What If Reality Is Nothing But Perspective?

By Leo Gura - July 16, 2020 | 4 Comments

The perspectival nature of reality

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Aoko’s flat chested sensitive caring open loyal unpopular in school with most boys
open minded insecure childhood friend modest fashioned betty to Kaito’s popular with girls archie to Akako’s mature vain possessive sensitive selfish sexy seems
wear revealing clothes in public veronica who’s jealous of Aoko being preferred by
Kaito the one man she truly loves romantically because he’s mysteriously cute!

Aoko’s archie if Hakuba were seriously in love with her he has some veronica trait
being famous rich arrogant in public not modest popular with girls after being new
but betty traits revealing his honestly accurate personal zodiac virgo birth 1997 so
first time to Aoko and Kaito for free without asking them for personal details back
choosing only 1 girl to date if he won against kaitou kid his romantic interest Aoko
Making his honest personal plan public to anyone being able to listen to him he is
not as mysterious in personality as kaitou’s betty traits Childhood friend friendly
playful the closest male to aoko crush on unpopular girl in school faithful tactless
gentlemanly won’t hesitate to risk his health to protect or avenge anyone he cares
about plays fair by giving warnings of which place,jewel he’ll try to take if he can!
Kaito’s veronica traits Popular with girls as both his public and secret identity Truly
Perverted to girls pants aoko’s chest mysteriously exciting dangerous handsome
flirtatious not above undressing,tying,making unconscious men to impersonate to
find immortal gem as soon as possible he even kidnapped Shinichi from Japan to
Singapore after impersonating Shinichi’s love interest Ran before trapping him in
his special suitcase without being detected as he pretended to be Kudo Shinichi!

Original Kid phantom thief 12 episodes(should have been 24 or more episodes by
TMS who animated these traditional anime episodes) has traditional anime charm
unlike magic kaito 1412 in 2014-15 sadly too modern,bright,shiny,hate rhino nose
Kaito definity looks best with the darkest blue eyes not any tint of blue eyes even
Kaito and aoko’s hair shading was best in conan ova voice actors and music need to be more emotional energetic dramatic not indifferent too quiet original in 2010
definitely better tha magic kaito 1412

Joel says:

So when all my teachers looked at me and said, “You are nothing and you will amount to nothing”, it turns out they were right. BTW if you want to hear the world’s greatest classical pianist, check out Alexander Malofeev’s videos on YouTube.

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