Understanding Duality - Part 1

By Leo Gura - April 16, 2019 | 3 Comments

Master list of 250+ dualities

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John says:

Most profound lecture I’ve ever watched.
Thanks muchly Leo.

KAREN says:

Identification with “my understanding” which is “better” than those “red pill prejudiced people” happens. Those people need to be in “my” reality so that “I” can be “beyond” them. This identification with “me” is suffering. “Me” lives in the illusion of time and space. “Me” is imaginary. “Me” imagines that someday it will be so purified that it won’t even be prejudiced against people that are prejudiced!
Me just keeps on trying to be better. That is the dream of becoming. To become better someone else must be worse. Consciousness creates “me” and “them” but Awareness is the only real subject- it is prior to consciousness and is the real “I”.
Awareness doesn’t need consciousness. It is beyond the concept of existence or nonexistence. So for now, be kind (divine feminine) and have courage (divine masculine). The rest will fall into place.

Shelley says:

I am thoroughly enjoying your site. I’ve been following for 3months now as I’m in recovery. Thank you so much.

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