Making Sense of Paranormal Phenomena

By Leo Gura - July 10, 2017 | 25 Comments

Are paranormal phenomena and psychic abilities real? How is that possible?

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Sevi says:

This is a great episode! When a reliable source leaves some room to such possibilities to breathe in, it surely constructs some bridges for healing powers to flow into collective consciousness. And on the other end of the bridge it seeps some open mindedness into the receiving end. Thank you Leo.

Dave says:

Excellent episode. If anyone needs scientific proof, it’s been done. 50 years of research at UVA related to reincarnation, out of body, and near death.

Youtube search: “Is There Life after Death? UVA”

Marco says:

There is an distinction between explaining and describing.

Modern science believes it explains the world, but if you look closer it only describes.

Thoughts from Nietzsche

Jean Doyon says:

Very interesting …I think that dark energy and black matter are just a fudge factor to save the Big Bang theory…as well as black holes are a theoretical consequence of General Relativity ( never being observed) …I think
if there is any singularity point that’d be rather a worm hole than a black hole… i.e. energy tube force compressing in its center and expanding at its periphery…

I think the brain is just a receiver and consciousness is a stream-wave with
no beginning and no end…and of course the brain affect consciousness and consciousness affect the brain this is a 2 ways relationship…

Mel says:

Will you post a text transcript for videos? I understand much more when I read rather than listen. Plus, I love reading them!

Leo Gura says:

They take too much work to create. Sorry.

Mia says:

I haven’t snorted dmt, im not good enough.

Mana says:

Not really if you can speak clear enough for a speech2text engine. You do speak clear. And if you put texts for those it can be easily translated to other languages once and for all.

Mia says:

I agree, its possible, but the evidence is almost impossible to find. And you addressed this. I’d like to think it would be more obvious if it was true, but you made some good points. I’d love to hear you speak with someone like Richard Dawkins.

Leo Gura says:

The evidence is not impossible to find. There is tons of evidence. The problem is that when the mind’s paradigm cannot handle the evidence, the evidence cannot exist for it. People treat evidence as if it’s a static notion. Not at all. Evidence is highly contingent on the models of reality you already hold. If your models are fundamentally flawed, you will miss the evidence right under your nose, because the mind simply ignores it. The mind is a very powerful thing. It’s not just a passive receiver of reality. It co-creates reality.

Someone like Richard Dawkins cannot be spoken with. Because he is an unabashed dogmatist. And he is wrong. Very very wrong. Factually so. The thing he most adamantly denies (God), I have directly become conscious of. So I have no interest in arguing with anyone about it. He can easily experience God for himself by snorting 30mg of 5-MeO-DMT. Case closed. This is not a matter of opinion or superstition, or anything worth debating.

Mia says:

Thanks for the reply. I will try and think in new ways. I can’t exactly get my hands on some dMt, but I’ll do what I can.

Sophie OShea says:

Absolute classic response! Hilarious. Loved this episode, this has been going on for a year now… more often than not your video of the week is exactly what I’m dealing with at that time! Thank you Leo x

Mia says:

To sophie oshea, im glad you found it classic. Point of bringing up Richard Dawkins is, he tells the truth by everything he knows. By everything that can be known. Leo is talking about the unknown. Leo, you became directly conscious of God? I’ve watched your videos on what God is. You might as well say you believe in reality. I don’t think you beleive in the god Richard Dawkins denies.

C says:

Hi Leo,

I want to thank you for creating this video and sharing this knowledge with the world. I used to be an atheist and my life turned upside down when I became Raw vegan. When I changed my diet I started becoming clairvoyant and was receiving direction and advice from the other side. The reiki attunements enhanced this even further.

I’ve been told I’m an angel intuitive, so rather than communicating with the deceased I was in contact with angelic beings of a higher vibration. I’ve been reading up on why people can and cannot see Spirits or angels, and there are a few various reasons why this is happening. Eating a poor diet can actually block you from seeing, hearing and feeling their messages. Detoxing is so important for this development to take place. Also if you don’t believe in angels or have a lot of fears and phobias etc. they are not going to make themselves visible either. So you can actually get emotional and spiritual blocks that prevent you from seeing them. You will find and discover on this journey that the law of attraction aka the law of love is very important and tied into all of this and the creation process.

I also wanted to add that I met somebody a few weeks ago that was taking 5MEO DHT and he told me that he saw aliens from the other side twice and they were giving him advice on life and quitting his smoking addiction. Needless to say after that experience he wasn’t the same.

