What Is Maturity?

By Leo Gura - June 26, 2023 | 12 Comments

What is psychological maturity and how to develop it

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Max the know better says:

I’m completely wrong about Leo’s teachings, I wasn’t meant to disbelieve them, I was meant to believe his teachings and try them and when it doesn’t work, then disbelieve it. I misinterpreted this complicated word salad. I don’t think I’m misunderstanding something, I’ve been consistently believing in God, not disbelieving, for only nearly a year, I used to be stuck in atheism, but when I troll Leo’s talk of God most recently, I’m denying the correctness of his belief, I’m not denying the existence of God, this is where I have to be careful because I haven’t changed, I’m the same, it’s as if I don’t know how to change, the song Lambada from Paris, France said “you don’t know how to change”, that was the Caribbean version. But to be on topic I’d like to say being a fucking adult is a horrible thing for a fucking narcissist who’s neurotic and uses it to disgust children, and he upsets them because he’s involved in serious fucking shit. But to not be a troll I have this to say, I fit your category of mature, I’ve done some of the things you said was mature, long before you made this video. But maturity must be a stick up your arse, to be an adult that might mean you can’t have any fun, you can’t fucking have gaiety or any pleasure because you’re fucking serious all the time. It’s a fucking fucked up concept, as most people are neurotic about it, not me, I work my fingers to the bone to construct a fucking piece of writing nobody likes, I’m wasting my fucking time, because people decided I’m not into popular shit, then people try to nitpick at me as if they know what a story is, it’s fucking bullshit, it has to be about one thing, sometimes radically so, it has to be menacing, and it has to have a plot and little subplots, and it has to have a structure, people don’t know what I’m doing, but this is what I’m doing. All this about a good fucking story is childish, it’s immature how nice things get thrown back at me and people call it crap. Fucking bullshit, people don’t know what’s good. I don’t fucking go to Mcdonald’s to put them down about shit burgers, I just sit down, eat the burgers and shut up! that would be a mature way to fucking behave but people bully like fucking children, and if someone’s a child they should be called a fucking child!

Max Raoy Gron says:

Atheism is a crock of shit, you might believe in it without even knowing it! well let me assure you and myself that God is fucking real, Puritanism is the truth. I was an atheist for a long time until I learned to control my beliefs and start believing in God, what God has fucking done was tell me that things will be fine in the end. When I asked why God can’t die, I didn’t mean to be a fucking atheist, I was fed up with the bullshit of never admitting you’re wrong, I still believe God is there being lazy. It’s fucking religious obscurantism, and I’m through with sneaky ways atheism can brainwash me. For a change I’m going to change, otherwise my life will remain the fucking same, and otherwise I’ll still be an atheist, and I don’t want that shit. But on another topic, I should fucking change, I should change into a happy, ascetic person, and I should change into somebody post-rational, I was only happy to get an Uncle Tobys oat and almond milk for $3.20 instead of $4. It’s low prices that make me fucking happy, not this costly and therefore expensive and valuable luxury! About God, and I hate to be wrong, why can’t God outlive the atheists? Fuck the atheists, religion is fucking cool! In this society religion is being killed by secular fucking people, I think religion deserves to double down on its truth, in its own holy war sort of way, as with your spirituality. do you think I’m being fucking nice? Fuck that, people have been giving religion shit because it fucking exists, atheism nowadays is overrated, so yeah, that God shit is cool, i’m just a regular God-fearing guy who goes on his knees praying to God, asking him to protect me, I’m not some wanker asking God for fucking money! God doesn’t want that shit, he wants you to follow his lead and go to heaven, I fucking write that fucking shit, I obey my religion and the Bible and nowadays I kick one’s arse for blaspheming my God. You might wonder how, I’ll tell you how I believe it, it’s because I fucking changed, I did it today, I nourish body and soul with that fucking food I eat, am I missing something? I wouldn’t express disbelief to my housemate. i fucking tell him thank goodness. on the contrary, what I’ve fucking done I was fucking learning shit, i said no to a lot of events and people, just to do nothing, and contemplate, and I eliminated my sense of fun and especially stimulation, eventually, but without the fucking bullshit I stopped watching entertainment and movies and began watching documentaries and boring shit, and I was lacking in buttered-flavoured popcorn, Thursday for me is movie night but that’s no surprise, I’m bankrupt, my money lessens when I haven’t even fucking spent it, tell me what a humiliating experience it must be with money going broke all the fucking time, in bankruptcy! it’s not much fun being stingy with money, but I don’t want fun and I bloody well don’t want humiliation either, some things go over my head and despite knowing nothing of your teachings, I now know what you’re saying, and i know what you want out of them.

