By Leo Gura - October 22, 2018 | 11 Comments

Top supplements for increasing mental performance

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Emma says:

Hi Leo,

You mention weed should be not used or very limited.
What would that be? What amount is ok here? Once a week/month/quarter/year?)

Robert says:

First that I hear about nootropics. Anyway it’s good to have a forgetfull and dull mind, no trouble with monkey mind, this is one great advantage of getting old

Max Gron says:

I don’t get it about old age, but in my adulthood just under 40 I have to think of having a good brain and next year when I’m 40, taking CoQ10, that’s the bottom line.

Jim Feiling says:


FIBRE? yes please! did you know a nanna is a berry and not just a banana? eat it bitch

Harry says:


Can I get the information about a legitimate source to buy modafinil from?
I live in the UK. Thank you.

Best regards,

Max Gron says:

I tried some kinds of nootropics, but not the kinds listed on above video, I don’t remember what it is but it was good for me and reducing stress, on the other hand I’m trying to eat Vinpocetine, but the last time I ordered it it didn’t arrive in the mail. I’m trying to do what Leo says but it all depends on whether I can get it. It would be amazing if I had Vinpocetine in the mail, but as a pessimist and I’m not pessimistic on this video in these comments, things are only going to be led to misery and suffering and affliction of evil in my heart, that’s the original pessimism in a nutshell, I’m talking about pessimism without being pessimistic, not an easy thing to do, after all cynical or skeptical of Leo’s “not going to grow you”. It’s not simple as almost nothing is simple, it’s actually backstabbingly complicated.

Max Gron says:

I tried vinpocetine, and it was working, it increased my ability to know anything, the next nootropic I’ll be getting is ginkgo, and it will work in the long run.

Max Gron says:

I take my writing as evidence but I don’t take it as evidence of controlling the teacher, I don’t catch myself demanding/forcing even people to be selfish, that’s a thing that can’t be forced, nor can I force you to give me back my right to refuse meds. That’s a reminder that since now I have the licence to do what I want (I made that licence up), I even have the licence to think my behaviour even towards the teacher is acceptable, no matter how evil, bad, wrong or unjust it is. I have the intention to choose to do what he says not for the sake of my freedom which is a hate factor with Americans these days, but the discipline to do what I want, e.g. what I want is at some point in my life take action and do the work, ponder and self-reflect, I want my old wisdom back without concern for the bullshit that society is dependent on stopping me from, and it all boils down to nootropics on the video’s behalf and other nootropics he didn’t talk about. An example is the natural inclination to take a nootropic from a cheap chemist nowhere found in this video, when I suffered from the delusion that ginseng’s a nootropic, when really it’s mental focus medicine. I know what Leo’s talking about as his definitions are similar to the dictionary. It’s simple, finishing the vinpocetine, all 60 tablets I took for 2 months gives me the licence to finish another nootropic and buy a new one but not soon, if I want to. By licence I mean formal, usu. written or printed, authority to drive a vehicle, carry on a trade (usu. in selling of alcohol), publish a book, marry, etc, as my licence to take nootropics means I can boost my brain by 10%, and an extra 10% if the supplement’s more effective. It’s as simple as that, and also as simple as taking more than just nootropics but my natural inclination to take herbs from the chemist and eat my vegetables, and white meat, in any way that I see fit and any way that’s essential for my very being, to have for myself elixirs that of which Leo’s implying, to prolong life, as long as too much liquid doesn’t get to my brain, as is liquitarianism. It’s about my mental and bodily performance, no offence should be taken to find out that fish oil’s not nutritionally beneficial, as the pseudoscience of good health forgets that that’s what the social matrix was feeding you, and that this poison still resembles rendered fat from the poor fish, do you think I don’t care when eating and killing a fish? Of course I care, but I don’t care if it’s hot fish from the fish-and-chip shop to which I eat with hot chips and a brown creamy soda, in sticking to such a subject fish is stinky, it smells like filthy fish from the sea, don’t laugh, it’s not the fish’s fault it stinks, but it stinks, it smells like debris and residue collected on the bottom of a ship. Therefore fish oil is still the result of forcing out fat from a stinky fish, it needs that fat to survive, you’ve got that too, the body can produce its own fat even in skinny people because if I cut a skinny man up and take out his fat I’m still taking his fat, everyone’s got fat, even you, so how would a man like it if human fat was giving them pimples? And how would you dislike it if your minerals are yellow ochre? That must mean it’s corroded, not only am I obedient to nootropics, but other supplements too, e.g. collagen balance powder filled essentially with vegetables, even if that sounds disgusting, it’s still pleasant like the sweet-sour exotic taste of a pineapple, therefore I’m doing good to take any of these herbs, provided I don’t overspend on them or overdose on them, it’s as simple as that.

Max Gron says:

I take nootropics and herbs and vitamins from the chemist every day, it’s improved my brain health and my willingness to be alone thinking, as for pills as I take them my favourite’s magnesium, calcium and vitamin D3 in the same container, I’m not going to criticise your research but with ginseng and esp. ginkgo I’m more focused, and never in my new life has a day gone past with fish oil, krill oil, or cod liver oil or without vitamin D3 put in my body, also I’ve got my temporary daily dose of vitamin C, zinc, and echinacea, also next will be my dose of glucose, Glucodin extracts some glucose, I doubt I have enough of it, I should eat glucose in the morning, also it’s delicious.

Max the know better says:

This is hard to accept, but only a fool thinks pills are healthy, or liquids or powders, they don’t replace a balanced or sensible diet, supplements, they’re used to supplement your health, not add health. The ginkgo really does work, it’s making me know better, these are all magic pills and further down the line, iron isn’t fucking iron, it’s a vitamin, otherwise it would be metal. Herbalists know nothing about minerals and are the bullshit artists, all they know is these flimsy herbs, herbs isn’t fucking wisdom, an average man with pseudo-wisdom takes herbs. Furthermore you say my consciousness is gained by a fucking pill or whatever you said, fuck off, my consciousness is still at a 900, it hasn’t increased quite yet, and no meditation or drugs in the world is going to make you conscious, hippies aren’t the delusional ones, you’re delusional if and I don’t think you do, you think meditating without problem-solving, experience and cognition is going to get you to truth, some people are simple in the head, and I don’t think Leo is delusional, I’m correcting those idiots who believe you blindly and just absorb everything you say.

Max Raoy Gron says:

I must be kidding myself if I think anything is magic, e.g. food keeps you alive, pills make you do things, actually food keeps you alive but it’s not magic like people think, it doesn’t do anything, I’m not such a fool as to think a pill helps me, it’s a drug, it causes chemical hallucinations in the brain, it doesn’t make you do anything. I had it up to here (the ceiling) with traditional magic thinking, magical beliefs, that’s what people say, it’s not true. You know better by reading it on the internet, stupid, not by taking a magic pill. Animals don’t grow, like I said I don’t believe in magic, they just get fatter until the age of 18, so do plants, they don’t grow, they fatten up. The truth is I’m pretty thin (and bloated), also exercising doesn’t make you lose weight, how can moving around magically make you smaller? It doesn’t, there’s no such thing as magic. Everything, even you, is mechanical, look up mechanism, it’s all mechanical.

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