The Topic Of Mindfuckery

By Leo Gura - October 23, 2017 | 3 Comments

The mechanics of how and why mindfucks happen

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al dire says:

Why cant we trust you,, Leo?

Lindsey says:

Great work!
I went back and listened to the 2014 holloween edition to get inspired again, to really soak it in!!!!

Crystal says:

I love listening and absorbing your videos, Leo.

I feel I am just at the beginning of change – change of burying and trying to escape negative emotions for decades.

You are such a help to me and have enlightened me so much about life and the realities of life.

I am now learning to modify my former ways of coping with stress … ways that were actually working against me and manifesting even more anxiety, panic and paranoia.

Thank you so much,

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