Max Raoy Gron says:

i never cried wolf before you know it, but people bloody well think I do cry wolf. I’m not going to discuss changes because you mightn’t believe I’m doing the work. I only repeatedly mentioned change after all these years of excessive unchanged living. As God is my witness, it’s not just mental “mastur…”, it’s far improved from my previous living. Something of me had to halt, I’m a transformed man. What I was thinking was that I had to contemplate all day and all night what the truth is until I finally know what the truth is, the truth gives a man a midlife crisis that he’s not doing what he thinks he’s doing, thinking, but the truth is outside of my thinking, as I found out, it’s not going to go away if you stop imagining it, I admit I’m self-deceived, 10%, I noticed my bullshit, I self-reflected on this that maybe I’m bullshitting about things, as with vegetarianism as I follow it, I’m not bullshitting, I genuinely am a vegetarian in the sense that I eat a diet of vegetables, grains, fruits and nuts, and as for meat, I don’t eat red meat, and you’re right if you say what I mean is I don’t eat beef, that’s exactly what I mean, it follows I also don’t eat lamb, turkey or game. But I’m not done yet, I thank goodness that my diet over nitpicking food is the avoidance of burgers except grilled chicken burgers and vegeburgers, the avoidance of fish and chips, and chips, and crisps, and battered, crumbed, deep-fried or floured fish, molluscs, shellfish, seafood, and chicken of any kind, and avoidance of southern fried chicken, I eat plenty of vegetables, wholegrains, healthy oils, and protein, and lotsa fibre, and water, I don’t treat my body like a smokehouse, stacking all that food in my pantry. I get what Leo’s teaching of my food psychology is, he’s implying I shouldn’t eat junk food, I don’t even eat hotdogs anymore, even though occasionally I would eat doughnuts, I don’t anymore go to the fish-and-chip shop to eat that greasy food like sea shanties and battered fish, when I’m just ordering a vegeburger and not a fishburger or prawn burger, I don’t eat those two anymore, it’s not about my health eating vegeburgers, it’s about caring for the animals, there are rules of my eating habits but there are exceptions to the rules, the rest of it is about my health, with the exception of eating vegenuggets instead of chicken nuggets, and vegedogs instead of hotdogs. My health of eating is simple, I’m merely eating brain food, and food good for my liver, heart, bones and blood, I’m not eating and drinking and smoking anything else, when I smoke I’m not pretending it’s healthy, but I smoke in moderation and buy some more with a half-finished pouch of tobacco, this can save me fishing for butts. So yes, I did most of the things you said in many of your videos.

Max Gron says:

My mother asks me to be a normal adult not making a mess on my clothes with food. Do you know how many months and weeks I spend avoiding silly, childish, and quirky mistakes? I spent years correcting myself, with one nitpicking thing at a time, I spent years observing what people don’t do! I made this fun sacrifice of not eating food like that, it took me months and years to give up these yummy foods, for the sake of cleanliness, and it took me years distinguishing what’s very different from what’s very similar, and from what’s eccentric or weird. I spent years correcting my beliefs distinguishing what’s normal, it was only the other day I knew the difference of out-there beliefs from normal beliefs, knowing this distinction I’m intentionally doing conformist in non-conformist way Taoist herbology, but as painful as it is I would have to give up supplements, slowly, even mineral supplements and chlorophyl, for the sake of searching Australian forests, waterholes, flatlands and mountains for these plant, animal and mineral herbs. I racked my brains trying to figure myself out, but until today I would only have changed my diet and nothing else. I’m not changing after changing my life as the real deal, lasting changes, I got tempted to eat cake, and tempted to eat chicken burgers of crumbed chicken instead of grilled chicken, and tempted to eat foods in flaky pastry, but I wasn’t tempted to eat fries and crisps, or floured, battered or crumbed fish or any fish fingers or any fishcakes. It takes 3 months during your forties to figure a diet out, to figure out personal inventions of mine I should be eating, I spent hours with a change of diet with no more changes, hours! This flaky pastry I couldn’t stop eating overnight, it takes a minimum of two days for people to change, people don’t change overnight. I know what to eat and what to drink. It’s totally different to the way I used to eat. I search the forests and the natural parks for the mushrooms I eat, I don’t get store-bought mushrooms anymore, instead I distinguish edible mushrooms from poisonous mushrooms, thanks to my mushroom-identifying app, I know the edible berries from the poisonous berries thanks to my berry-identifying app, it took me years to be settled on my phone apps, homeostatically, years! Nothing of a decent life is created instantly, it takes years, or months to create your life, 7 and a half months in the least. It’s foolish to create your life instantly, you could be 40 when you stop changing, thus making the changes last. I tame my changes so I don’t backslide into my old habits, I tame the pain my body gets from changes, I make the changes more comfortable. Something that sounds as good as the old is easier to change into, but not easy, I can’t change if it doesn’t sound as good as my old paradigms, my mind doesn’t work that way, to me it has to sound comfortable to make these changes. I’m also mature enough not to change again, getting settled, a fool at 40 is a fool forever, being mature depends on your consistently, because if you’re fully developed you don’t need to change, I’m almost there, 3 months of supplements then one more change, I’ll try natural herbs.

