Understanding & Coping With Nihilism

By Leo Gura - May 24, 2021 | 6 Comments

A deep explanation of what nihilism gets right and what it gets wrong.

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Cadfan Kendrick Oldham says:

GOD loves YOU. And I’m sorry. THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU. And you have lived an extraordinary life. Your content is INTERESTING!!! I have learnt a lot from it. THANK YOU. And I’m sorry.

Cadfan KO says:

Just kidding.

Liburnit says:

Leo, you are a GENIUS! This video changed my whole life, thank you.

Modest says:

This video really made it all click! What a great explanation and thank you for the advice at the end. It was very beneficial

Max the Know better says:

Leo, having a few beliefs: nihilism, ultrascepticism, pantheism, liberalism, logic, and libertarianism, you’re authentic, and you’re not thinking for yourself, you believe everything normal people believe. You’re usual, customary, regular and norm
normal, you’re ordinary, not a bad thing, but you’re hypocritical, you use double speak, no, you’re not lying, you have no opinion, I can’t truthfully call this a scam, your idea of happiness doesn’t pay the bills, it’s anti-commercial, unprofessional, I’m not happy with that, if you say I can do what I want, that means I can follow any teaching of yours I want, some of that stuff isn’t practical, what I want is a no-nonsense abstract video using theory, even of scientific models, I know you listen to me, you even did the Hitler video I suggested.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Of those “good little vegans”, they’re trying to make the world vegan, eating abnormal food, I think in any cafe they should be eating toast with no butter, but with jam, yet not all cafes have it. I happen to be now a metaphysical monist, nihilism is bullshit, my experience with it is an unconstructive belief that destroys beliefs creating wars. The world is subjective, it has no matter, it’s just consciousness, what I want to destroy is the reality we have now, and destroy a god of myself that can get attacked, God is a man with a beard, your god is blasphemy, it’s the devil!

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