Leo's Super Healthy Blueberry Smoothie

By Leo Gura - April 10, 2017 | 9 Comments

A practical recipe for a clean, raw breakfast smoothie

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Frey says:

Tastes great, feels great.

Levi says:

Look forward to each week’s video. Always such great revelations. This one made me smile–maybe it was the sweater. Thanks for all you do.

Elisabeth says:

You seem tired, maybe tired of shooting videos too I already had the impression a few times now.

Isn’t variety in your diet also very important to your health?
Anyway, I like that you are practical about your food.

Lisa says:

Leo you can freeze banana’s. I personally am not fond of banana’s and since all my children have left the nest banana’s tend to go bad quickly at my house. If you freeze them you can used them in your smoothies with the same effect as one that is not frozen. You can buy them already frozen but I have found in the past if is better to do your own freezing.

Blessings Lisa

Olga says:

Hi Leo, it’s great recepie but you can also buy other berries like raspberries for example and use kale for spinach, it gives you bigger variety of nutrients and is better for you. Also, add different powders, like blue algae or hemp powder, you can have 3-4 in the cupboard and change them every couple of days or so

neil byrne says:

hey leo are you a vegetarian now???

Michael Jorgensen says:

I am sure it’s tasty. In my opinion it contains way to much sugar. Lack of proteins makes you hungry before lunch time. If you are overwight it is not a drink for you. Three egg omelet made with grass-fed butter and a kale shake make you go satisfied for much longer.

All the Best

joe says:

Nice video Leo! Just a reminder that Jesus loves you so much! Have a nice day

Erick says:

Excited for more recipes

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