Max Gron says:

Actually I thought about it and I won’t try natural herbs, going to jungles or forests, etc for herbs or mushrooms, it’s risky and silly, I’m sticking to supplements, and mushrooms by the suburban rivers and in the wooded areas of suburbs, occasionally I would cook these or store-bought mushrooms in butter with garlic, yum yum, but I’m not risking my arse on mushrooms that don’t fit the edible categories on my mushroom app, to be on the safe side, which is difficult, I’m sticking to picking what I know as edible mushrooms, mushrooms I know to be safe to eat, as poisonous mushrooms are similar and I’m careful to make this fine distinction. The differences of mushrooms are subtle, they’re difficult to tell the edible mushrooms from the poisonous mushrooms. What I said about herbs, that means I’m not going to do Taoist herbology and that I’m going to unlearn it, I’m doing this for the sake of the supplements taught on one of Leo’s videos. I found out that nootropics aren’t healthy, they give me negative vibes like a psilocybin mushroom. That ps word is difficult to spell correctly as its spelling of its every character’s inconsistent. I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced /sie-la-SIB-an/, it’s the most difficult word in the world, but it’s spelled with its pronouncing as it’s written to look good and sound good, and look, sound and feel right, stupid enough to make people think English is a hard language and that it’s not spelled or pronounced the way it should be, I beg to differ, Germanic languages should be relatively difficult, and it should be hard to speak, Swedish is itself a hard language, it wasn’t meant to be easy, I’m saying this because psilocybin is a stupidly difficult word, I spent months figuring out why the spell checker underlined it in red. It’s yankee spelling, I think almost all of my spellings are correct, at least I don’t go eating Weet-bix or rusks for breakfast, I eat hot oats in plant milk for breakfast. I think my diet’s changed enough, I listened to Leo’s psychology of dieting and ate my vegetables and fibre, and also protein and mild spiced nuts, I was eating more herbs and spices in my pre-packaged meals, I don’t eat at McDonald’s anymore, or at Kentucky Fried, and I eat frozen fruit and not ice cream, and also I eat carob on a regular basis. I know what to avoid, and what to eat, I never knew smartness was a diet like wisdom is, but it is, that’s why there’s brain food, it’s eating smartly, and I didn’t know sanity was a diet either but the way you eat can make you sane. But smart, wise, intelligent, intellectual, sane, but not clever, what’s the difference? It’s all equated with sanity when clever isn’t, with the exception of being stupid or idiotic or silly, which isn’t sane, I define smart as sane, wise as sane, but I don’t define sage as sane. That’s the difference between stupid people and sane people. I’m overdoing the usual, I’m not overdoing anything else. Further down the line the point I’m trying to make is the work I’ve done to be what I am, the congratulatory work in differentiating true wisdom from pseudo-wisdom. Most of these wise people are short and fat, my friend Selwyn is short and fat, however he’s pseudo-wise, he’s easily encouraged, he’s also ingenious, those are the brains he has, my brain is just average intelligence and profound wisdom, as wisdom of the Dark Ages, that’s the kind of wisdom I possess, but not a similar one of Dark Ages pseudo-wisdom, I eat mediaeval food, and use a lot of the time mediaeval herbs both from the Dark Ages, I also follow mediaeval philosophy which I’ll relearn on Wikipedia, I’m attached to these sages surrounded by Dark Ages fools, who walk with staffs and wear simple clothes.

Max the Know better says:

I noticed Leo defends his thought-out speech by saying he exhausts himself, as for the immaturity of trolling, I think of everything Leo says before I write something, I give myself a headache thinking to say something, that’s how much I think, I slept until morning contemplating what the truth is, it took me all day and all night to contemplate the truth, but as I found out truth isn’t thinking, it’s a medical problem, delusion is part of mental disorder, why do you think a chip went off my tooth before two days of brushing my teeth? The truth hit me, it hit me that I should brush my teeth, shouldn’t eat bacon, potato chips, potato crisps, fish and chips, fried, battered or crumbed fish, molluscs, shellfish or seafood, that’s an example. I exhaust my efforts mentally planning on this change of diet, a lot of that food isn’t good for my heart, but I must be wasting time, I should be eating vegetables and fibre with a bottle of water, the doctor said so. I’m not here to argue with the teacher about health. The argument is the fascination, extremely hard to believe, that Leo’s telling the truth. I only have an itch for these teachings, self-help has been shit upon too much, it’s hard for me to pick up the book and read it when my housemate ripped it, when then it got stickytaped back together, you see, the things that cause anger and rage I wouldn’t even go there, self-help is non-conformist, your friends don’t accept that stuff. The fish is rotten, and it’s hard for me to do success because there’s such trouble, nobody supports it, does anyone care? No, if at one time they let you read it they don’t care about that shit, to them it’s shit and they’ll just think it’s your business, they won’t cheer you, nobody cares, but just because nobody cares, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. There’s all sorts of childish and juvenile experiences like success that get you in the shit but as a teen or in your twenties you don’t care about the consequences. Young men in their salad days have such truly wonderful minds about being an adult, these people think they’re being mature and don’t know they’re being a man child, you know in your twenties you think you’re an adult when you’re 25 years and by that point you’re right, but when just 23 you’re still behaving like a kid.