Thank you again for coming forward. And your reputation is definitely not being jeopardized in anyway. This is all about a positive journey of becoming a Sage. And this is one of the important steps. To have this knowledge and insight, and being capable of having an open mind and learning something new.

God Bless You. With Love, violet light and many blessings.

Uri Balsam says:

Leo thanks so much. I’m 20 years old and a college student and I’m so glad I discovered your videos. You have helped me so much. You really have no idea. Hope to support you like crazy in the near future.

Martin says:

Hey Leo,

Good job you’re doing.

Do you have any powerful mind cleansing and standard-concentration enhancing meditation techniques?


Raghavender says:

Is not it more like chemicals involved in brain.

related to “Dark side effects of meditation” video ?

Kunduz says:

I was waiting for this video of you, Leo. It’s really easy to go into denial of anything like this even if there was some experiences unless there’s a proper explanation of someone who you respect. Thank you!

Marcin says:

What about schizophrenia? Friend of mine can talk with Napoleon or Ramzes and it’s very real for him. How many paranormal reports could be schizophrenic visions? And what if all (except fakes)?

Mayur says:

Sai Baba’s disciples and devotees claim that he performed many miracles such as bilocation, levitation, mindreading, materialisation, exorcisms, entering a state of Samadhi at will, lighting lamps with water, removing his limbs or intestines and sticking them back to his body khandana yoga, curing the incurably sick, appearing beaten when another was beaten, preventing a mosque from falling down on people, and helping his devotees in other miraculous ways. He also gave Darshan vision to people in the form of Sri Rama, Krishna, Vithoba, Shiva and many other gods depending on the faith of devotees.

According to his followers, he appeared to them in their dreams and gave them advice. His devotees have documented many stories

Adam says:

My feeling about mainline or academic Science is that much of what appears from here as “not seeing” comes down to pretending, and not knowing how best to respond publicly while secretly, some scientists are examining more unusual phenomenon, if for no other reason but for potential strategic military advantage.
As to the black hole effect, I’m living proof. When I abandoned science and the big money as a career, embracing philosophy and the spiritual path, they (lets say society) thought I had lost my mind and treat (ed) me so. Whatever I didn’t abandon abandoned me.

Subject: As far as I can tell this amounts to whatever is possible, is possible. Sure, but the big difference is who is involved, an anybody, or a wise rational person, this seems the most relevant factor in considering these alleged phenomenon.

Often at bottom there’s a pseudo-truth, the result of a genuine mis-apprehension or mis-judgement and the like, or fear of the unknown, giving rise to what probably amounts to fables s.a. lake monsters and bigfoot.
That said…

“If ye have faith as a grain of a mustard seed, ye shall say onto this mountain– Remove hence to yonder place! — and it shall remove. And nothing shall be impossible unto you.”
Mt 17:20


lam says:

Living a special experience takes you to another level of reality and triggers different sensations in you but still your mind wants an approval and a logical explanation for that. Hearing someone believing and opening minds to the possible existence of those phenomena is reessuring and is a kind of relief from the feeling of isolation and the frustration of not being able to share the experience for fear of denial and ridicule. So thanks for the effort you put for doing so. As I went through one of these experiences, I confirm that what you are saying is true and you have opened my eyes on the other possibilities. Good job.

karamveer says:

yo man…….leo.
man you are amazing.

Max Gron says:

I’m not the one getting this wrong but their science of the paranormal is looking up into the sky for evidence-based UFO sightings, little does anyone believe them, and they won’t believe me, of course not, you can’t accept anything I say, you can’t accept how good I am, god forbid I live in a positive environment over the internet, sufficient lack of reason my arse! It’s gone so far as to deny the lack of reason of others, I can’t deny, it’s all interpretation because people here are stupid wankers who can’t be open to my perspective, with extreme openmindedness, you shouldn’t interpret, stupid idiots do that, and if you’re dumber than me so much the worse, I’m trying not to be the smartest and people have to accept reality for what it is, it’s an excellent video and I’m not going to agree and say you’re right, I say you’re wrong, if you think I’m wrong and don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re wrong. Nobody cares. Who gives a shit about me? People are selfish and nobody likes my thinking, nobody even thought to say I was such a fine speaker, nobody ever said with ardour and faith “You’re correct in what you say, you’re right”, no, they’re denying the truth of me, with this interpretation wanker crap! I don’t take religion as an object of interpretation, I take it as being so simple you can research it and you’re automatically an expert, but nobody give a shit, they will still stress how wrong I am, you’re wrong!

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