Reading A Poetic Description Of God Consciousness

By Leo Gura - August 22, 2022 | 6 Comments

I read a 8-page poetic description of God-consciousness and explain my latest awakenings


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Joel says:

Proof that I am GOD. Using Leo’s example of infusing a beetle with life energy and bringing it back to life, I decided to experiment. What totally lifeless entity to pick? Clearly the New York Yankees. I summoned all my psychic and spiritual energy and breathed life into that team. And miracle of miracles they won yesterday. Joel

karbytes says:

Nice poem. Hearing it read was like watching a movie in my imagination. I can sort of imagine what it might be like to expand to my full size as the root level of all existence which is prior to any distinctions. I imagine that, as a human, I would “freak out” in horror at being the only mind in all existence and never getting a chance to truly ever stop existing (but perhaps eventually I would get used to it and come to enjoy it and have fun with it). It sounds exhausting from my limited and biased human perspective to dwell at that “root level directory” of existence.

stephanie says:

I just realized I have created you! How could you have possibly been going though the same as me? You are the voice and face I never had from this perspective of my being, and I believe because I can’t create it from this side, I projected it into a screen. It’s all miracles, miracles of God.

yusef says:

What can I even write, you guys are great, I finally figured it out, haha! I wanna talk to Leo, I’m one of the 1 on 30,000 people to have god conscienceness!

yusef says:

I’m God, I don’t know what else to say, have fun NPCs!

yusef says:

I would love to talk to Leo, I’m the real God, thanks for designing everything, having fun this go round!

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