Joel says:

Maybe someday you will come to the conclusion that nobody cares about what you think or write.

Max Gron says:

Yes, perhaps, I was waiting for somebody like you to make a reply. I think you’re right, perhaps I’ll write less, but I’ll only write some points about Leo.

Max the shithead says:

No one might care, but I think mature adults are responsible with money, pay the bills and save their money incase one day they get no money. The immature adults and I noticed this in my life asked me what I wanted to do and I said I wanted something and they said “to hell with that, you’re going to go clothes shopping”, you see? It’s not just the parents, another immaturity is saying I’m a Muslim and a Christian selling his religion goes “but you must repent, here’s some pamphlets and stop sinning”, coercing me into their ridiculous rules, this brainwashed me for years, it’s still easy to stay Puritan and think I’m right. Well I’m wrong, I’m the wrongest man in the multiverse so wrong it’s unbelievable. Is it a coincidence that I have wrong beliefs? Being told I’m wrong when I disbelieve in God, I had the truth before, and lost it, there’s without a doubt no truth, the whole thing’s a fantasy, if there was the truth these imaginary things like God won’t exist, no more elves, no more fairies, it would be objective reality, since God’s not empirical I don’t think that’s being in empirical reality, that brings no reason to believe in God, but there’s a reason, the reason for God is because I’m not in reality, I’m in make believe, I don’t see the truth anywhere, does truth have to exist? Do I have to tell the truth? There’s only one truth: pessimism and anything connected with it, it’s the only truth. What I could’ve been I’ll do it now, to just be a worldly person.

Jiayi Cheng says:

Just say my name and I will take my responsibility.

Max the shithead says:

There’s two sides of Leo, the happy and smiling Leo, and the angry, annoyed, or sad or upset Leo, the latter him venting his frustrations. Generally I don’t want to see a grumpy person, but a happy person. To be mature is to show up on time, act consistently, be free of drama, and not blame people. Of what depends on not doing something I say no, I do things and I’m proud of it, using self-restraint, I know there’s a lot I don’t know, mistaking life for the truth, since the mind creates demons, God, and all that sounds crazy, there’s no truth and no reality, your mind conceives of gods and goddesses, imaginary things like that, therefore truth isn’t a real thing, how do you get truth out of it? Snap out of it, you’re living in a fantasy world, only pessimistic beliefs as I found out are the truth, imaginary things are simply believed on faith. Truth is brutal, I only believe one truth, the disastrous things in life is the only truth.

Max the shithead says:

If I deliberately did anything and knew what I was doing people will think I’m a failure. They can’t even see I have a blanket over me, loser? Perhaps, I should deliberately turn people down and infuriate people if I didn’t know better, which I didn’t, but I only know too well that everything that carries on turns into a disaster, people won’t stand it, is this what mature people do, get sick of me every time I keep on? No, it’s the result of a sulky child, it’s not felt by an intelligent adult. Of all that stuff going on, even if not deliberate, people can’t stand it, they want negative celebrations of their good from evil, they don’t propose a positive toast to someone’s achievements, but gloat over shortcomings, they take pleasure in another man’s suffering. What’s more, it’s everywhere, there’s people who are generous with a piece of shit, who get their arses kicked, pleasure causes conflict, as all these “good” things, like perfection, and amusement, are rubbish, it goes on and on ordinary people rattling on about what they hate, and then it carries on like this, as for truth itself I’m not about to change that, there’s a conflict from the very breath of someone who cares about nobody and not himself/herself, and I can go on all day about disaster, a bad woman doesn’t know the trouble she’s making as a bad man will use a lion to kill you. Bad people are more than bad, they’re evil, as there’s only good and evil, and people carry on doing what other people hate, I’m not the only one who does this, and people think they’re evil people, only to show they won’t change for anyone and they’ll act against your wishes and won’t respect them. It goes on and on to the point a pissed off wanker gets a headache, and when you’re a pissed of wanker you make yourself upset like a child!

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