Spiral Dynamics - Stage Turquoise

By Leo Gura - July 16, 2018 | 22 Comments

Understanding the Holistic Global Collectivist stage of psychological development

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Daniel says:

Best 2 hours of my life! What about the next stage on the spiral dynamics – Coral. Where do you see Homosapian beyond Turquoise? I hope in the near future you give up on your actualized and take non-duality to full capacity.

Debra says:

I see the need for these videos and for what
Leo is doing. For me he bridged the gap from what I was trying to be and trying to live in to where I am now and where I aspire to go. I trust Leo will continue doing what is best for himself and all life everywhere.

Rene says:

Leo I’m Rene from The Netherlands and I want to thank you for all your work by writing this comment.
This last series about spiral dynamics was an eye opener.
What you helped me achieve is these last years is that I went from an open minded monkey mind to awareness.
It’s peaceful.
Thank you.

Debra says:

I have watched this video 5 times and I am hearing a new video each time. Wow!

I have pku i just want a pineapple its science

Kasp says:

Insufficient knowing is why keeps me going Leo! Glad I have found your site and I hope I will keep being curious of your work, after all, nothing lasts forever…

Kasp says:

Oops! what instead of why

Ivan says:

Do you think that there is value to be had from physics developing to a point of going beyond our current understanding of quantum mechanics. As a complement to the more experiential practice of raising awareness

Grape says:

Eventually Turquoise’s go beyond transcendence of the lower chakras. At a certain point (and what a surprise) there’s a rebirth into the lower chakras, a return into carnal life. The cells of the lower body become illuminated and divinity is felt at a very human level – so you are both beyond human and fully embodied as human.

Grape says:

I wouldn’t use Sadhguru as a great exemplar of turquoise, personally. I could be wrong but to me the man smacks of charlatan, or at the very least of someone whose ego errs on the side of inflation… There are better examples of people with integrity, like Amma or Adyashanti, to name but two…

Sukhi G says:

Glad I found this video.

I watched your videos before but never really got you, maybe it wasn’t the right time

We all grow

I realized I am transitioning to turquoise a few weeks ago, still trying to grasp the ideas in a way, but now I found this video which explains it

I can go on of how I’ve changed people’s lives both good and bad but words don’t do it justice

I can try to give examples of how I am now turquoise if not another spiral beginning to flourish but that’s besides the point

First time I tried dmt a few months ago and I saw this leaf on a branch, I could see all its veins and saw some sort of interconnectedness

Anywho I thank you for the time and effort it must take to do this, truly informative

I’m 26

I feel the desire to gloat about my turquoiseness maybe because I’ve been misunderstood for so long

Somehow I feel afraid to share my opinion because I feel as if I change people around me, even online

Nuff’ said


rusty says:

Wow! This model is really effective for understanding politics. My tolerance level for blue, orange, and green just went through the roof. Ironically I’m some combination of all of these and this is maybe a solid first step towards yellow. Thanks Leo!

Jimmy Feiling says:


Red clover purifies the blood (careful not to eat no from outside might have rabbit pee)

Leo why was this video unavailable? I am about to watch it because I completed your episode about yellow and will about to watch the next one. TIA

Erick Lopez says:

Why is the vid gone? I hope it becomes available on other platforms such as Bitchute, vimeo, etc.

RObin says:

rip video

Doggo says:

YouTube wrongfully removed the video due to copyright infringement and leo couldnt reupload it
For those who still want it tho, it’s still available on iTunes

Scott says:

Thanks Doggo! Just found it on iTunes.

Hazel says:

Many thanks, I also found it on iTunes.

Eric says:

Why is this video deleted?

Ernest W says:

Dear Leo

Thank you for continuing to produce thee videos

I am sure it is much work

As someone who is stuck at orange and still has some blue I found this series motivating to see past the limitations. Hopefully I will get there soon

I hope you may reconsider re recording this video in such a way to not get flagged

I got thru yellow and was looking forward to this one


Chris says:

Hi Leo, i would luv to watch this video pleeeease.


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