How To Get Laid - Part 2

By Leo Gura - November 26, 2021 | 4 Comments

The foundations of success with women

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About Creativity says:

Would like to experience “YouTube Shorts” here on your channel, is this possible? Chunks of your work if your will. This will give me an experience of your work in small chunks, digestible, thought-provoking…….

curiosity will make you suck says:

all of these dating videos and the dating advice on the forum should rather be labeled HOW TO SUCK WITH WOMEN (and most definitely not get layed). HOW TO MAKE SURE NEVER HAVING A CHANCE WITH INTELLIGENT OR COOL WOMEN and HOW TO BECOME THE CREEP OF THE MOMENT. might be even HOW TO ADDITIONALLY BECOME A NO GO FOR YOUR FRIENDS. should be labeled with WARNING WILL MOST DEFINITELY MAKE YOU SUCK AND RUIN IT if you are not already a sucker, and therefore has sideffects of depression.

poppy says:

bet you’ve never gotten laid in your life little boy

lol says:

HE is creating a HIGHLY CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY, with his mysogynic authoritarian shit? as long as you all put your legs under his table, its his house that is how he describes it in his forum. lol just lol. should i have posted this under the spiral dynamics blue or red section? or maybe beige? its such a rudimentary fear driven authoritarian antiteaching behavior, like does he really get it?

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