Spiral Dynamics - Stage Turquoise

By Leo Gura - July 16, 2018 | 8 Comments

Understanding the Holistic Global Collectivist stage of psychological development

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Daniel says:

Best 2 hours of my life! What about the next stage on the spiral dynamics – Coral. Where do you see Homosapian beyond Turquoise? I hope in the near future you give up on your actualized and take non-duality to full capacity.

Debra says:

I see the need for these videos and for what
Leo is doing. For me he bridged the gap from what I was trying to be and trying to live in to where I am now and where I aspire to go. I trust Leo will continue doing what is best for himself and all life everywhere.

Rene says:

Leo I’m Rene from The Netherlands and I want to thank you for all your work by writing this comment.
This last series about spiral dynamics was an eye opener.
What you helped me achieve is these last years is that I went from an open minded monkey mind to awareness.
It’s peaceful.
Thank you.

Debra says:

I have watched this video 5 times and I am hearing a new video each time. Wow!

I have pku i just want a pineapple its science

Kasp says:

Insufficient knowing is why keeps me going Leo! Glad I have found your site and I hope I will keep being curious of your work, after all, nothing lasts forever…

Kasp says:

Oops! what instead of why

Ivan says:

Do you think that there is value to be had from physics developing to a point of going beyond our current understanding of quantum mechanics. As a complement to the more experiential practice of raising awareness

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