic and unconscious culture.

So do whatever you feel you need to do to reconnect with your desire to be fully human.

Oliver Larsen says:

It would be interesting to have you you elaborate on “Keep the faith”.

Mirna says:

Hey Leo.
Thx man, i’m so glad that i’ve found you. Nowhere else i could find informations like those that you share. It would take me decades to come to those conclusions by myself.
Keep doing the great work!

Brigitta Bay says:

this is exactly how I feel. Waooo iaiai . Unbelievable mind trick is keeping you away from happiness….. this is so complex. How could you, Leo found this conclusions?

They sound so logical .

I felt like you were talking personally right about me. waoo . I am amazed.

Tom says:


David says:

I understand intellectually what you are saying, but some of us are so conditioned by habit that it feels nearly impossible to break out of these patterns which keep us unhappy. How do you bridge the gap between intellectual understanding and actually living and breathing these ideas?

marian says:

WOW !!! This video is liberating. I feel like a tortoise that has swapped it’s burdensome shell for a pair of wings. My whole life has been one big To Do list – with items being crossed off or carried forward onto a new list. I carried forward one item for 12 long years before finally realising it would never get done and reluctantly crossing it off. Thanks Leo for this wonderfully enlightening perspective on happiness.

Mario says:

Hello Leo

I follow now for just a few month and i am very interested in your work. but i am german i dont really understand evrything you say, maybe 70 – 80 %. so my question is: wouldnt it be great to have undertitle in your video for those who speak not that proper english … thank you for answer

all the best

Leo Gura says:

Youtube does automatic closed captioning. Just enable the option. It’s not that accurate, but might be of some help.

hemin says:

Leo i just want to ask did you read a book called “Power of Now”by Echkart tolle ? if yes i appreciate if you can share your awesome opinion on it

Valerie says:

Hey Leo,
First,I would like to thank you for all of the information you so graciously share.For reasons that are inexplicable to me,this very profound notion,the idea that all is illusion and the deep awarness of this is absolutely key to the experience of “happiness”,a concept that I have been exposed to time and time again throughout my life,never took preeminence untill I stumbled over your videos while killing some time one evening…(“killing time”,now there’s an idea!)
You do not know me…but I consider you to be a very important and beloved friend.

Robert says:

hello Leo . I appreciate all your videos so much . I have learned so much from you in the year I been following you than 35 years by myself , thank you . the reason I am writing you is because I have not gotten any new video ,,last 1 was a moth ago . please do not stop the work you do its life changing . and Thank you Leo Gura .

Kate says:

WOW. This video completely blew my mind. You have a real gift for waking people up! I had no idea how much I”m responsible for my own misery! Dang! Some of your examples might have been a bit unnerving, but they certainly worked as far as getting me to understand the concept! Thanks again for caring enough to tell it like it is!

Noah says:

The part about living in a box is fuckin hilarious, totes nailed it

noah says:

the part about living in a box is fuckin hilarious, totes nailed it dude

Pouria says:

Hey, Leo
I heard about The Power of Now from RSDTyler. I read it and realized I didn’t want any of my job, university master degree and marriage. So I stopped going to work, and since my wife had to be away from me for four months to finish her DDS, and we were already having problems I told her I wanted to divorce her. Also I didn’t go to the university. I just stayed home, watched pickup videos and went out to talk to girls. We do have mandatory military service so I will have to go to the military service anyways. But not going to work, I haven’t payed this month’s rent and some days really struggled with food.

And now I watched your video. You talk about unconditional happiness. I want to be happy without going to work. But when I starve, I think an egoistic life would at bring me food to eat and not having my family, friends and society hate me.

Michael says:

The absolute best and most thought provoking commentary on happiness I have ever heard. For decades I have been following my ‘rules’, not realizing that they were the primary source of my discontent; not only at time present, but during times of reflection where I wondered why I did not go with my heart. Through further reflection I can see now where these rules came from, why they started and most important that it is time for new ones that are mine alone.Thank you.

Steve says:

Your thoughts on Charlie Manson. This guy loved being in a box. What he (charlie) thought others thought…this is a form of cruel punishment, Charlie himself thought this is where the fun starts.
I’ve watched alot of his interviews and parole hearings and its always “blown” my mind with his views and paradoxical logic.
Thank you Leo for all your videos. Alot of great stuff that I am using daily in my journey.
God bless.

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